Bartending Tools For At Home Mixology

Shop from your favorite bartenders

Fancy glassware, special tools and bespoke ingredients are part of the reason we drink at our favorite bars. These special tools add to the glitter of a night out.

But for those looking to bring a bit of the bar home, a few cocktail wizards have begun to sell their favorite goods to the general public. Consider adding these items to your holiday wish list:

Glassware: Clover Club's Julie Reiner has partnered with Waterford, the illustrious crystal giant, to create a line of cocktail-focused vessels. Dubbed "Mixology," the coupes, tumblers and decanters ($175 to $375) look straight out of Boardwalk Empire: They are gaudy in a good way.

Gear: Another way to tote your shaker has just become available, thanks to David Kaplan and Alex Day of New York's Death & Co. The pair has launched Gin & Luck, a new drinks-focused lifestyle brand that debuted with a cocktailer's backpack ($395). The canvas-and-leather bag has waterproof compartments, a laptop sleeve, and pockets for a shaker and two 750-milliliter bottles.

Goods: Let Todd Thrasher, booze chief of Restaurant Eve, PX and the new Bar TNT, help you mix a better Gin & Tonic. Thrasher is debuting his line of syrups and mixers–including a ginger beer and a tomato-water Bloody Mary base–online this December.