Alcohol-Free Cocktail Brands That Might Not Be On Your Radar

Some of us appreciate a sip of booze on a Friday night or for a special occasion, but the reality is that many Americans drink less alcohol these days. It's a trend among younger generations, including teens, who are consuming fewer alcoholic beverages for an array of reasons including striving for a healthier lifestyle. To meet the demand, many companies are developing canned alcohol-free cocktails while bars across the country craft tasty mocktails to add to its menus.

You've probably seen some of the major brands launch alcohol-free versions of their boozy drinks (like White Claw's recently debuted non-alcoholic seltzers), but start-ups and smaller companies are cashing in on the trend too. For a night out, there are plenty of delicious alcohol-free cocktails and trendy sober-friendly bars in New York and other major cities that sell them. When you want an alcohol-free drink at home or to serve at a party, there are some great under-the-radar brands out there, so Tasting Table researched a few to see what these companies are all about.


The first alcohol-free beverage line that caught our eye comes from Ghia. The company makes "spirit-free aperitifs" that are inspired by founder Melanie Masarin's childhood summers in the Mediterranean where her family would drink limoncello. The company originally launched in 2020 and later redesigned its products in 2023. These days, it offers ready-to-drink cans in multiple flavors plus bottled aperitifs. In addition to containing no alcohol, the beverages also have no added sugars or artificial flavorings.

Its Ghia Soda is highly-rated for a subtle sweetness and citrus notes thanks to ingredients like yuzu. There are also other flavors, which can be purchased in the Le Spritz variety pack or individually on the company website. There's Sumac and Chili with tangy and spicy notes, and Ginger made with the brand's own ginger beer and signature bitter aperitivo. There's also a Lime and Salt flavor. These varieties get five-star ratings on Ghia's website. And if you prefer a bottled aperitif to make your own cocktails, consider Ghia's berry-flavored aperitif which took the eighth spot in our ranking of premium alcohol alternatives.


Female-led Mixoloshe, founded by Kristina Roth, is relatively new to the game as it just launched in 2022 with booze-free canned cocktails; yet it has already scored some awards. The company must be doing something right, because Zayn Malik (yes, the former One Direction singer) joined the company as chief creative officer last year. Mixoloshe has several options that are just 50 calories or less per can and are also gluten-free, free of artificial flavors, low carb, and low in sugar for any health-conscious drinkers who also want to skip the booze.

It's clear that these drinks taste good, at least to some, because in addition to the awards, Mixoloshe has topped review listicles at major publications. From its list of many flavors, some that stand out to us are the mildly sweet Lychee Martini and the Blueberry G&T, which is one of the brand's original flavors with the sweetness of blueberries paired alongside a bittersweet tonic water. You can buy 4-packs or 12-packs on the Mixoloshe website; you can also make your own 12-pack of curated flavors. Mixoloshe slings booze-free bottled spirits too.


Launched in 2019 in the United Kingdom by Alistair Frost, Pentire claims itself to be inspired by coastal living and sustainability. As such, the brand uses responsibly-sourced and natural ingredients including Fair Trade and certified organic products that are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Some of those ingredients contained in the plant-based and low calorie beverages include blood orange, sea rosemary, and sea beet.

Pentire produces both canned drinks and bottles of spirits, both of which have been positively reviewed by The New York Times, particularly the canned Adrift & Tonic with notes of lemon citrus. There are currently only two other ready-to-drink flavors available: Coastal Spritz with blood orange extract and Seaward & Tonic with a British sea herb extract blend. Pentire also sells large bottles of its alcohol-free spirits that you can substitute into standard cocktail recipes. To take a sip, order them directly from Pentire's website or at specialty grocers like Erewhon and Lord's.

Per Se

Per Se is another new company offering its own brand of ready-to-drink alcohol-free canned cocktails that launched in June 2023. The company was founded by Hally Turner in a bid to produce drinks for those who want alcohol-free beverages that don't lack in flavor. All of its alcohol-free beverages are made with common ingredients like juices, fruits, herbs, and teas. There's also half of the sugar content found in many soda brands with a level of carbohydrates similar to other alcohol-free drinks.

Per Se is currently available in three flavors that might sound familiar to classic cocktail lovers. The brand's Hibiscus Margarita has notes of pomegranate, hibiscus, cinnamon, and sage. Then there's two lightly-carbonated flavors, mojito with orange blossom water and Paloma with grapefruit juice. The drinks are available to order directly from the Per Se website, and there's a cocktail finder to help you locate a local retailer near you.


You might've seen cans of Recess, founded by trio Ben Witte, Justin Hauser, and David Hess, at your local bodega or grocery store, but those were likely its original drinks with magnesium or hemp extract to keep you calm throughout the day. One of the company's more recent forays is in the form of zero-proof canned mocktails, which debuted in 2023. These new drinks have garnered loads of positive reviews from other publications and Amazon customers alike. In fact, the Recess mocktails made our ranking of canned mocktail brands, mainly for its use of adaptogens.

Recess mocktails are available in a range of flavors including Lime Margarita and Watermelon Mojito, both of which contain only 25 calories and just 5 grams of natural sugars. There's also Grapefruit Paloma and Ginger Lime Mule. All four flavors contain 10 milligrams of caffeine sourced from guayusa to keep you alert during the party, plus other natural ingredients like lemon balm. On the Recess website you'll find the drinks are sold in a variety pack or in 12-packs if you prefer to stick with a single flavor.

St. Agrestis

If you appreciate a classic Negroni then you might want to try St. Agrestis' Phony Negroni, which has been making a splash on social media. It comes in bottles and cans and has even scored a few awards in recent years. The faces behind the company are brothers Louis and Matt Catizone along with their friend Steven DeAngelo. All of the St. Agrestis drinks, including its Phony Negroni, are handmade with all-natural ingredients in a distillery in Brooklyn, the same New York City borough where it all started for the company.

In addition to the booze-free Negroni, St. Agrestis makes Amaro Falso, Phony Mezcal Negroni, and Phony Espresso Negroni. The drinks, especially the original Phony Negroni, have made the rounds in publications with positive reviews for their authentic and crisp flavors that come from organic ingredients like citrus peels, florals, and cane sugar sourced from the Caribbean. Try them by ordering directly from the St. Agrestis website or at your local supermarket.