Cool And Sweeten Your Iced Coffee At The Same Time With This Tip

Attention coffee lovers — there's a fun way to add a sweet chill to your java without sacrificing flavor or texture. If you're like many, iced coffee satisfies and sets the tone for the morning, afternoon, or anytime you sip. Its cool flavor and rich aroma indulges your senses, especially on hot summer days. Add a little flavored sweetener or cream, and your plain coffee evolves into a creamy, sweet treat.

According to a March 2022 report by PR News Wire, 66% of Americans drink coffee daily, more than any beverage, including water. Premium Waters says that coffee's caffeine content is just one reason why java is such a beloved beverage. Improved mental clarity, boost in metabolism, and improvement in mood, memory, and cognitive function also top the list. So, if you enjoy iced coffee and all of its added benefits just as much as we do, keep scrolling. This tip's for you.

Make sweetened coffee ice cubes

Add a fun twist to your iced java by using coffee ice cubes instead of traditional ones. As they melt, the coffee will incorporate into the drink, giving off a rich flavor. There are many options for customizing your cubes, so get creative. Simply freeze regular coffee in ice cube trays for eight hours or overnight, then plop them into your glass with coffee for a refreshing plain iced java. According to Full Coffee Roast, about two cups of brewed coffee fill an ice cube tray.

For those who enjoy sweet java drinks, Full Coffee Roast recommends mixing a few tablespoons of sweetener or flavored syrup into two cups of brewed coffee, then pouring the mix into ice cube trays and freezing. Craving something creamy? Sweetened condensed milk adds a velvety twist to the coffee cubes. Customize your frozen cubes by adding as little or as much sweetener, flavorings, or creamer you desire to the cubes before freezing. As they melt in your iced coffee, the cubes release all of the delicious flavors into your drink.

Starbucks reminds its readers to brew the coffee and allow it to cool to room temperature. Then, pour the coffee into ice cube trays and freeze. To enjoy an iced coffee, fill a glass with the coffee ice cubes and top off your glass with coffee. Happy sipping!