16 Best Spots For Fresh Apple Cider In America

America is filled with orchards that produce fresh apple cider. There's not much more satisfying than walking through crunchy leaves with a warm thermos of apple cider on a chilly autumn day. What makes it all the more delicious is the simple fact that apple cider has considerable health benefits. WebMD explains that cider has potent compounds called polyphenols, which can act as antioxidants, fighting free radicals and even cell damage as well as lowering your risk of diabetes, cancer, and even heart disease.

While you can regularly find run-of-the-mill apple cider in your local grocery store, visiting a cider mill or apple orchard just hits differently. Sure, shelf-stable apple cider is delicious, but the fresh stuff is what fall fantasies are made of. There are so many places around the country that do cider well, and many of them have been in business for several decades. What's more, the wisdom of many generations goes into this cider. Cider making is one business that really seems to stay in the family, and these are some of the best places in the U.S. to get fresh apple cider.

Apple Holler's Family Farm — Sturtevant, Wisconsin

This family farm has a rich and joyous history on its land. Apple Holler has been part of the fabric of the Flannery family for three decades. A previous owner built the land into Berry Lea Farm, planting hundreds of apple trees in the 1970s. Then, nearly 20 years later, in 1987, Dave Flannery and his wife, Vicki, purchased the all but abandoned orchard.

They worked quickly to rehab the land and milking barn to create a restaurant in the space. The orchards now offer 20,000 fruit trees featuring 40 different varieties of apples, peaches, and pears. The Flannerys raised five children on the orchard alongside the families who visit every year for a sip of cider and bushels of apples. Apple Holler offers fresh-pressed cider from their fruit trees and a frozen cider that is a sweet and frosty spin on the classic favorite.

Be sure to return when the snow falls for a horse-drawn sleigh ride. You and your family will hop aboard a sleigh pulled by horses through the winter wonderland of Apple Holler. Afterward, enjoy hot apple cider, s'mores, and cocoa by a campfire. Don't forget to bring a tip for your trusty drivers; they love long carrots.

Cold Hollow Cider Mill — Waterbury Center, Vermont

This working cider mill asks you to slow down and sip their cider. At the Cold Hollow Cider Mill, life moves at a comfortable pace, unrushed by outside influence. Here, you can tour a working cider mill and witness firsthand how the apples, bees, and maple trees work together in a delicate balance. It's the perfect place to visit with the entire family for a bit of educational, delicious fun. Apples aren't the only orchards around here. Cold Hollow Cider Mill is committed to creating a sustainable space, which is why its own orchard of solar panels provides most of the mill's power.

For lunch in the restaurant, you'll find a menu of items that include ingredients derived from their apple cider. When you're in the mood for something that's a little sweet, you can enjoy their cider jelly on a "Vermont to the Core" or roast beef Florentine grilled panini. For cider with a bite, the apple cider vinegar slaw is featured on the turkey Reuben, and even the salads get in on the fun with a cider vinaigrette.

Cold Hollow's traditional cider comes from Vermont's McIntosh variety, a popular type of apple. The shop also offers several gift sets, including cider and donuts, cider and cheese, mulling spices, a breakfast package, and a jelly gift set.

Edwards Apple Orchard — Poplar Grove, Illinois

This small town orchard survived a winter tornado and returned stronger than ever. After losing their Minnesota farm in the 1930 Dust Bowl, Bob and Audrey Edwards returned to northern Illinois to purchase a milking farm. In 1964, Bob Jr. and his wife Betty began planting trees for what would become Edwards Apple Orchard. After a few years, their first crop yielded very little, but they remained steadfast and continued growing. Eventually, the old milking barn became the Apple Barn to house a cider press, bakery, and grading machine. It eventually grew to include a museum, play area, and cider cellar.

In 2008, tragedy struck when a tornado ripped through the orchard and destroyed six of the seven buildings. However, with immense support from the surrounding community, they were able to build back and open to the public only seven months after the tornado struck.

Today, the orchard offers delicious options in their bakery, including apple cider donuts. Their cider changes as the different apple varieties ripen. Earlier in the season, the cider is dessert-like with its sweetness. The cider gains complexity by mid-season when several apple types are used. By the end of the season, the cider adopts a tart taste with the addition of Granny Smith apples.

Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill — Chester, New Jersey

In 1851, Robert Pitney purchased the farm and built a house and barn, and Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill has been a thriving family business ever since. With its picturesque landscapes, this cider mill is a star in its own right, and the farm was even a filming location for a Sara Lee apple pie commercial in 1980. More than just a family farm, Hacklebarney also offers some unique options, including cider hot dogs.

The Hacklebarney cider is some of the freshest cider you'll find, and watching apples be pressed to become this fall favorite is always interesting. For a real treat, try their famous cider hot dogs that are boiled in apple cider to infuse the hot dog with seasonal sweetness. Families in the surrounding area love making the yearly pilgrimage to Hacklebarney for their fill of baked goods, cider, and hot dogs.

Highland Orchards, Inc. — West Chester, Pennsylvania

Another family business, this orchard in Pennsylvania has been passed down the family line for some time. Over the years, it expanded to become Highland Orchards, Inc. John and Rachel Webster purchased the land in 1941; it was primarily an apple orchard, and they added peach trees. The 1950s brought new ownership as the Websters' daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, Robert Hodge, took over. They expanded the orchard substantially with buildings, crops, and property, eventually passing it on to their sons Bruce, David, and Alan Hodge in 1986. Even as this orchard has seen many changes, it continues to be a family-owned and operated business.

Highland Orchards offers many popular orchard standards, including fresh apples and cider, apple cider donuts, local produce, and baked goods. To make your trip extra special, consider securing a private hayride for your group, during which you could enjoy Highland's donuts and cider.

Holmberg Orchards — Gales Ferry, Connecticut

With a reputation for quality, this orchard is definitely a beloved family business. Holmberg Orchards & Winery's legacy began in 1896 when Adolph and Hulda Holmberg purchased the land and planted vegetables. Their sons, Harold and Henry Holmberg, purchased the farm in 1931 and soon began planting fruit trees. By the '60s, the Holmberg Brothers' Orchards became a favorite destination in New England. After Henry passed and Harold began running the business alone, the orchard was renamed "Holmberg Orchards." Harold's son and daughter-in-law, Richard and Diane Holmberg, purchased the orchard and expanded the retail and pick-your-own opportunities. The 2000s brought further expansion as the couple's children added an award-winning winery (via CT Wine Trail).

Holmberg Orchards & Winery offers a sweet cider that is the next best thing to biting into a ripe apple. With plenty of delicious fresh options, be sure to grab a slushie while shopping. It has a rotating flavor menu, and the sweet cider is a classic favorite.

Kauffman Orchards — Bird In Hand, Pennsylvania

Growing from farmland to a pick-your-own destination, a lot has changed for this orchid over the last century. In 2015, Kauffman Orchards celebrated its 100th anniversary. This family business dates back to 1915 when Amos and Sue Kauffman began selling their own harvested fruit. Over the course of the next 40 years, Kauffman Orchards moved from selling in a roadside stand to opening its own retail market. In 1998, they took a huge step forward with the installation of a state-of-the-art pasteurization process.

The orchard's sweet apple cider is a freshly pressed burst of fall flavors. It's a favorite of customers because Kauffman Orchards ensures that it blends the perfect balance of sweet and tart apples to provide an ideal taste. This cider has such a unique flavor that it is even an award winner, having ranked first place in a six-state competition between over 20 orchards (via Discover Lancaster). With a flash-pasteurization process to ensure safety, this cider is immediately frozen before shipping around the country. And, while you're shopping, be sure to pick up some mulling spice from their store to create the perfect cup of mulled cider.

Kimmel Apple Orchard & Vineyard — Nebraska City, Nebraska

In partnership with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, this orchard helped the university expand its research and study into food science with the Kimmel Education and Research Center. Kimmel Apple Orchard & Vineyard has been growing apples, cherries, and other fruits since 1925 under the care of Richard and Laurine Kimmel. Since its establishment, the orchard has been committed to being a good steward of the land and maintaining high-quality, local produce for its customers. The orchard's influence is so substantial that its origin story marks the beginning of a rich agricultural tradition in the area. While you're visiting, consider taking the Observation and Discovery Tour, which includes a hayride, a tour of the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, and the Kregel Windmill Museum.

Kimmel Apple Orchard & Vineyard makes their apple cider fresh on-site with only the best juicy and tart apples around. This cider is pure and available throughout the year. There is little seasonal fluctuation here, only great cider.

Lattin's Country Cider Mill and Farm — Olympia, Washington

Lattin's Country Cider Mill and Farm opened in 1976 and has since become well-known for delicious baked goods and apple cider. In their Washington shop, you'll find enough jams, syrups, and apple butter to satisfy any autumnal craving. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that the prices often rival that of your local grocery store, but with the added benefit that the products are local and much more sustainable. It's also a great place to learn about and feed farm animals.

With a substantial collection of fresh ciders, even if you're not in the mood for traditional apple cider, you're sure to walk out with the perfect beverage. Choose from spiced cider, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, and classic apple cider, all of which are made fresh on-site with delicious produce. After shopping, check out the orchard's hot apple cider, which pairs perfectly with a fresh apple fritter.

Louisberg Cider Mill — Louisberg, Kansas

As a place that hosts an annual cider fest, you know the cider coming out of the Louisberg Cider Mill will be outstanding. This orchard has been in operation since 1977, and most adults in the area can recount a time when they visited it as a young child on a school field trip or with their family. Louisberg Cider Mill shows visitors how its incredible cider is made and the magical process of creating the perfect apple cider donut.

While visiting, you must try Louisberg's unique cider offerings. For example, the sparkling caramel float layers Louisberg Cider Mill's sparking apple cider with ice cream and tops it off with caramel sauce. You've probably never had an apple cider drink like this one. The hot apple cider is always a winner if you're looking for something a little more traditional. The store also offers packaged apple cider to create your own delectable drinks at home.

Mayer Brothers — West Seneca, New York

When an orchard brings in over 10,000 visitors during a single season, you know it has to be good. Mayer Brothers began as a pressing mill in 1852, providing services to local families and farms who wanted cider from their apples. Throughout the 1920s, the mill expanded to sell baked goods, syrup, and other fresh items. The mill's branded cider came later, and their hard cider was launched in 1936. It has been popular ever since, and today loyal customers flock to the mill to enjoy donuts, cider, and other fresh baked goods.

While in the cider mill, you can pick up their delicious apple cider. If you can't make it there, the cider is available to ship anywhere within the United States. It's also one of the largest cider producers in the country, so you may even find a shelf-stable version in your local grocery store.

Pine Tree Apple Orchard — White Bear Lake, Minnesota

An orchard that becomes a family tradition is a surefire winner. The Pine Tree Apple Orchard has two primary seasons: strawberries and apples. While strawberry season runs relatively short from mid-June to early July, apple season is much longer, stretching from August through March. In addition to great cider, this orchard offers multiple events throughout the year, including a tennis classic, run/walk event, tastings, music performances, and a quilting show. It also puts on classic fall activities like wagon rides, a pumpkin patch, and a corn maze.

At Pine Tree Apple Orchard, you'll find cider made from sweet and tart apples without added sugar. This pasteurized cider comes in 12-ounce, half-gallon, and gallon sizes. In addition to traditional cider, you'll also find this cider in the form of a popsicle called a "cider freeze," which is an especially popular treat during the Minnesota State Fair (via Minnesota Monthly). To boost your cider experience to the next level, pick up some of the orchard's cider and cinnamon ice cream to make a cider float.

Royal Oak Farm Orchard — Harvard, Illinois

Though this orchard only started in 1992, it has become a popular destination in Illinois. Peter and Gloria Bianchini planted their orchard in 1992, but it wasn't fruitful until 1997. Now, four generations help run the Royal Oak Farm Orchard in areas from event coordination to the apple and pumpkin fest each year. In addition to apples, cider, and great food, the orchard offers a playground with a petting zoo, a train for kids, a carousel, the country's only apple tree maze, tours, and, of course, shopping. You can also book birthday parties, school trips, and packages that include a hayride and bonfire.

The orchard opens in mid-June and has a season that runs through the middle of November. During that time, in addition to offering fresh cider, Royal Oak Farms also bottles sparkling cider. This once humble apple picking operation has grown to be a delicious destination with families at the forefront of their mission.

Silverman's Farm — Easton, Connecticut

Silverman's Farm began very modestly as a mill run by Ben Silverman. While many of the family's eight children helped on the farm, Irv took a particular interest and is still the owner and operator today. As the only milling operation in the area, it allowed people to watch their fruit become cider. This attracted many children from the area and quickly became a frequently visited educational stop. Though the mill operated for 60 years, it eventually stopped production. Even though the mill is no longer pressing cider, it is still displayed for visitors.

Though Silverman's own fresh pressed cider is now milled off-site, it continues to be pure and fresh, with apples as the only ingredient. Since the fruit blend of the cider changes throughout the picking season, the cider's flavor shifts too. While you're at Silverman's, be sure to grab one of the apple cider donuts, which are made fresh using its own fresh cider.

Swans Trail Farms — Snohomish, Washington

When Ben and Carol Krause originally purchased Staswick Dairy Farm from Sid Staswick in 1984, they intended to keep it as a dairy farm. They renamed it Swans Trail Farms after the surrounding region, and continued producing dairy. However, their mission changed in 1997 when the family decided to switch gears with a new goal. They wanted to help people understand where their food comes from and get a glimpse into country life. It's obvious that their reach has expanded as, in a funny sort of claim to fame, this family-run orchard was featured as a "Jeopardy" question in February 2022 (via J! Archive).

Even still, their mission remains true today, and the farm now offers many services. These include hosting events, growing corn, offering you-pick apples, and giving visitors a chance to watch cider pressed from scratch. With the addition of their own cider press in 2019, Swans Trail Farms now invites spectators to watch all the action unfold.

White Mountain Cider Company — Glen, New Hampshire

This cider mill offers more than delicious cider. It's an entire culinary experience. White Mountain Cider Company is owned by executive chef Miles Williams and includes a restaurant, market, deli, and cider mill. Chef Williams is a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute, and he brings a fine dining menu full of exciting dishes and a complete cocktail menu with a wine list to boot.

In the market, you'll find delicious gourmet sandwiches — from "handpie" burgers and spanakopita to fresh-pressed paninis — to take with you. They also offer cider donuts, specialty items, and gifts, and you can even partake in a cooking class. Typically, the White Mountain Cider Company also presses cider from mid-September through the early part of December. Even when their cider isn't available, you will find that they serve locally pressed, equally delicious cider from other New Hampshire cider producers.