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Seafood gumbo. Trout amandine. Crawfish etouffee. Café brulot set aflame at your table. The iconic French Creole and Cajun dishes of New Orleans are alive and kicking at the old guard restaurants, but there's also a new wave of chefs, mixologists, bakers, butchers and artisans taking the city's famous embarrassment of gastronomic treasures to new heights. Hungry? You'll find everything from quintessential craft cocktails dating back a century, to po'boys loaded with fried shrimp, to playful modernist cuisine. With its rich history and even richer present, there may be no better place to have a food adventure than The Big Easy.




Alon Shaya

Chef and co-owner of Shaya

"Some of my favorites are La Petite Grocery, Emeril's and Borgne, where Brian Landry's cooking some of the best Louisiana seafood in town. And I love drinking at Sylvain in the French Quarter." 

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