Shepard Bassett

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New Hampshire, USA
Phillips Exeter Academy, Smith College, Macintosh College
Bespoke Baking, Recipe Creation, Farm To Table Culinary Process
  • Shepard spent her college years studying Philosophy and Ethics at Smith College. While her days were consumed with Plato, her nights were dominated by plates — dirty ones — as she worked dish dogging to pay the bills. By the time she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts, she also matriculated to line cooking. What had started as just a means of earning rent money had grown into a genuine love of food and the lifestyle behind the line. Instead of heading to law school after college, she returned to her home state of New Hampshire to attend culinary school. She spent the next decade cooking along the New Hampshire seacoast, studying under some of the most innovative chefs in New England.
  • In her career, Shepard worked closely with local farmers to help integrate seasonal, regional produce into recipes and menus.
  • Shepard was also recruited to be the food writer for the local paper. Since 2020, she has provided recipes and slice-of-life stories about cooking with her constant companion, her toddler son who is known as the "Sous Chef."


She also helms her own baking company, providing bespoke baked goods to her clients using local and organic ingredients.


Shepard attended Phillips Exeter Academy where she was recognized for her achievements in creative writing. After boarding school, she attended Smith College where she attained her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a minor in Medical and Legal Ethics. She then went on to study culinary arts at Macintosh College. A broad education allowed her to approach the culinary field from completely new angles and with an appreciation for the importance that restaurants and food service as a whole, play in society and communities.
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