11 Ways to Toast to the Fall Season

Drink your way through fall with our seasonal cocktails

The fall weather is finally settling in, and we're reaching for our flannel shirts, chunky sweaters and comforting drinks. Pumpkin isn't the only flavor representing the season; we're craving smoke, spice and maple.

Happily sip your way through the fall season with these 11 cocktail recipes.

① Autumn Spice Sidecar② Satan's Circus③ Boozy Cider Slushie④ Rye Revival⑤ Autumn Smash⑥ The Stowaway⑦ Maple Old-Fashioned⑧ Rum & Cola⑨ Cranberry Sauce Frozen Cosmo⑩ Pumpkin Spice Mai Tai⑪ Mirto's Revenge