Watermelon Fries Are The Unique Way To Serve Fruit This Summer

It's time to make watermelon even more snackable. Slicing the juicy fruit into strips that resemble a plate of French fries will be sure to delight the guests at your next backyard party. The fun handheld pieces can be seasoned as you like, with spicier sprinkles of red pepper flakes and smoked paprika or presented simply with a squeeze of lime and a thin pinch of flaky sea salt. Though it might take some time to cut the pieces, your festive plates are guaranteed to attract admiring glances and plenty of photos that end up on the Gram. 

Cut a ripe watermelon into thin slices and use a crinkle cutter to give a fries-like appearance to the fruit. Serve with a sweet dip made with Greek yogurt, seasonal berries of your choice (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, or blackberries all work great for this), and add your favorite sweetener. Drizzles of agave syrup, honey, molasses, or maple syrup can be the drool-inducing addition your summer treat deserves. 

A snack for the eyes and the mouth

Pair watermelon fries seasoned with hotter spices with a sweeter yogurt dip or turn your dipping accoutrement into a zestier side with a squeeze of lime juice and freshly chopped mint plucked straight from your garden. You can display cut watermelon fries alongside other fruits cut into the fry-like form, but reach for studier choices like pears and apples to hold the fry shape. A quick squeeze of lemon juice can help the pieces look fresh throughout the afternoon or at least until the last fruity fries are devoured. Generous dollops of homemade honey whipped cream can finish the presentation, or plop a few of the fruit fries into a Cool Whip bowl for a fresh dessert. 

Alternatively, consider topping other desserts with uniquely cut fruit. A bowl of ice cream or roasted strawberry and black pepper gelato topped with brightly colored strips or a slice of watermelon pie can come to life with this fun-added garnish.