Sgroppino Is Italy's Boozy Drink Featuring Lemon Sorbet

From the bubbly and burgundy-hued Aperol spritz to the negroni sbagliato (which swaps out the gin in a classic negroni for sparkling wine), Italian cocktails have been having quite a moment as of late. And the trend doesn't appear to be slowing down, so keep your stemware at the ready. A new Italian summer drink has arrived: the sgroppino. This drink is a simple citrus cocktail that is as easy to enjoy as it is to make, requiring only vodka, sparkling wine, and lemon sorbet.

The sgroppino originated during the 16th century in the northeastern region of Italy, where it was served as a digestif between courses at parties hosted by the upper echelons of society. While the modern version tends to have a bit more alcohol than the original, it's a drink that's been given a second life as old Italian recipes have gotten a second look. After getting a resurgence in its native country, it's now taking the rest of the world by storm too.

How to make a sgroppino

While the method for making a sgroppino varies depending on where you go and who you ask, there are generally two approaches, both of which are served in a champagne flute. The simple version begins by adding a scoop of lemon sorbet to the glass followed by a single shot of vodka, then topping it off with a few ounces of sparkling wine to fill the glass. However, some prefer to serve the drink in the style of a slushie. In order to achieve this texture, you can whisk all three ingredients together in a chilled bowl until they are combined and then pour the mixture into a glass.

You can also explore a variety of fun twists on the sgroppino by switching up some of the ingredients. While the go-to sparkling wine for this drink is prosecco, you are welcome to use any type of bubbly that suits your preferences. Flavored vodka is another way to change things up, and if you're not a purist, you can even swap the lemon sorbet for another citrus flavor, such as grapefruit or lime.