Watermelon Pie Is The Trendy Summertime Dessert You Should Know

These are the hottest days of our lives, and the public deserves an epically cool, divinely sweet dessert to help ease the heat. Enter an unlikely but completely delicious hero: watermelon pie. Making the most of the juiciest summer produce and featuring a mostly no-bake recipe, this is sure to be the chill crowd-pleaser at your next get-together. 

This particular recipe comes from the brilliant mind of blogger and TikToker @thepalatablelife. They kick things off with a homemade buttery graham cracker crust, the only element of the pie that requires you to turn your oven on. From there, the pie is an icy blend of drained, cubed watermelon, cool whip, sweetened condensed milk, and plenty of bright, tangy lime juice. The final pie has a chiffon-like lightness with a flavor that swirls a fresh watermelon taste with the popular key lime pie formula. Finished with lime zest and thin slices of fresh melon, it's uncomplicated elegance at its best.  

A refreshing and vibrant treat for the summer heat

Important tips to take from the recipe are as follows: Diligently drain your watermelon so that it doesn't waterlog your interior, cool your crust completely before adding in your creamy filling, and chill your pie for at least two hours before serving so it can be set properly. In the video below, you can see each of the key techniques @thepalatablelife uses to make their pie. 


watermelon pie!!!!!!!!!!!

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Diving deeper into this winning pie recipe, you can see plenty of ways to make this dessert your own. For the crust, you could use browned butter rather than plain melted butter for graham cracker crust (which is the secret to a better-tasting Key lime pie, btw). As for the pie itself, consider swapping the limes for lemons for a kind of watermelon lemonade twist. 

You could even garnish with sugared mint leaves to give an aromatic counter note to the acidic and sweet interior. And of course, you can make this a completely no-bake dish and use store-bought graham cracker crust, saving yourself from that residual oven heat in scorching-hot weather. No matter what you choose to change or keep about this recipe, watermelon pie is a worthy addition to the summer dessert spread.