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The seven best appetizers to take to a Friendsgiving feast

Etiquette 101 says to never show up empty-handed. Friendsgiving, no matter how laid-back, is no exception. Take one of these seven portable appetizers to help make the feast memorable, and you're sure to get invited back and make even more hungry friends.

① With creamy buttermilk ranch dressing on the table, that often-neglected plate of crudités won't go untouched.

② It's not a party unless bacon-wrapped dates (and their cheesy Parmesan filling) are invited.

③ Making spring rolls is easier than you think, and your vegetarian friends will thank you for the meat-free filling. Bonus: They're easy to pack and travel extremely well.

④ Pack spiced olive mix in a jar for a simple, functional gift—even if you selfishly hope your host will pop open the jar while the night is still young.

⑤ A bowl of trail mix with ginger, nuts and coconut is great to have at the ready for the snackers among us (hands raised).

⑥ Sweet and spicy plum jam is the perfect accompaniment to any cheese plate. Plus, your host's morning-after breakfast will benefit from any leftovers.

⑦ Show up with caramelized onion dip in one hand a box of crackers in the other, and you'll surely get first pick once the turkey's carved.