25 Popular Tequila Brands, Ranked Worst To Best

Tequila: You either love it or you hate it. In recent years, celebrities, artists, and college students everywhere have contributed to giving tequila the "party drink rep." While many may need the liquid courage from a tequila shot to introduce themselves to someone at the bar or let loose on the dance floor, it's really not only a party drink.

Today, some of the best tequilas in the world are sipped and enjoyed slowly like a smooth glass of bourbon or a glass of aged fine wine. Many tequila brands will probably not be found in your local pub or dive bar, but rather sold exclusively at retailers or online. The key to finding the perfect tequila is doing your research or a personal taste test to see which one turns your mouth into a sour pout, which brands give you a 36-hour hangover, and which ones leave you feeling like a million bucks after a night out. 

Thankfully for you, we're breaking down store-bought tequila brands and ranking them from worst to best. With factors like availability, quality, and cost kept in mind, let's help you find the perfect bottle for your taste preference and budget.

25. Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo may describe itself as "the number one tequila in the world," but it will probably give you the number one hangover in the world, too. Whether you are a tequila drinker or not, you have likely heard of Jose Cuervo.

Jose Cuervo has an extensive product selection, including a recent seltzer addition, Playamar, made with real Cuervo tequila. This brand has a large selection, so we give them kudos in this department; however, the reason they are so far down on the list is due precisely to Jose Cuervo Especial. If you have ever drunk tequila in a frat basement, this bottle was likely on the table. You may be thinking, what separates this tequila from the others? This bottle is a "mixto tequila," so it is not 100% blue agave. Jose Cuervo Especial is only 51% blue agave, which is why you could have awful hangovers after consuming it.

24. Sauza

Next on our list is Sauza. This tequila brand has been around since 1873, so it has a reputation amongst tequila drinkers. Sauza is also a mixto tequila like Jose Cuervo, so we suggest adding this to a margarita or mixed drink, not sipping it straight. Since mixto tequilas are not 100% agave, taking shots of Sauza all night is going to leave you with a nasty hangover — trust us on this one. Sauza is not a tequila you should even consider sipping or having on the rocks; it's a better fit for a late-night mixed drink at your local dive bar.

Sauza has a much smaller product range than Jose Cuervo: Only three different tequila offerings and one ready to serve margarita bottle. There is a bit of an aftertaste, which is not out of the ordinary when it comes to tequila — or cheap ones, for that matter. The aroma is powerful, so don't go sniffing your next Sauza shot before taking it. You have been warned.

23. Kirkland Signature

Get out your Costco card because the Kirkland Silver Tequila is next on our list of store-bought tequila brands. With so many superior Kirkland signature products, it is a surprise how low the Silver Tequila landed on our list. Kirkland has three tequila varieties: Reposado, Añejo, and Silver. The first two are popular among Costco customers, but the Silver does not even come close in comparison.

When you take a sip of Kirkland Silver, you taste the alcohol and nothing else. It would be nearly impossible if you were at a tequila tasting and asked to name the different flavors in this bottle. This tequila is robust and not in a good way — don't even think about taking shots or sipping this silver tequila. It is only tolerable mixed in a drink with a significant amount of other liquid to mask the taste of the alcohol (we suggest whipping up a spicy margarita). If you are looking for a great-tasting silver tequila, search elsewhere. If Costco is your primary grocery store of choice, check out the Reposado or Añejo for a better tequila experience. Trust us, there are way better silver tequilas on the market — do not settle for Kirkland's.

22. El Jimador

Coming in at number 22 on our list is El Jimador. Like the bottles previously mentioned, El Jimador will not break your wallet. This tequila is crafted with hand-harvested Weber blue agave, so it can be more easily sipped and won't immediately make you feel a head rush.

The reviews for this brand are more conflicted than those for any other tequila on our list. One Influenster review went as far as to say, El Jimador is "better than Patron." While we do not agree with this wholeheartedly, we admit it's better than some of the other tequilas we reviewed. Compared to the other bottles previously named, we would take a shot of El Jimador, but if you are looking for more premium tequilas to toss back, keep reading for further recommendations. If you want a solid mixed drink at home that won't cost you a ton of money, pick up El Jimador the next time you hit the grocery store.

21. Hornitos

Introducing Hornitos, Sauza's slightly higher-shelved sibling. Hornitos revolutionized the agave cooking process, which is how it got its name, which means "little ovens" in Spanish. The brand stands behind the tagline, "a shot worth taking." While we can't confidently promote that this is a shot worth taking, we can confirm it's not awful for the price. It's your standard mid-shelf bottle that you won't be embarrassed to show up to a party with, but you won't be overspending on either.

As you may have learned from our previous rankings, the label "100% agave" is what separates the good from the bad in tequila terms. While we recognize this label identifies the breakdown of ingredients, we want to acknowledge, although this tequila is 100% agave, it is not at the top of our list for a reason. In the end, we would say this brand is just alright.

20. Olmeca Altos

"Two world renowned bartenders walk into a distillery," and number 20 on our list, Olmeca Altos Tequila, is born. Described by the company website as well known in the bartending industry and frequent winners of cocktail competitions, Henry Besant and Dre Masso visited Los Altos, Mexico, and ultimately partnered with Maestro Tequilero Jesús Hernandez. The trio created a smooth, high-quality tequila that passes our shot test and compliments any cocktail mix.

For the price of this bottle, you are getting 100% blue agave, decent-tasting tequila. It was created for bartenders to provide premium tequila for cocktails, and they have delivered on that goal and more. It's smoother than the tequilas we have ranked so far, so it can be sipped, taken as a shot, or added to a margarita. It's a high-quality product on its own, and if you are looking for a bottle within budget, but slightly higher quality and taste, you can choose Omeca Altos.

19. 818

If you keep up with the Kardashians, you have undoubtedly heard of 818 Tequila. Kendall Jenner's brand 818 was extremely popular due to its association with the celebrity, forcing sell-outs and store re-stocks. The brand got its name from Jenner's home area code, but the company shares, "The area code 818 is home to me, but the earth is home to all of us." The brand mentions it feels a great sense of responsibility to the community and the environment, sharing sustainability commitments on the website. 

Now, let's get to the critical part: the taste of 818. This bottle is on the more expensive end compared to tequilas we have rated thus far, and it doesn't have the taste to match the price tag. We believe you can find better-tasting bottles for probably $15 less. 818 is smooth, we'll give it that; however, it's sweet and does not have a pleasant aftertaste. If you want to get the best bang for your buck, choose one of the brands coming later in the article. 

18. 1800

1800 has been around for over 200 years and has yet to change the original formula or distillation process. The brand's tagline is "just refined enough," and we agree — 1800 produces a 100% agave, quality tequila batch after batch. This tequila is an ultra-smooth option perfect for sipping, but not too expensive to add to your favorite margarita or cocktail. We discovered that 1800 sits under the same corporate umbrella as Jose Cuervo. Don't let this scare you based on our not-so-friendly review of Jose, as 1800 is much higher on our list for a good reason.

If you are looking for a consistently good-tasting tequila to keep on the bar cart, 1800 is your bottle. We approve of sipping, taking shots, and mixing 1800 in your cocktails. 1800 is not higher on our list because others are better in quality.

17. Casamigos

Next on our list is Casamigos, another celebrity-backed tequila brand. Casamigos was founded by longtime friends George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Mike Meldman. This crew set out to create tequila and mezcal that did not need to be masked by salt and limes. After years of being tequila lovers, followed by years of perfecting the recipe with a master distiller in Jalisco, Mexico, Casamigos was born.

This brand is perfect for when you want to feel a little classier with minimal effort — and without a hefty price tag. Thankfully for you, if you like sweeter tequila, this is nothing like the sweetness from 818, in the best way. It is on the sweeter side, but with Casamigos, we can guarantee a smooth tequila every single time.

16. Corazón de Agave

The story of this brand takes us back 130 years. Made from hand-harvested, 100% blue Weber agave (or agave tequila Weber), Corazón de Agave has won plenty of awards in international competitions. The name Corazón de Agave comes from the Spanish word for "heart," referring to the agave's core. Of course, it has a sentimental aspect, too, referring to the team's passion for tequila-making. Corazón's home is Casa San Matías, a family-owned distillery run by owner Carmen Villarreal.

Here, tequila is born from agave plants that have grown between seven and 10 years and are baked in clay ovens. The cooked agave plants are milled, and the resulting juice is mixed with spring water from the area. Next, the juices are fermented for 72 hours, distilled twice, and oxygenated after the second distillation, allowing their natural flavors to get stronger. Finally, the tequila is aged in American Oak barrels. 

Corazón produces three lines of tequila: Single Estate Tequila, representing the expertise of the tequila-makers at Casa San Matías; Single Barrel Tequila, aged in bourbon barrels; and the premium Expresiones Collection. Tequila aficionados give Corazón good rankings, and considering that bottles start at around $26 (for a Blanco tequila), you can get a good deal for your next party.

15. Los Arango

The Mexican Revolution is the source of inspiration behind this small-batch tequila, named after Revolutionary hero Pancho Villa, whose real name was José Doroteo Arango. Los Arango's distillery is Hacienda Corralejo built in 1700 on the outskirts of Pénjamo, Guanajuato. This is one of the five states with an Appellation of Origin for tequilana Weber agave, alongside Jalisco, Nayarit, Tamaulipas, and Michoacán.

Los Arango's tequilas begin with plants that have grown between eight and 12 years and spend 38 hours slow-cooking in clay ovens. After a 12-hour resting period, the resulting juices are fermented using the house's special yeast strain. Next, the tequila is distilled twice using the traditional Charentais system, with copper pots designed for Cognac. The artisanal process results in three expressions. Los Arangos Blanco is a fresh silver tequila that is ideal for cocktails. Los Arangos Reposado, rested in American oak barrels, boasts sweet agave notes and is perfect for sipping. Finally, Los Arango Añejo, aged for more than a year in American oak barrels, has a deep, rich profile that should be enjoyed neat or with an ice cube to let its flavors open up. 

Solid quality and availability make this brand a great choice, with prices ranging between $40 and $60 for a bottle. It's a good middle-of-the-road tequila.

14. Tears of Llorona

The myth of La Llorona tells the story of a woman who lost her children and roamed the streets of Mexico, crying for them. Master Distiller Germán González Gorrochotegui, who heard this story countless times as a kid, decided to name his tequila after it. González Gorrochotegui is involved in every part of the tequila-making process, from walking along agave fields to final distillation techniques.

Tears of Llorona hit the U.S. markets in 2014, and the bottles are made with 100% tequilana Weber agave from the Jalisco Highlands. The agave is cooked for 20 hours, and the fermented juice is distilled twice in copper pot stills, and aged for five years in three types of oak barrels: Scotch, brandy, and sherry oak. The aging process is two years longer than the average for an añejo tequila, which makes Tears of Llorona a rich, complex extra añejo. It has aromas of caramel custard, dark chocolate, and dried fruit, plus notes of agave and spice on the palate. It is best when enjoyed neat and pairs amazingly well with red meat, cigars, and chocolate cake. 

Tears of Llorona's excellent quality make it a top contender in our list, but there are two catches: As a small-batch tequila, it can be hard to find, and you will pay a pretty penny for it.

13. Corralejo

Pénjamo, Guanajuato, is home to Hacienda Corralejo, the production site of one of the most popular tequila brands in Mexico — as well as premium tequila Los Arangos. If you are in the Pérjamo area, you can book a tour of the Hacienda, admire its 18th-century architecture, and explore the tequila-making process.

Corralejo produces a wide arrange of products, including rum and manchego cheese. But, of course, the brand's tequilas, with their iconic, long bottles, are what has made them so famous and popular, both in Mexico and abroad. In fact, Corralejo is one of the easiest brands to find in stores and online. Add that to its affordable prices and consistent quality, and you have a trusty tequila pal for any occasion.

Tequila Corralejo Blanco is the brand's silver tequila, made with 100% agave. It boasts aromas of raw agave, herbs, and citrus, as well as cooked agave on the palate. For a sweeter taste, try Corralejo Reposado, aged in American oak barrels. This liquid also offers notes of agave, herbs, and citrus, as well as flavors of wood and vanilla. Corralejo also makes a unique digestif: the Quita Penas tequila cream. This smooth, silky liquid has notes of cooked agave and sweetness that persists throughout the tasting experience.

12. Herradura

Born in 1870 in Amatitán, Jalisco, Herradura is one of Mexico's best-known and most beloved tequila houses. The brand began by producing what was once called "vino mezcal," eventually recognized as tequila. In 1974, Herradura produced the world's first reposado tequila, an innovation that transformed the industry. Herradura's portfolio boasts eight expressions that run the gamut from a light, cocktail-friendly Silver to an ultra-premium Herradura Legend.

Ideal for a classic margarita, Herradura Silver is aged for 45 days in American white oak barrels and offers aromas of cooked agave and vanilla and a fresh, sweet flavor. Bottles of Herradura Silver start at around $40, making it perfect for a cocktail party. For añejo lovers, Herradura Añejo is a smooth, delicately sweet option, boasting notes of cooked agave, vanilla, and fruit that make it perfect for enjoying neat after resting for 13 months in American white oak barrels.

If you are a true tequila aficionado, look no further than the brand's premium expressions. With aromas of vanilla, caramel, fruit, chocolate, and spice, plus tasting notes of toasted oak, caramel, and cinnamon, Herradura 150 Aniversario is a limited-production tequila, created to honor the house's 150th birthday. Aged for 100 months, it is meant to be served and sipped slowly, and you will pay around $499 for this beauty. Herradura's high quality and versatility place it higher on our list.

11. Loco Tequila

The first thing that might catch your attention about Loco is its name — loco means "crazy" in Spanish. Legend has it that founder and CEO Arturo Morán was often called as much by his peers, who advised him against launching a premium tequila in such a complicated, competitive market. Yet Morán followed his instinct and forged ahead, creating what he's dubbed "the first terroir tequila." Loco hails from the valley of El Arenal, Jalisco, and starts with a unique double-shaving process to eliminate any bitter components from the agave. After cooking the plants, the resulting mix is slowly distilled in copper stills, focusing on obtaining the purest part of the liquid: the heart.

Loco produces three expressions. Loco Blanco is a smooth silver tequila with aromas of cooked agave and citrus, as well as sweet, mineral notes on the palate. Its aged counterpart is Loco Ámbar, a reposado tequila that rests in French white oak barrels, Irish whiskey barrels, Port barrels, and Pedro Ximénez sherry barrels. This leads to a spicy, fruity liquid, with notes of dried fruit and toasted grain. Its lovely amber color gives it its name. 

Lastly, Loco Puro Corazón is the house's crown jewel, the result of a careful selection process where only the finest tequila goes into the bottle. Puro Corazón boasts aromas of fresh herbs and eucalyptus, as well as sweet and subtle mineral flavors. While Loco is on the pricier side, the drink is well worth the investment — and so is the stunning Jan Hendrix-designed bottle.

10. Volcán de mi Tierra

With its name, Volcán de mi Tierra honors the Tequila volcano, whose eruption more than 200,000 years ago gave the surrounding area its rich soil, ideal for growing agave. A few years later — well, 300 years ago — the Gallardo family started a tequila company. Around 2014, the family partnered with Moët Hennessy, and Volcán was re-launched in 2017 as the luxury house's first tequila, helmed by Tequila Master Ana María Romero.

Today, Volcán boasts four expressions: Blanco, Reposado, Cristalino, and XA. Its Cristalino is one of the crown jewels, a blend of añejo and extra añejo. After removing the color and the strongest notes of wood, the result is a crystal-clear tequila with notes of cooked agave, vanilla, tobacco, and caramel meant to be tasted neat or on the rocks. For a taste of Volcán's most precious liquid, look for Volcán X.A., a blend of reposado, añejo, and extra añejo. This ultra-premium tequila is sweet and aromatic, the result of a secret recipe from the house's Master Distiller. Its notes of cooked agave, spice, and dried fruits are meant to be enjoyed slowly, either neat or on the rocks. 

Although Volcán sits higher on the price range — bottles start at around $50 — its smooth flavors and the blessing of the Moët house make it a good investment.

9. Dobel

One of the trendiest tequilas to hit the shelves in recent years, Dobel's history can be traced back to 11 generations of tequila making. Its most popular label is Maestro Dobel Diamante, with a blend of reposado, añejo, and extra añejo tequila, filtered using the "diamond" method that gives it its name. After the color and notes of wood are removed, you'll taste a delicate tequila, easy to sip neat. The brand's portfolio includes classic expressions like Dobel Silver, Reposado, and Añejo.

Dobel's unique creations are also worth a sip. One of them is Dobel Humito Smoked Silver Tequila. The silver liquid has gorgeous smoked notes that work great in cocktails. Another highlight is the more recently released Dobel Pavito, made with turkey breast. The base of Dobel Silver is distilled twice in copper pot stills, and then infused with macerated spices and fruits. Lastly, it goes through a third distillation with a turkey breast placed on top of the still, resulting in a layered, complex final product. Its aromas include mint, lemon tea, and tejocote. On the palate, you will feel notes of agave, spices, and sugar cane. 

Most Dobel expressions are priced between $40 and $60, while the ultra-premium Cristalino 50 Extra Añejo sits at $150. Dobel is an excellent option if you are a fan of smooth, sipping tequilas — and the beautiful bottles don't hurt, either, earning it a spot in our top 10.

8. Clase Azul Reposado Tequila

Number eight on our list is known for outstanding tequila, but even more so for its stunning bottles. Clase Azul Reposado Tequila is contained in an eye-catching and beautiful ceramic decanter that Mexican artists hand-paint. If you are looking for a bottle to give as a gift or to have as decor on your bar cart, Clase Azul is the brand for you.

This bottle is breathtaking, but the important thing is really how the tequila tastes. Clase Azul is made with 100% blue Weber agave, which guarantees superb quality. We think the flavors are memorable, but the bottle is large and challenging to store compared to other brands. While we agree this tall tequila may need more strategic placing on your shelves or bar cart, the aesthetic makes it all worth it. This luxury tequila is on the expensive side, but we think you get what you pay for in taste and beauty.

7. Avión

Millennials might remember Avión for being part of a storyline in the early-aughts HBO show "Entourage," where one of the characters was invited to invest in this up-and-coming luxury tequila brand. Decades later, the brand is still flying high. Named after the Spanish word for "airplane," Avión hails from the Jalisco highlands — specifically, the town of Jesús María. The blue agave is harvested by hand, slow-roasted in brick ovens, and then distilled in small batches before going through an ultra-slow filtration process.

Avión has four expressions, starting with the crisp, fresh Avión Silver. With notes of pineapple and black pepper, it's great in refreshing cocktails like the brand's Tequila Michelada. Next comes the award-winning Avión Reposado, which ages for a minimum of three months in American oak barrels. Its notes of flowers, peach, and pear work perfectly in sweet concoctions. If you're looking for a more complex tequila, Reserva 44 is the way to go. Featuring no less than 44 flavor notes — including mango, vanilla, and walnut — this limited-batch liquid rests in American oak barrels, resulting in a rich liquid that works wonderfully in strong, spirit-forward cocktails like Negronis, but also deserves to be sipped neat

If you're into trendy crystal tequilas, Avión has got one for you, as well. Reserva Cristalino, aged in American oak barrels and double charcoal filtered for total clarity, is a smooth, sweet tequila with notes of vanilla, spice, and agave, as delicious on the rocks as it is in a sleek martini.

6. Fortaleza

In 1873, tequila-maker Don Cenobio founded La Perseverancia, Fortaleza's first distillery, in Tequila, Jalisco. A visionary, Cenobio was the first person to cook agave with steam, as well as the first one to export tequila to the United States. Fortaleza continued to be a family business under the direction of his son Eladio, during the Mexican Revolution, and next came his son Francisco Javier, who was involved in developing an Appellation of Origin for tequila and founded La Fortaleza distillery. Though Javier sold the tequila business in the '70s, his grandson Guillermo got the distillery back to work.

These days, you can find four expressions of this historic tequila, produced in the valley of Tequila with 100% blue agave and spring water. Fortaleza Blanco has aromas of citrus and earth, plus flavors of vanilla, basil, and lime that make it easily drinkable but deep at the same time. For a richer experience, try Fortaleza Añejo, aged for 18 months in American oak barrels. On the nose, you'll get notes of vanilla, cooked agave, and even nutmeg. On the palate, you'll find a thick-textured liquid with flavors of toffee, citrus, and hazelnuts. 

Not only does Fortaleza offer premium products with a rich history to back them, it's also one of the lesser-known jewels in the tequila market, which will surely impress fellow drinkers when they spot it on your shelves.

5. Casa Dragones

With its home in San Miguel de Allende's historic downtown, Casa Dragones celebrates Mexican culture with its four ultra-premium sipping tequila expressions. Casa Dragones Joven, made with 100% blue agave, is a blend of silver and extra añejo, with sweet notes of fresh agave, spice, vanilla, and pear. The house's most recent release is Casa Dragones Reposado, a tequila that rests in new Mizunara oak barrels. Inspired by the craft of Japanese whisky, the team developed this delicate reposado that blends the freshness of agave and the softness of the wood. Casa Dragones Reposado Mizunara is a truly unique product, offering aromas of magnolia, honey, and sandalwood, plus flavors of oak, ganache, and apricot.

Aside from its beautiful hand-made glass bottles and celebrity endorsements — Oprah is a fan — one of the things that sets Casa Dragones apart is its co-founder and CEO, Bertha González Nieves. Casa Dragones' distinctive and delicate flavors make them one of the very best options in the market — a worthy investment for lovers of sipping tequila.

4. Espolòn

Sliding into the number four slot, we have Espolòn Tequila. Everything from the name to the packaging is an ode to Mexican culture. Each Espolòn bottles' artwork tells a story showcasing tidbits of the past with a modern twist. The name Espolòn means "spur," referring to a rooster's spur, a "powerful symbol of national pride" in Mexico, shares the brand. As a parallel, Espolòn takes incredible pride in every step of its supply chain journey.

We love Espolòn for its taste and affordable price tag. It snagged this spot because, unlike some of the other inexpensive tequilas on this list, Espolòn is sippable and great for shots without leaving you with a crippling hangover the next day. This tequila is more subtle and does not have an awful after-taste like many cheap tequilas. You can find Espolòn for around $20, half the price of other less desirable tequila options. We think Espolòn is one of the best-tasting affordable tequilas, which is why we feel strongly about its top-tier ranking.

3. Patrón

You have likely heard "Patrón on the rocks, and I'm ready for some shots" from the song "Shots" if you're of a certain age. Like LMFAO, many others have been inspired by Patrón and taken to the studio to shoutout the brand in their lyrics. What we're saying is, Patrón is a high-quality tequila that has also become a social phenomenon. Unlike other liquors, this tequila is worth the hype and it deserves all the recognition it gets from celebrities, musicians, and tequila drinkers alike.

Patrón likes to say it did not invent tequila, but "perfected it." And we agree, this tequila is exceptionally high quality and delicious. Patrón has no additives and is made in small batches to ensure the most authentic and best-tasting tequila goes in every bottle. This tequila can be sipped, taken as a shot, or used to create a delicious cocktail. Like Clase Azul, it is more expensive, but you get what you pay for. With this tequila, you'll notice a sweet citrus smell and a light peppery finish guaranteed to make Patrón a taste you'll remember.

2. Don Julio

Rounding out our store-bought tequila brands list is number two and a crowd favorite, Don Julio. Don Julio is one of the smoothest tequilas out there. It is super easy to drink and can be enjoyed on the rocks, in a shot, or a mixed drink. No matter how you fancy tequila, this brand is a great choice. There's an age-old debate over which tequila is the best: Patrón or Don Julio. We can confidently say we feel Don Julio has more depth to its flavor. Cost is not a factor in the debate either, because both bottles are similar in price.

Don Julio's eponymous founder's mission made the brand a trailblazer in the tequila industry. For generations, tequila bottles were large and hidden under the table during gatherings. Don Julio knew his tequila did not belong on the floor and designed a smaller bottle that could easily be passed from person to person. Today, many brands have mimicked this design, and passing the tequila bottle is now part of the experience. But just one other brand beat out this legend.

1. El Tequileño

This tequila is made with blue agave from the Jalisco highlands, and the agave cores are cooked with steam. After milling with spring water, the juices ferment in tanks near mango trees, which brings a special touch to the final product. The tequila is distilled in copper pot stills and aged in barrels of different sizes. You can find five resulting expressions, including El Tequileño Platinum, a silver tequila that ages for at least two weeks in American oak barrels. With herbal aromas and a slightly spicy flavor, it's excellent in classic tequila-based cocktails. Another highlight is El Tequileño Reposado Gran Reserva, aged for eight months in American oak barrels and blended with añejo tequila. Rich and smooth, it has aromas of nutmeg, caramelized pear, and banana, plus flavors of vanilla, spicy toffee, and macadamia.

Because of the unique profiles and wide price range, El Tequileño's labels sit at the top of this list. El Tequileño's expressions have earned several accolades at competitions, such as the International Spirits Challenge and the San Francisco Spirits Competition. It is also the preferred tequila at the legendary bar La Capilla, in Tequila. Here, you can try a classic Batanga cocktail made with El Tequileño, Coke, and a pinch of salt.


Several aspects went into consideration as we put together this list. First of all, we thought of brands that are widely available across the United States, from bars and restaurants to liquor stores and online retailers. Next, we considered each tequila's backstory — is it a smaller, artisanal brand, or a large brand backed by a multinational company? — as well as its production process. Of course, taste and quality are major factors, as is price/quality relation. And the most important factor of all? Our huge passion for tequila.