16 Ways To Use Egg White Wraps For Any Meal

Egg white wraps have seemingly risen in popularity in recent years with the proliferation of keto-friendly diets. These wraps, which are sold by brands like Egglife Foods, are marketed as a gluten-free, protein-rich alternative to carb-heavy tortillas. Since there are so many ways to use tortillas, it's easy to see how these egg white wraps can also be suitable for many of the same recipes. And while some may gravitate towards egg white wraps as a lunchtime alternative for conventional sandwich breads or tortillas, there are many other creative ways to put them to work in your kitchen and celebrate the utility of egg white wraps at all hours of the day. 

Regardless of how you use egg white wraps, it's important to note that they aren't exactly the same as tortillas, in both texture and ingredients. So, you'll want to avoid overcooking them to the point that they become rubbery. With that said, get your egg white wraps ready, and find out how to achieve this ingredient's fullest potential. 

1. Swap sandwich bread for egg white wraps

For many folks, regardless of their careers, the sandwich remains a lunchtime staple. While classic sandwich breads or tortilla wraps are a go-to for many, a better way to enjoy this staple is in an egg white wrap.

Egg white wraps are notably waxy and a bit rubbery in texture, so you won't experience nearly the same sogginess as a sandwich or wrap smothered in mustard or mayonnaise that has been sitting in a cooler all morning long. Plus, the flavor variety of egg white wraps can make it one of the best tortilla substitutes to transform your wrap from bland to fantastic. Serve it with your standard deli meats, including turkey or ham, or try something more inventive to switch things up. Since the wraps are hefty, you can also add a scoop of chicken or tuna salad, or get a double-dose of eggs with some egg salad.  

2. Egg white wraps add protein to breakfast sandwiches

Its clear to see why the breakfast sandwich ranks highly on a list of popular breakfast foods. Not only does this handheld meal hit the spot while enduring a particularly gnarly hangover, but it also is versatile. Add your favorite cheese, breakfast meat, and hot sauce, and you've got yourself a breakfast that will keep you satisfied all morning long. But, you can get just as creative with the exterior of your breakfast sandwich as you can be with the fillings. 

Instead of opting for the boring bagel, croissant, or English muffin, consider using an egg white wrap instead. You'll get the extra dose of protein, and something that can hold up the weight of your fillings. The egg white wrap itself is bland, but you can also switch things up with a flavored variety — including some with tomato or spicy notes. 

3. Make charcuterie favorites portable

We frequently dream about the feeling of lounging in the hot summer sun, gnawing on some crudités, grapes, and fine cheeses from a charcuterie board. But what we don't dream about is the feeling of salami grease on our fingers afterward. If only there was something that made eating from a charcuterie board a bit less messy. And no, it's not little toothpicks, nor is it a boring cracker base — it's egg white wraps. 

It may not seem intuitive to pair a protein-forward wrap with a charcuterie board adorned with meats and cheese, but this addition solves more problems than just messiness. The wrap is large enough so that you can get a bite of everything at once, which you can't get with a small cracker or measly chip. The neutral flavor of the wraps also allows the charcuterie items to shine, whether you serve an array of fine meats and cheeses or stick with a plant-based board instead. 

4. Give PB&J new life with an egg white wrap

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is something that feels like home between two slices of bread. It's predictable, it satisfies the craving for sweet and savory in every bite, and most importantly, it tastes pretty darn good. But although this sandwich may have a special place in the hearts and stomachs of many, there is no shortage of ways to upgrade your peanut butter and jelly sandwich

While you can try getting fancy with flavored nut butters or jams that give you sticker shock, the easiest way to switch up this sandwich is to swap the bread rather than just looking toward its fillings. Not only do egg white wraps place a greater emphasis on the harmony of the peanut butter and the jelly than soggy sandwich bread, but they also offer a more unique texture than other types of sandwich exteriors. 

5. Pair egg white wraps with lox and cream cheese

A bagel with lox and cream cheese commands quite a presence on your breakfast table. The biggest issue with this upscale breakfast pairing, though, is that the bagel is always competing with the filling. The bagel is dense and loaded with carbs, so it distracts from the lightness and salty taste of the fish. 

If you seek more balance in this meal, try using an egg white wrap instead of the classic bagel. The egg white wrap pairs well with the components of this breakfast dish, including the lox, cream cheese (flavored or plain), red onions, dill, and capers. 

An everything bagel is a common base for this delight, but you can replicate the sensation of crunching into those poppy seeds and sesame seeds by adding a sprinkle of bagel seasoning. Or, you can take the easy way and purchase everything bagel-seasoned egg wraps from your local grocery store. 

6. Make sweet dishes with egg white wraps

Although eggs often get grouped into the savory camp, there's no reason why you can't add your own sweet, creative spin on egg white wraps. Instead of loading your wrap up with deli meat, cheeses, and veggies, try leaning on the sweet side with the help of fresh berries, soft cheeses, and honey. While a plain wrap works well for this hack, you can just as easily use a cinnamon-spiced wrap. 

You can eat these wraps as a quick breakfast when you're running out the door, a power-up snack in the middle of the afternoon, or as a treat to end a savory dinner. One of our favorite ways to use these wraps is to add a schmear of Greek yogurt inside, along with whatever berries are in season and a handful of granola. The granola adds a unique crunch while the fruit, yogurt, and wrap mesh together for a sublime mouthfeel. 

7. Wrap your appetizers with them

We're always on the hunt for easy appetizer ideas that can double up as lunchtime snacks. And there's no greater asset to have in your kitchen than egg white wraps when you're planning a party or looking for something to whip up for unexpected guests. You can use these wraps to encase your asparagus by neatly tucking a few spears into a bundle, encasing them in your wrap (and adding cheese, if you desire), and baking the veggies seam-side down until they've softened slightly. 

Another popular option at parties are pinwheels, because they can be assembled quickly and filled with virtually anything, from Brie cheese and fig jam to pizza sauce and cheese. Or, you can take a classic finger food, pigs in a blanket, to the next level by wrapping your little cocktail wieners in an egg white wrap and popping them into your air fryer to crisp them up perfectly. Serve these mini dogs with a side of dipping sauce, and you'll have an appetizer that everyone will love. 

8. Swap out tortillas for protein-dense tacos

Let's face it: Taco night can get old really fast. And it's not the fillings that are at fault here; you can easily swap them out with Buffalo cauliflower for a plant-based meal, or stick to a classic (and kid-friendly) ground beef, shredded lettuce, and cheese version. No, the real trouble with tacos are the tortillas. 

Instead of grabbing a pack of corn or flour tortillas, reach for egg white wraps instead. Not only do they provide a boost of protein, but the egg whites won't get stuck in your teeth quite like tortillas do. The flexibility of these wraps also make them an excellent base for wet fillings, like thin salsa, and ensures that your taco won't break and spill all over your clothes. 

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you may try making a protein-rich version of birria tacos, complete with a consommé for dipping. When you're ready to shape the wraps, dip each into the flavorful broth, place them on a pan, and fill them with your juicy shredded beef filling. You can also add cheese and transform this dish into quesabirria. And tacos aren't the only creative way to swap out tortillas — you can also trade the classic wraps for egg white wraps for a homestyle enchilada dish.

9. Give egg white wraps a pizza feel

If you're adhering to a low-carb or keto diet, pizza nights can be tough. There are very few pizza crust alternatives that come close to the taste and texture of traditional, wheat-based dough. Some options even disintegrate when you touch them with the tiniest amount of pizza sauce (we're looking at you, cauliflower crust). 

We're not going to tell you that egg white wraps will give you the same feeling as biting into a slice of New Haven-style pizza, but it will provide a sturdy alternative that scratches the itch for pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. The key to making this pizza dish a success is ensuring that you modify the recipe to consider the crust. The wraps are already pre-cooked, and as you probably can guess, they won't rise like traditional pizza crust. So, you can pack on your fillings and toss the wraps in the air fryer or oven just long enough for the crust to crisp up on the bottom and for your cheese to melt perfectly. 

10. Slice up your wrap into homemade pasta

It's not intuitive to look at a package of egg white wraps and immediately think, "Oh yeah, pasta!" But, you can do anything you set your mind to, including transforming this lunchtime ingredient into something more suitable for supper by slicing egg white wraps into pasta-like strips. 

The real trick to making pasta out of your egg white wraps is to avoid overcooking it. The wraps are soft as is, unlike traditional boxed pasta, so you may only need to "boil" them for about a minute so that they soften and are readily able to absorb your delicious sauce, whether you opt for a marinara, Alfredo, or funky rendition of mac and cheese. 

You can also use these noodles for non-Italian dishes, including in a stir fry. If you go this route, you're going to want to add the noodles into the mixture right as you're finishing the cooking process. Otherwise, you'll risk everything getting too rubbery and hard to eat. The same goes for soups; only add the slices to the broth during the last few minutes before serving. Regardless of how you use these avant-garde noodles, it's always best to add them fresh the day you plan on eating them, since leftover egg wrap strips can get soggy and gummy quite easily.

11. Swap out hot dog buns for egg white wraps

No summer barbecue is complete without hot dogs (and maybe corn on the cob and burgers, too). But rather than grabbing a bag of plain old hot dog buns, you can take this summertime staple to the next level by adding in some fun by using egg white wraps instead. Like other uses for egg white wraps, this one will put the hot dog front and center, along with any relish, mustard, or spicy condiments you choose to pair with it. 

You'll want to warm your wrap up slightly before you toss on your fresh-from-the-grill hot dog. Otherwise, you'll risk having a lukewarm dog, which can easily make eating the entire thing an unpleasant experience. The flavor of the wrap is neutral enough, but you can also opt for a flavored variety that would mesh well with your meaty base and condiments. 

12. Stuff wraps with sushi-inspired fillings

Sushi is a beloved appetizer and main course for many reasons — it's super easy to eat and quite portable, and you can customize it with whatever is in your refrigerator. Even if you aren't a fan of fish, you can find a way to make sushi work for you with plant-based fillings. If you want to make a truly remarkable roll, you'll need to turn to egg white wraps for extra help. 

Sushi rolls in egg white wraps are a perfect easy appetizer, or an alternative for a light, simple, protein-packed lunch. The sturdiness of these wraps means that you can use them for both the outside wrap of the sushi rolls, as well as a layer in the inside, if you choose. Once your fillings are all tucked inside, then you can roll the entire wrap up into a nearly tucked pocket. The neutral flavor of the wrap is an excellent pairing for plain rice, imitation crab, fish, and of course, a drizzle of spicy mayonnaise on top. 

13. Whip up a tart for a showstopping dessert

A tart is an pie alternative that ditches the traditional pie crust in favor of thinner pastry dough. Not only are these desserts easy to make because you don't have to worry about shaping and chilling your pie crust, but you can also adorn your tart with any almost any fruit. 

Consider switching up your summery tart by using egg white wraps instead of thin pastry sheets. Since the wraps are already cooked, you'll want to avoid baking the crust for too long. Instead, crisp up your wraps ever so slightly to ensure that they don't fall apart before layering on a thin layer of fruit. It's important to note here that you're not making a pie, so you'll want to avoid loading up your wrap with too much fruit. Thinly slicing your fruit will ensure that you get a bit in every bite without getting too overwhelmed or risking everything falling apart.

Once your fruit is assembled, give your tart another few minutes in the oven to ensure that the fruit softens. We recommend using a cinnamon egg wrap for this dish, but you can also get by with a plain wrap, too. 

14. Use egg white wraps in a crepe cake

Crepe cake is one of those stunning dishes that you can pull out at an important function, like an elaborate Christmas party or birthday celebration, and watch the eyes of all your guests fill with wonder. It's nothing short of magical to see the layers of cake, filled with delicate layers of cream filling, stacked on top of one another. But although a crepe cake is beautiful to look at, it's less than wonderful to make those crepes at home only to watch them break apart in the pan. However, if you use egg white wraps instead of crepes, all of the hard work will already be done for you. 

To make this cake with egg white wraps, you'll want to layer the egg wraps with your filling until your stack has reached its desired height. Just don't forget to add a layer of cream or decoration on top; this is a centerpiece, right? 

There are a ton of different fillings you can use for this cake. One of our favorite variations is a coconut crepe cake made with layers of coconut cream-infused mascarpone and toasted coconut flakes. Or, stick with a thick coffee or chocolate spread for a more classic flavor.

15. Cut up egg white wraps to be a base for nachos

Tortilla chips, and even some of the new-age gluten-free alternatives, can certainly hold their own. But none of these options hold a candle to egg white wraps, which can easily be transformed into a perfect base for your nachos, a side dish for your favorite dip, or a quick snack that can be easily customized with your favorite seasoning blend. 

Like all good homemade tortilla chips, you'll want to first coat the sliced wraps in a thin layer of neutral oil to maximize crispiness and flavor. Then, add your seasonings, and toss them in your air fryer, or in a standard oven in a single layer to ensure that they crisp up on all sides. 

Once your chips are done cooking, the possibilities for how to use them are seemingly endless and tasty. Stick with the plain egg white wrap for more customization options, or get wild with the assortment of different wrap varieties. 

16. Ditch lasagna sheets for egg white wraps

It's easy to see a piece of lasagna and think about how you can swap in egg white wraps for thin sheets of pasta. And the best part is that you won't have to worry about pre-cooking your lasagna sheets to soften them just enough. Instead, start by layering your lasagna dish with sauce before you add in your egg white wraps, cheese, and protein of choice. 

The best thing about lasagna is how easy it is to customize it. Turkey and cottage cheese would make for a protein-dense meal that will keep you feeling filled up for hours. You can also sub in sliced vegetables to make a vegetarian lasagna, or even add a layer of crumbled tofu to make a completely dairy-free version. With egg white wraps, you can make the hearty supper of your dreams, without the arduous task of boiling large noodles.