Coca-Cola's Limited New Flavor Is Inspired By 'Transformation'

Coca-Cola has decided that creating new flavors isn't enough anymore! While the brand's cherry, vanilla, and lime-flavored drinks do well enough, the soft drink company now wants to offer its customers an experience beyond flavor. The Coca-Cola Company announced on February 10th, 2023 that for a limited time, it is releasing a product from the Coca‑Cola Creations project, which features singer Rosalía, who won the Latin Grammy for Album Of The Year in 2022. The performing artist's success and accomplishments are what led to Coca-Cola wanting to collaborate with her to create a drink experience that "brings to life the transformational power of music."

What makes this limited-edition Coca-Cola so special? Well, the new Coca‑Cola Move will be decorated with vibrant pink and black colors to represent Rosalía's personality as an artist. It will also have samples of Rosalía's personal sketches on the can's design. The can will also be made to have a QR code that you can scan to see bonus behind-the-scenes content of Rosalía's new bilingual song, "LLYLM" or (Lie Like You Love Me). 

What does transformation taste like?

This is not Coca-Cola's first time working with a popular musical artist. Last year, the company partnered with EDM DJ Marshmello to create a limited-edition look and flavor. As for the Rosalía-inspired drink, one CNN reporter said that the taste of the new drink has the bold classic Coke flavor but with softer nuances with notes of butter and caramel, reminiscent of sweet corn.

Not only is the specialty drink full of unique flavors, but it also offers unique experiences. Billboard claims that Rosalía's partnership with the world-famous Coca-Cola brand is a way to keep people engaged with the product and encourage customers to have a fun new experience with one of their favorite artists by being able to bid on the Grammy artist's memorabilia, autographs, clothes and much more — a great opportunity for the fans of the musician. The money raised from this auction will go to the non-profit Antonio Gala Foundation, which provides scholarships to young artists. 

Rosalía's Coca-Cola Move flavor will be available in North America starting on February 20th, 2023.