17 Fall-Flavored Treats If You Don't Like Pumpkin Spice

Starting as early as August, everywhere you turn, you're bombarded with two words on enormous billboards, on your social media feeds, and especially in your regular grocery store: Pumpkin Spice. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice cereal, pumpkin spice twinkies, pumpkin spice bone broth, pumpkin spice dog food ... has society taken it too far? Would you like pumpkin spice to be taken far away from you, even though you love basically everything else about the fall season? Well, have we got a list for you. 

There are so many delicious flavors to choose from that ring in the crisp weather yet do not contain a smidgen of pumpkin spice. There's the original fall-famed spice, cinnamon; rich, sweet caramel; pancake-ready maple; pie-worthy apple; who says pumpkin spice is the only thing worth welcoming when the leaves start to change? 

Don't worry, because food product developers are on the case, and you can find lots of alternative autumn treats if you look hard enough. But why not let us do the work for you? We gathered a group of taste testers and set in on the best fall-flavored treats for those who don't like pumpkin spice. From Maple Bourbon Goat Cheese to Skillet Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream, you'll fall in love with at least something on the list!

Siete Churro Strips

Siete Foods is a company that you'll want to support, and how amazing is it that you can support them by snacking? It all started with a mission for better health. Once there was a Mexican-American family looking for grain-free alternatives to traditional foods, and they didn't want to put their delicious fillings onto boring pieces of lettuce. So, Veronica Garza began frying up grain-free tortillas. They were met with rave reviews from the most important critics: her family. These homemade gems became tortilla chips that are too good not to share with the world. Fortunately, Siete has crossed over to the dark side of the dessert world, mingling with another cult-favorite food: simple churros.

Siete Foods Churro Strips are grain-free, sweet and salty snacks, sizzled up nicely in avocado oil and candied with coconut sugar. It's basically countless bite-sized, crispy-crunchy churros in a bag, ready to eat whenever the mood strikes. You be licking the cinnamon-sugar dust off your fingers when the last chip is gone, and if you're anything like our taste testers, the bottom arrives too soon. If you're sad to see it go, don't miss out on the super-fun Siete product personality quiz over on the website. Shoutout if you also get pegged as Traditional Hot Sauce — apparently, we're in the 1% of all test-takers! Celebrate your uniqueness by running out and buying another bag of Churro Strips. They have all the best seasonings of a PSL and none of the pumpkins.

Safe + Fair Honeycrisp Apple Pie Granola

The Safe + Fair Food Company bakes up the tastiest granolas ever. As an added bonus, the granolas are somehow free from the top nine allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, milk, soy, fish, shellfish, and sesame. The granola also contains ancient grains, no GMOs, and all plant-based ingredients. In fact, Safe + Fair beat the competition in our granola brand ranking! Safe + Fair's mixes have a fantastic, light texture thanks to fluffy brown rice and millet that still stays as crunchy as traditional granolas. Skeptical about rice in your granola? You won't be for very long. 

While some of us had previously tried the phenomenal Birthday Cake and Full Stack flavors, Honeycrisp Apple Pie from Safe + Fair was irresistible when fall is on the mind. See that lattice-topped stunner on the packaging? Yeah, Safe + Fair nails the tasting notes. The granola is toasty and buttery like a good pie crust, and the apple pieces shine through with slow-baked fruity goodness. "It's like someone pulverized an apple pie and called it breakfast," one tester enthused, and now we're going to sprinkle apple pie crumbs all over our morning meals. 

Trader Joe's Hand Twisted Cinnamon Sugar Bread

Grocery shopping at Trader Joe's can be much more fun than a trip to other grocery destinations — certainly, the store has a loyal following. TJ's has earned its devoted fanbase with friendly employees, hand-drawn signage, and plenty of new releases and fan-favorite products lining well-maintained shelves. If you're a true fan, there are even YouTube channels, and Instagram accounts dedicated to discovering, reviewing, tasting, and "hauling" all the latest and greatest Trader Joe's products. We were excited to get our, ahem, hands, on this Hand-Twisted Cinnamon Sugar Bread, coming in hot outta' the oven at a TJs near you. 

Enriched with eggs and butter like a fine brioche or challah bread, this bake gets twisted up with a filling of sticky, simple cinnamon swirl that reminds us all of a Cinnabon cinnamon roll. The outside is also brushed with a mild glaze that helps keep the bread moist. It was equally good warmed in the microwave, toasted up until golden-brown, and just as is. Though we haven't yet tested this next suggestion, it's safe to say that this loaf, in all its sweetly cinnamon-y and softly buttery glory, is practically begging to be turned into French Toast. We know what we're cooking up for brunch this weekend (and potentially every single fall weekend for the rest of our lives.)

Laclare Maple Bourbon Goat Cheese

Fresh Mozzarella cheese pulls ahead in the summer (pun intended), and baked brie warms you from the inside out in the winter, but autumn might just be the best season for you lovers of cheese. It's a love we share, which is why we're so passionate about this point. The transitional period from hot to cold makes you really crave the comfort of your favorite cheese. Cozy, food-centric gatherings always benefit from cheese and charcuterie boards. Now let's present the case for goat cheese being the best all-purpose autumnal cheese.

Goat cheese is tangy, soft, and malleable, appealingly fresh qualities that seem right at home in warm, sunny weather. But it's also creamy, rich, and more than a little bit funky, all sensations that evoke warmth and comfort on a cold day. So goat cheese does it all, falling right in between, suiting the transitional period with style. Thus, it's pure ingenuity to flavor this base cheese with maple and bourbon. Everyone's heard of herbed or honeyed goat cheese, but maple bourbon? Wacky, huh?

However, we were blown away by LaClare Creamery's sweet-savory flavor combination, plus that fantastic tang and the added luxury. When used as flavoring, bourbon is a generally sweet liquor with creamy notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel; you can see why it's ideal for getting into autumn spirits, erm, spirit. Our fall charcuterie boards are going to be winners now, and we're almost sorry that we had to reveal our secret. 

Good & Gather Fig and Rosemary Artisanal Crisps

Target, like Trader Joe's, is frequently a pleasure to shop at: It's so easy to find things you didn't know you needed in shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors that you didn't know existed. That's dangerous, though, because it's so easy to spend way more money than planned. That's why the Target brand is a big win for shoppers. In the grocery section, look for the Good & Gather label — you can be pretty sure the items are slightly less expensive but no less intriguing. While apple, cinnamon, caramel, and maple all appear multiple times on this list — and give pumpkin a run for its money — here's an autumnal flavor pairing that's much subtler, more sophisticated, and no less delectable: Fig and Rosemary gracing the face of an artisanal crisp. 

The naturally honeyed sweetness of figs, dried until satisfyingly chewy, is everything good about fall wrapped up in an underrated fruit. Toss in some aromatic and cozy rosemary, and you have a winning savory snack that delivers hints of sweetness. By all means, use these Good & Gather Fig and Rosemary Artisanal Crisps as a vehicle to scoop up wedges of the aforementioned Maple Bourbon goat cheese. Our taste testers were astonished by how good it was when put together, and a few made notes to serve the duo up to their own guests at a future charcuterie evening. 

Berryhill Salted Caramel Apple Spread

While summer is all about fresh, juicy berries and slices of chilly ripe watermelon, at a certain time of year, it's time to move on ... to apples! There's no reason to completely toss fruit to the curb when the leaves start to turn. Instead, simply toss those apples in cinnamon and call it autumn. One of the best time-honored festival foods is a good old-fashioned caramel apple. And yes, we all agree that a caramel apple is superior to a candy apple, right? Glad that's out of the way. One taste tester exclaimed that this Berryhill Salted Caramel Apple Spread is like fusing the two together into one perfect spread, and we think it's spot-on. 

Lighter and more gelatinous than peanut butter, smoother and sweeter than jam, and infinitely more appealing than applesauce, we're excited to spoon this magical goop over hot buttered toast, cinnamon-apple oatmeal, or pair it with peanut butter for a very autumnal sammie. The salt helps balance it all out because we felt that it just barely ventured into syrupy territory. Then there is the brilliant idea of slathering that Trader Joe's Cinnamon bread with a hearty dollop of this Salted Caramel Apple Spread. Toast it up all nice n' crispy, spread on some high-quality butter, then add this as the finishing touch. It's all the best parts of the season wrapped up in one smooth bite. 

Favorite Day Caramel Macchiato Trail Mix

Pumpkin Spice Lattes get all the attention, appearing in Starbucks and Dunkins before September even shows up at the party. But you know what other classic should receive the respect it deserves at the same time of year? The dapper caramel macchiato. If you prefer a caramel-drizzled drink over a pumpkin-spice-sprinkled one, you're going to love this cheeky snack. Have your caramel macchiato and eat it too, literally, with Favorite Day's delightful and ingenious Caramel Macchiato Trail Mix. Packed into an autumn-striped bag, you'll get chocolate pretzel balls, coffee-glazed pecans, dusted white chocolate coffee beans, salted caramel praline almonds, peanuts, and caramel cashews. It leaves little to the imagination and engages all your tastebuds with a fun element of the favorite beverage in every bite. 

One of the best things about this mix is that there's something for everyone, and it goes far beyond "peanut or raisin?" Some testers couldn't get enough of the salted caramel praline almonds, while others had to be careful not to just pick out all the coffee-dusted white chocolate coffee beans and get overly caffeinated. A generous handful of the glib combination would certainly garner delight in your kid's, or your own, lunchbox, especially if a regular old trail mix was previously expected.

Oregon Chai Sugar-Free Chai Tea Latte

We just talked about how caramel macchiatos win some people's hearts better than pumpkin spice lattes can. But our personal favorite fall beverage is actually neither; it's the spicy, complex, and aromatic chai latte. While PSLs are all the rage on a fall day at Starbucks, there's just nothing like a chai latte. For starters, it's less sweet. The primary flavor in a pumpkin spiced latte is really just a spice blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger (with barely any pumpkin flavor at all). Why not just up the ante on the good seasonings by swapping out nutmeg for cardamom and allspice? It's fierce, colorful, and it'll make you even more snug than a bug in a rug. The next time you want a fall beverage, skip the hefty price tag, the car drive, and the cumbersome sugar bomb delivered from a PSL by choosing Oregon Chai's Sugar Free Chai Tea Latte concentrate. 

Though we agree that it does, admittedly, have a touch of artificial aftertaste, the spice mixtures help to reduce that left behind flavors far more than less-tasty lattes do. And this way, you can feel free to have a chai whenever you want, including right next to your slice of apple pie or a second helping of cinnamon rolls, because the complete lack of sugar means that you won't get that unpleasant post-production feedback from your body. We're definitely planning to have another latte later to wash down all these treats. 

Favorite Day Salted Caramel Pretzels

As one tester excitedly pointed out, there is something on this list that might make that Caramel Macchiato Trail Mix even better. Add these perfect Salted Caramel Pretzels by Favorite Day, and you've made yourself a dessert perfect for the fall season. And since both products are brought to us by Favorite Day, it would be all too easy to pick both up on your next trip to Target. Simply pour that trail mix into a bag of these babies, and voilá, peak autumn snack mix achieved. Let's forget the trail mix for a minute because we need to sing the praises of these pretzels for their own individual merits. 

Chocolates, candies, and even nut mixes can get bogged down with fudgy, sticky, cloying textures that are just too rich and heavy for an anytime snack. That's where coated pretzels reign supreme: beneath the sweet, salty, caramelized layer is a light, crispy pretzel, a welcome break from gooey, sugary centers and dark chocolate cores. We're going to be adding these to our fall-dessert-inspired "charcuterie" boards alongside dessert hummus, apple slices, and honey-roasted nuts for the entire season. Caramel is the dessert for the season, but you won't want to hand these out at trick-or-treat. 

Honey Mama's Carrot Cake Inspired Blonde Truffle Bars

What's another vegetable that's orange and tastes great when mixed with sugar and spice? Carrots are here to bring the cheer. As a fun addition to the rest of Honey Mama's line of nutrient-dense products, consider trying some Blonde Truffle Bars inspired by Carrot Cake. These dynamic yet dessert-ready squares are full of earthy walnuts, whole and chewy raisins, tender carrots, and a delectable mix of warm spices set against a backdrop of "truffle." It's really made from nourishing ingredients like raw honey, dates, coconut oil, and coconut flour. Honey Mama's bars are like white chocolate crossed with a dense, chewy blondie, featuring all the quintessential elements of loaded carrot cake and the tastes of the season. 

Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free, and preservative free, you'll need to store these bars in the fridge to keep the fresh ingredients in top form. Also, we'd be lying if we said this was as good as a big slice of cake from your favorite local bakery. The bars do taste rather healthy, so we'd probably find ourselves reaching for a bite as a (sweet) snack as opposed to a dessert substitute. Honey Mama's works.

Benton's Apple Cider Donut Creme Cookies

Oreo made quite the splash in 2021 when it debuted its limited-edition Apple Cider Donut flavor (via Best Product). Sadly, fall dawned in 2022 with no return in sight. But never fear, donut lovers; Benton's has created a dupe that will satisfy your craving. These are a lot like Oreos, from the packaging to the appearance of the treat itself, so we were excited to see how it compared. 

First and foremost, we were impressed with the cookie-to-filling ratio. There was a lot of apple cider "fudge" squished in between each donut-inspired sandwich bun. The texture is spot-on, too, so you won't feel like you're missing out on that coveted store-bought, sandwich-cookie experience. The tasting notes are pretty mild, not too heavily apple flavored, so if you prefer your cookies to taste more subtle and less screaming with artificial flavoring, you may really enjoy these. We'd love these Benton's cookies as a snack on a fall day, and they'll certainly tide us over now that Oreo left us in the lurch. 

Sanders Maple Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

As we all know by now, maple and caramel are two flavors that, when treated with the kindness they deserve, can override the pumpkin-spice tide and make you feel awash in all the fun of fall. Put the two together? Now that's a new one! Oh, and how about we add a decadent coating of dark chocolate? No complaints here. And last but not least, gotta have those flecks of sea salt to bring out the best of each element and make the final product more than the sum of its parts. Mmm. Thanks, Sanders, for giving us the Maple Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. There was some deferential silence when we tasted these treats, and not just because the sticky caramel was stuck in our teeth. These small-batch wonders were just too good for words. 

We agreed that these take regular caramel turtle candy up a few notches, and the tasters who fall hardest for maple were seriously satisfied by the addition of caramel and earthy chocolate. The best part might just be that the dark chocolate adds a bit of bitterness to keep everything from getting overly sweet, so you feel even a little bit fancy, not like a kid on Halloween. 

Kind Maple Quinoa Granola

KIND is a go-to brand around here for both flavor and nutrition, whether you're in desperate need of a filling protein bar or a fun frozen dessert. Its granolas, like Almond Butter Clusters and Cinnamon Oat with Flaxseed, are exactly the extra boost your Monday mornings need. All the KIND granolas are made with a five-grain blend of oats, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, and quinoa, so rest assured you're getting a rainbow of different nutrients every time. 

But don't worry, just a taste of the hearty, seedy, sweet, yet slightly savory Maple Quinoa Granola will open your mind to the textural possibilities of different grains. All the while, thoughts of "high fiber" and "ancient grains" recede to the background of your mind, and you simply delight in the great taste. Who says granola has to be strictly oats, or that sweetness has to stem solely from sugar? This innovative riff on basic granola provides nuanced fall flavor notes plus a rewarding mouthfeel. We love the way this KIND granola felt both wholesome and a little bit gleeful, and we think it would be perfect atop a vanilla or apple cinnamon yogurt. One last idea: If you have a sweet tooth, feel free to capitalize on that maple flavor by drizzling your granola bowl with a popular maple syrup brand — just make sure it's the real stuff. It's much more autumnal than honey!

Dewey's Apple Cider Cookies

Have you ever tried a cookie from Dewey's Bakery? If not, no shame because we're still relatively new to the game ourselves. The first time we tried Dewey's, it was honestly because they were the only cookies around. A thin little whisp of a thing that didn't exactly inspire instant excitement. But it was love at first bite, believe us, and here's why.

Dewey's completely nails the crispy cookie assignment. So many people adamantly love cakey, chewy, or gooey cookies, but crispy ones often get thrown under the bus as boring or dry. These, and honestly any of Dewey's cookies, are neither. Each perfectly scalloped ridge around the edges provides the contrast you need, the shattering crunch is deeply gratifying, and the cookie melts in your mouth once you've started eating. And the idea to pair it with Apple Cider? Brilliant! No other fall beverage is as crisp with the fresh, brisk flavors of harvest time. We loved that popping one of these into our mouths was just like eating cider, but if you'd like some of that perfect drink to accompany the cookies, try visiting some of the best spots for fresh apple cider in America. Stock up now because Dewey's cookies disappear from your pantry as fast as the leaves fall.

Talenti Caramel Pretzel Blondie Gelato

Of course, we had to conclude the list with some delicious fall-inspired ice creams! Getting a little tired of the indulgence, richness, and sticky-sweet nature of caramel? Well, we've got one more treat to send you off in style. Revamp your caramel experience and expectations by pairing it was light, crunchy, salty, and deliciously buttered pretzels. It's an epic match that plays to each flavor's strengths and, like all the best snack pairings, brings out the best in both. 

You can never go wrong with anything brought into being by my maestro of gelato, Talenti. That includes the Caramel Pretzel Blondie Pairing. With its lower fat content and, therefore, creamier texture, the difference between ice cream, gelato, and other frozen desserts is clear. Gelato is like ice cream's continental cousin, older and wiser and more sure of itself. There's just nothing like that intensity and silkiness, elements that really shine in the Sea Salt Caramel half of this pint pairing. But, after a few spoonfuls of that side, you might get a little restless and wish for some pizzazz. Hit your tastebuds with a savory, salty pretzel-flecked yin to the caramel yang. Those blondie bits are just the best bonus, too. We felt that Talenti was really onto something with this combo, and it's one we'd buy again and again at any time of year!

Jeni's Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream

Jenny was a friend of mine. Anyone get the song reference? No? Well, this Jeni is about to become everyone's best friend with her endless lineup of gorgeous ice creams. This particular invention caught our eye with its creativity and the siren song of fresh, hot cinnamon buns — we just had to know how the coziest of breakfast pastries transformed into a freezing-cold pint of ice cream. Luckily, Jeni's Skillet Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream passed the test.

You might think the best part of this ice cream would be the thick ribbons of dark caramel, or perhaps the cinnamon-loaded ice cream base, or better yet, the gobs of the namesake baked goods itself. But no, our eyes lit up most when we got a bite of it all together, plus the swirl of cream cheese icing. The level of tang mixed with all the sweetness and decadence? It's a game-changer. The texture of this ice cream is also an inspiration, with a slight grittiness from the cinnamon bun pieces and pastry crumbs, overall making it extremely filling. Want to try making your own cinnamon rolls so you can fold them into vanilla ice cream yourself? Try this cinnamon roll recipe with vanilla glaze, and your home will smell like a bakery while you get a pretty nice reward out of it, too. Once again, all the flavors of the season, without having to put a pumpkin in your cup. Save them for the jack-o-lanterns.