Melissa Olivieri

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Toronto, Canada
York University
Family Friendly Recipes, Cookie Recipes, Instant Pot Recipes, Air Fryer Recipes
  • Melissa has been baking and cooking since she was a child, creating memories and new recipes is a passion she has shared with her audience at The Olive Blogger for over 5 years.
  • On top of running a successful Food Blog, Melissa also has a cookie and sweets business where she sells her delicious treats to her local community, and is praised by all who try them.
  • Coming from a large family herself, and married into an Italian family, Melissa is constantly trying out new recipes and getting critical feedback before sharing with her audience.


Melissa has been a food blogger for over five years, a journey that started as a hobby as a way to deal with the emotional stress of loosing her mother-in-law. As she found her way into the kitchen to cook classic Italian recipes, new family favorites and of course yummy desserts, she realized that the cathartic release from the stress was something she wanted to share with the world to help others create lasting memories in their own home kitchens. Since she started in 2016, Melissa's recipes have been featured on sites like Parade, Food Bloggers Canada, Health Digest, and more.


One wouldn't think that a degree in Psychology would be especially helpful when becoming a recipe developer and writer, but don't be fooled! Melissa's education is one of the things that sets her apart in her field, as she is able to write for her audience in a way others can't — by understanding who they are and what they want from her and her treasured recipes.
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