All You Need Is A Milk Frother To Enhance Your Bourbon Drinking Experience

If you enjoy bourbon, you likely want to try drinking it as many ways as possible. Whether that means sipping a new cocktail, like this chai-spiced old fashioned, or simply experimenting with a novel type of drinking glass, there is always a creative way to innovate your bourbon drinking. If you haven't tried it before, a quick and easy trick that we recommend is using a milk frother to achieve elevated flavor and aroma in this popular spirit.

A milk frother is a handy little kitchen device primarily used to aerate milk, giving it a thick and foamy texture desirable for many types of coffee and tea drinks. That being said, there's no limit to the types of liquids it can aerate, and that includes bourbon. It's well known that whiskeys of all types should be exposed to the air, or given time to breathe, before they are enjoyed in order to let the taste and scent evolve. Doing so takes time, however, in which case a milk frother becomes useful. By using the power of the frother on the bourbon, the spirit is rapidly aerated, improving its qualities in almost no time at all.

How to aerate bourbon

To quickly amp up your drinking experience using a milk frother, simply pour your bourbon of choice into a drinking glass, then insert the frothing wand and turn it on for 30 seconds to a minute. This length of time should be all you need to detect a difference, but this method of quickly aerating spirits is a relatively new one and can be inexact. As such, feel free to play around with different frothers and lengths of time to see what version of the technique works best for you.

Milk frothers are not the only tools that work for fast aeration. If you don't have one available, you can try putting your bourbon in a blender for a similar length of time to achieve the same effect. If these super-speedy approaches throw you, you can still aerate your bourbon at a reasonable pace using more traditional tools, such as a wine aerating spout or a classic decanter.