The Brandy Alexander Is Basically A Fancy Spiked Milkshake

You're never too old for a milkshake, especially one that's been blended with alcohol. Meet the Brandy Alexander, a cocktail Difford's Guide describes as creamy and rich with a subtle hint of chocolate. Sign us up.

Dan's Daily credits the drink's likely beginnings to a bartender named Troy Alexander who was tasked with the responsibility of creating a special drink in honor of Phoebe Snow, a character used in an advertising campaign aimed to convince travelers that traveling by rail wouldn't leave clothes covered in soot. Appropriately, the caricature of Ms. Snow was one dressed in white, so her drink, too, needed to represent her style.

First came the Alexander and the Brandy Alexander followed. The only difference between the two recipes was the kind of booze used to make the cocktails. Liquor echos this detail, describing the Brandy Alexander as a "pimped-out version of the classic — but largely forgotten — Alexander cocktail," and saying it "mixes brandy instead of gin with crème de cacao and cream."

A customizable cocktail

Dan's Daily notes this creamy cocktail is perfect for the colder months and is fairly easy to put together: Simply add Cognac, dark crème de cacao, and cream into a shaker with ice. Shake, strain, and serve garnished. Go easy on the sweeter ingredients but pour the brandy with a heavier hand, advises Liquor.  

However, Mix that Drink offers a cautionary word of advice; This delightful cocktail dances on the palate. It's creamy and dessert-like, and with both brandy and liqueur, the alcohol content of this beverage is anything but docile. Before you know it, you will have put back a couple. 

If you fall in love with this drink, Dan's Daily provides a few options to keep boredom at bay; Substitute brandy for gin or vodka or experiment with different types of brandies for subtle but recognizable differences in taste. You can also swap dairy cream for coconut or vegan cream or try using soy or oat milk to offer lighter, dairy-free alternatives to guests.