In A Pinch You Can Use Plastic Lids For Chocolate Bar Molds

You don't need fancy molds to make pretty chocolates to snack on with coffee or to distribute to your friends as cute surprises. Any kind of plastic lid can work to help you shape melted chocolate into creations you are proud of. Make use of lids for the empty peanut butter jars you have finished or reach for ice cube trays if you don't have any clean lids available. 

After tempering chocolate, you simply pour it into the lid before customizing each piece to your liking. Edible flowers, candied fruits, broken candy pieces, ground and toasted nuts, or colorful decorating sprinkles can add either a touch of whimsy or a gourmet feature to your chocolate candies. You can use the plastic lids as a guide to design intricate patterns with the added ingredients or simply sprinkle the additions randomly on top of the chocolate-filled lids. Make stencils out of aluminum foil if you want to make specific shapes of sprinkles on the surface of your chocolates for special events or holidays. 

A thrifty and tasty treat

Be sure the surface you are using to place the empty lids to fill with chocolate is even and balanced. You will want to fill the lids accordingly so you have chocolate treats that are the desired thickness for each of your candies. Keep in mind that if there are ridges on the lids you have chosen, your chocolates will be marked with the indentations (you can use these markings to your advantage when placing attractive finishes along the edges of your chocolate pieces later on). 

Once the chocolate pieces have cooled and are set in their plastic containers, manipulate the plastic to remove the chocolate from the makeshift mold. You can use a knife or other utensil if the pieces are stuck, but the plastic material should facilitate an easier removal. Once the pieces have been taken out of the plastic lids, wrap the individual chocolates in pretty paper for gifting or store them in an airtight container for later enjoyment.