Charcuterie Snack Boxes Are The Picnic-Worthy Treat You Need This Summer

Just because you're heading into the great outdoors doesn't mean that you can't take a pretty charcuterie presentation with you. Get inspired by TikTok and turn your next picnic into a more glamorous, refined affair with snack boxes filled with some of your favorite charcuterie foods. 

You'll need containers that can be carried and transported easily and a willingness to let your cravings run the show as you collect the food required to make Instagram-worthy charcuterie boards. Instead of displaying all of the items on a platter to serve, however, you'll be stashing the bites into portable containers to take to the park with you. Even if your picnic is consumed in front of your latest Netflix obsession, the concept of a charcuterie board packed into individual containers (or one grab-and-go snack box) is essentially a snackers' paradise. Paired with a bottle of crisp Assyrtiko wine, you will have created an instant holiday for yourself, no matter the temperature outside. 

Elevate snack boxes with a fancier presentation

Approach creating a to-go snack box the same way you would assemble a charcuterie board for tonight's happy hour, think about the flavors and textures of ingredients, and the way they play off each other, as you choose them. Crispy bagel chips and herb-covered crostinis can be the savory vehicles for an assortment of meats and cheeses. Slices of fruit, seasonal berries, and crisp grapes can complement bites of whole-grain crackers topped with cheddar cheese, and strips of prosciutto and shaved ham can be held together with toothpicks for neater spreads. Pack smaller compartments with trail mix, potato chips, pretzels, and cubes of cheese.

Decorate your spread with edible flowers for a natural touch, and punch up the appearance with brightly colored fruits. Handfuls of raspberries and slices strawberries can add color. Of course, don't forget sweet bites to complete the snack pack. Squares of dark chocolate, matzo toffee crumbles, and chocolate-coated almonds can be the delicious treats that will complete your charcuterie board-in-a-box. All you'll need to remember is to grab a napkin before dashing out the door.