Natasha Bailey

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Philadelphia, PA
Linfield University
Creative Writing, Wine Education
  • Literature has always been a passion of Natasha's, but it was when she was in college that she was allowed to blend her passion for food and wine with her love of writing for the first time. After an internship at the Oregon Wine Press, and through work as an editor for a family-owned vineyard in Oregon, she was able to peruse this niche.
  • Natasha worked in the wine industry in various roles over the past decade. Hands-on experience such as vineyard work, harvests in the cellar, and wine education and sales in Oregon and California has given her the kind of knowledge that can’t be learned in the classroom.
  • Moving to the east coast and away from America’s traditional wine country was a big decision; fueled by curiosity and a drive for adventure. Natasha loves exploring and appreciating new cultures, foods, and communities, and the east coast offers all of that and more! She is hoping to continue her self-driven wine education as well as finally commit to her love of writing over the next few years here.


Natasha grew up in Oregon where she graduated from Linfield University with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. After interning for the Oregon Wine Press Magazine and working as a full-time wine educator in Sonoma, Natasha moved to the east coast to pursue her career as a writer.


Natasha graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Creative Writing and a minor in Political Science in under three years. While she has not undergone academic wine education, she has over five years of hands-on experiential learning in the wine industry under her belt.
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