What You Need To Know Before Using Agave Syrup To Sweeten Your Coffee

Correction 8/29/22: A previous version of this article stated agave is low in fructose and therefore a good choice for people regulating their blood sugar levels. Agave contains a high amount of fructose and is not proven to be better for those concerned about blood sugar levels than other sweeteners.

Coffee is America's favorite beverage (via Statista), and with that comes a range of flavors and consistencies to match all of the varying preferences. One look at a Starbucks menu shows just how thirsty America is for coffee in all of its forms. While one person may enjoy a simple cup of black coffee, another might prefer a latte or frappuccino. Along with all its forms come different flavors and sweeteners. From hazelnut to pumpkin spice, and from stevia to monk fruit, it seems like every season comes with its own uniquely sweetened coffee order — and that holds true with agave.

According to Food Insight, agave is a syrup derived from the agave plant, a species of cacti native to the dry regions of Mexico. Typically, agave comes in two varieties: blue and salmiana. Agave can make a delicious addition to your morning coffee, but before you go adding it to your next at-home latte there's one thing you should know.

Agave is super sweet

Per WebMD, agave syrup is about one and a half times sweeter than regular table sugar. For this reason, Coffee Affection imposed the guideline of taking half the amount of sugar you'd use in your daily cup of coffee and replacing it with agave. Even when using less the amount of agave syrup, your coffee still may come out sweeter than normal. So, to get the taste right, it's best to start out by adding the agave without changing anything else in your normal daily coffee recipe.

Even though its sweetness and unique flavor may take some getting used to, agave comes with one other benefit: its thin consistency blends flawlessly into your drink. This makes it a good option for those who prefer their iced coffee with a dash of something sweet. However, it's important to note that, due to agave's calorie and sugar content, it's not recommended for regular use. That being said, if you enjoy the taste it brings to your morning cup of joe, there's no harm in using it every now and then.