Your Matzo Toffee Recipe Is Incomplete Without Flaky Sea Salt

Should you find yourself with a pile of matzo crackers and are searching for culinary inspiration, turning them into a sweet treat could be the answer you've been looking for. Spread homemade toffee — make an old-fashioned recipe or turn it into something that is more vegan-friendly by using brown sugar and vegan butter — over matzo crackers that have been lined up on a baking pan. After baking the sweetened crackers for 10 minutes, you'll have a warm platform perfect for melting pieces of chocolate. Handfuls of dispersed chocolate chips will liquefy upon contact, and you can layer the matzo bark of your snacking dreams with your choice of nut crumbles, dried pieces of fruit, and, perhaps most importantly, crunchy pieces of salt. 

Adding flaky sea salt to your homemade bark recipes will turn up all the flavor dials on this irresistible snack, and you'll soon be finding yourself sneaking pieces of the savory-sweet treat into satisfying bowls of popcorn or sprinkling crumbs on top of tomorrow morning's pancake stacks.

Good luck stepping away from this recipe

Once your matzo toffee bark is assembled, you'll set the decked-out crackers in the fridge for at least one hour to harden. After you have a firm batch of salted and sweetened crackers, you can crumble the pieces on top of a bowl of yogurt or enjoy the broken bites as a munchies-banishing item perfect for your next movie binge-watching session. Give your chilled bark a try and add another sprinkle or two of sea salt to the creation should your taste buds call for it. 

If chocolate and salt aren't your natural go-to choices for a snacky flavor combination, you can get creative by adjusting your matzo bark recipe to suit your palate's preferences. Add crumbles of your favorite cereal or afternoon snack — think pretzels, potato chips, or roasted peanuts — or sprinkle dried pieces of fruit or orange zest across the layer of melted chocolate. Matzo offers the ideal canvas for you to build the snack of your choosing, so let yourself go wild and experiment with different varieties of chocolates, drizzles of caramel, and even handfuls of homemade mini marshmallows

You may want to consider packing your completed recipe into portioned snack bags. These delicious crunchy bites are a real challenge to put down once you've started snacking. Your homemade matzo bark can last a solid week when stored in air-tight compartments, that is, if you can refrain from eating it all within a few days.