Replace Salt With Tajín To Spice Up Your Tequila Shots

A sprinkling of Tajín aligns with everything from a fresh slice of mango to a cup of elotes. Its dash of salty, sour, and a hint of spice is easy to pair — and no stranger to mixology, either. It's often found garnishing a cantarito, a paloma-like drink made with reposado tequila. Tajín can even be used as a topping for a particularly bold rendition of a margarita.

However, pairing it with straight tequila shots is a little less frequent, although we think this combination deserves to be discovered and appreciated. The spice plays on the familiar salt pairing but invokes a surprising citrus twist. Since a classic tequila shot already provides a sour element, change the classic lime pairing for an orange wedge instead. The added dash of sweetness will compose an entirely new drinking experience. Remember: No matter the pairing, this simple drink comes down to the tequila quality. We suggest opting for the best sipping tequila to savor the most of the experience.

Ways to pair Tajín with tequila for a new drinking experience

Mexican drinks are no stranger to a bold contrast of flavors. For instance, take classics like palomas and margaritas, which line the rim with salt while highlighting delicious, zesty notes in the cocktail. This juxtaposition is primarily due to how well such components interact with Mexican liquors. The ritual of salt and lime alongside tequila is more than a tradition; it also is a flavor enhancement. Citrus, whether orange, lime, lemon, or grapefruit, melds beautifully with the spirit's inherent flavors while the salt softens its edge. 

Tajín conveniently integrates such commonly utilized flavors into a single spice blend. Pairing this seasoning blend with liquor is reminiscent of sal de gusano, often served alongside mezcal. This mixture of agave larvae, salt, and chilies activates the palate to mezcal's complex flavors. Tajín enables a similar added enjoyment to tequila. So, deploy the easiest way to salt a cocktail glass and use a complementary fruit juice to line the shot glass's rim before coating it with this spice blend, or enjoy it on the side with your tequila shots.