The Best Way To Store Kettle Corn And Keep It Fresh

There is no better sweet treat at a carnival, pumpkin patch, or county fair than kettle corn. You can smell the caramelized fragrance of sugar from a mile away. Soft, puffed-up popcorn kernels gilded with a golden hue are what make this 18th-century innovation truly delightful. Popcorn for the People claims that kettle corn was first reported on in Europe; Farmers set corn kernels in cast iron kettles (hence the name kettle corn) and cooked them over a fire with lard and sugar, which extended the corn's shelf life.

Kettle Heroes says that kettle corn is a variety of corn that has been made in a kettle while popcorn is a type that has been cooked with high temperatures. Another difference between kettle corn and regular popcorn is that kettle popcorn is often air-popped while popcorn is cooked with oil and butter.

Kettle corn is regularly sold in large bags, which can make the whole batch difficult to finish off in one sitting — even with friends helping out. So, how long can you keep it after it's made or opened?

It will last longest in the freezer

According to The Donut Whole, you must store your kettle corn in an airtight container if you want it to last more than a week. If you aren't constantly opening and closing the container to grab an afternoon snack every now and again, keeping the kettle corn completely sealed off, it can last almost half a year thanks to all that preserving sugar. Meanwhile, if kept in a non-airtight container in a dry shady spot, it can last for more than a month.

You will, of course, want to make sure that your kettle corn hasn't gone bad over time by smelling it for any out-of-place odors. You should also inspect the sugar to see if it is dissolving or breaking down, which is a sign you'll want to throw it away. Kettle Corn NYC says that if you have unopened kettle corn from a producer, you can keep the sweet treat in the freezer unopened and it will stay fresh and edible for a long time (Buy Kitchen Stuff says it can be frozen for up to three months). 

You may worry about your kettle corn getting soggy in the freezer, but never fear, Kettle Corn NYC claims kettle corn is low in moisture and cannot freeze.