The Easiest Way To Salt A Cocktail Glass

Bartenders easily make attractive drinks for guests, but just because you haven't attended bartending school doesn't mean you're doomed to make a mess out of your kitchen. Knowing how to salt the rim of a glass properly can take cocktail-making skills from 0 to ten, and we have just the ticket to turn subpar presentations into drinks that can be confidently served to friends.

Vinepair asserts that presentation matters and the right ring of salt can enhance a beverage. That's why sweet-and-sour recipes like margaritas are always decorated. "Salt can highlight savory notes and bring out flavors that might be hiding behind other components of a cocktail," Jamie Dodge, beverage partner at Cul+ure Collective Hospitality Group, told Liquor. Mixologists play with different tastes and textures: Himalayan salt, sprinkles, smoked salt, and even shredded coconut. Watch Better Homes and Gardens' quick video tutorial. Just don't use iodized table salt, admonishes Masterclass, as the smell and clumpy texture can be off-putting. To learn how to make your next cocktail Insta-worthy, read on.

A salted rim worthy of praise

No, you don't need to run the glass under a faucet. Instead, you'll need a piece of fruit. Something citrusy like lemon or limes is usually found at bars, but you can use an orange or maraschino cherry – anything that can be slit and slid around the opening of the glass. The juice from the fruit will help your choice of salt, sugar, or spice stick easily to the surface. Next, pour the salt or sugar onto a small plate. While some bartenders twist glasses to ensure an even coat, others prefer to lightly press down whichever surface is to be salted (via Mix That Drink). After your glass is salted to your liking, Wine Enthusiast recommends placing it into the freezer while you go about muddling your boozy concoctions.

Now that you know the basic technique, you can experiment with seasonings and styles. Just be careful not to ruin your work when you finally pour your creation!