30 Great Non-Alcoholic Cocktails Across America

We're experiencing a renaissance of non-alcoholic libations. Whereas zero-proof drink options were once confined to Shirley Temples and other treacly soda-based concoctions, the beverage landscape has changed dramatically, providing the same level of care and craft given to wine, beer, and cocktails. As someone who has written about restaurants and bars for 15-plus years, I've seen the shift first-hand. I've even partaken myself, shifting my consumption to mostly alcohol-free options. I've seen — and sipped – the evolution in non-alcoholic spirits, wines, beers, and yes, cocktails (don't call them mocktails).

In an age when Dry January is as well-known as national holidays, and when non-alcoholic wines are a booming business, zero-proof cocktails have become just as unique, complex, and balanced as their boozier counterparts. Heck even White Claw has hopped on the non-alcoholic bandwagon. Non-alcoholic innovations have become the norm on menus, not the exception. So when I'm not at home, making faux Old Fashioneds with Spiritless Whiskey, I'm out perusing menus near and far. Much to my delight, I've come across more exceptional iterations than I can contain in one list, but here are 30 prime examples of non-alcoholic ingenuity — from aquafaba to boba — helping to shake up the spirits scene.

Eureka at Cure in New Orleans

Even in a city as famous — or infamous — for its bars as New Orleans, change is afoot. It's being led by longtime innovators like Cure, a cornerstone that won the James Beard Award for Outstanding Bar Program in 2018.

Long esteemed for its mixology and seasonal dexterity, the bar now includes a handful of esoteric zero-proof options, like the exemplary Eureka. With the look and taste reminiscent of an Old Fashioned, it's made with Verjus Blanc, black tea, Demerara, Fee's Old Fashioned Bitters, and a non-alcoholic white vermouth called Martini and Rossi Floreale.


(504) 302-2357

4905 Freret St, New Orleans, LA 70115

Come On, Get Happy at Happy Accidents in Albuquerque

It's not all green chilies and blue corn in New Mexico. It's also lacto-fermented tomatoes, coconut water, and spruce tips. And that's just the ingredients for one drink at the impossibly inventive Happy Accidents, a quirky cocktail bar in Albuquerque.

Among the bar's "Dry But Wet" non-alcoholic offerings, the Come On, Get Happy is a gorgeous, crystal-clear sipper made with non-alcoholic gin, coconut water, spruce tips, balsamic vinegar, and tomatoes that have been lacto-fermented aka brined. The result is a drink that's complex, aromatic, and lush.


3225 Central Ave, Albuquerque, NM 87106

N/A Sbalgiato at Twelve in Portland, Maine

The setting may be historic, but the menu is a beacon of ingenuity at Twelve, a tasting menu concept whose timeworn waterfront locale is juxtaposed by an ever-changing spree of seasonal flavors and progressive techniques. The same is true of its drink list, where the N/A Sbagliato offers a booze-free alternative to the Prosecco-based Negroni riff.

Here, the ruby-red libation uses non-alcoholic sparkling wine and bitter soda for the fizz, along with blood orange aperitif and Seedlip 94, a non-alcoholic spirit infused with hints of cardamom and allspice.


(207) 910-7400

115 Thames St, Portland, ME 04101

Jicama Cup at Art Haus Bar in Boise

Boise's dining scene is filled with surprises. A far cry from potato stereotypes, the Idaho city is home to some of the most envelope-pushing restaurants and bars in the nation, utilizing imaginative techniques and ingredients to upturn expectations and raise the bar. Such is the case at Art Haus Bar, a funky downtown watering hole known for its ramen and cocktails.

The Jicama Cup employs one ingredient rarely seen in a beverage: jicama juice. The root vegetable lends a deep earthiness and richness thanks to non-alcoholic absinthe, whose innate herbaceous flavors are well-balanced with tart grapefruit juice.


(208) 342-0600

999 W. Main St Suite P101, Boise, ID 83702

Amazake Swizzle at Kato Restaurant in Los Angeles

At seasonally driven Kato Restaurant, non-alcoholic drinks are so robust that the bar offers entire flights of de-alcoholized wines and non-alcoholic cocktails. Among them is the stunning Amazake Swizzle, a zero-proof spin on typically fruity and sour cocktails stirred with swizzle sticks.

The drink is a potent blend of Masala chai, coconut, almond, and lime. It's served with crushed ice and topped with a float of St. Agrestis Amaro Falso, which adds a pleasantly bitter herbal finish.


(213) 797-5770

777 S. Alameda St Building 1, Suite 114, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Cloud 9 at Mary Eddy's in Oklahoma City

When Mary Eddy's reopened in downtown Oklahoma City a few years ago, it came with a rejuvenated approach to mixology and an inclusive array of non-alcoholic cocktails. Here, the spirit-free libations are almost as abundant as the spirited, with just as much creativity.

The Cloud 9 is an ideal nightcap, comprising cold-brew coffee, non-dairy cream, lavender, marshmallow, and chocolate. Part espresso martini, part s'more, it's dessert-in-a-coupe.


(405) 982-6960

900 W. Main St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Glitter Bomb at Sushi-san in Chicago

Leave it to an irreverent restaurant like Sushi-san, where togarashi chicken nuggets and Matcha Oreo ice cream are the bill of fare, to serve non-alcoholic cocktails as quirky and colorful as this.

The Glitter Bomb, for example, is as festive and flamboyant as you'd expect — an N/A spin on a sake bomb made with banana soda and a "shot" of strawberry cordial and coconut water dusted with edible glitter. As far as sweeter sips go, this one earns points for playful audacity.


(312) 828-0575

63 W. Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60654

Pattaya Po Tak at MaKiin in Houston

Non-alcoholic cocktails get the regal treatment at MaKiin, an authentic Thai restaurant where any of the signature cocktails can be made without alcohol. This includes the ornate Pattaya Po Tak, a punch-like tipple served in a glistening goblet.

At once fruity, herbal, and tart, the aromatic drink is made with fresh Thai basil, non-alcoholic agave liquor, club soda, lime juice, lemongrass syrup, and — to cap it all off — some more Thai basil and lime to garnish.


(832) 695-9999

2651 Kipling St Suite 101, Houston, TX 77098

See Saw at Simmer Down in Wilmington, Delaware

At Simmer Down, the chic cocktail lounge located in a former bank vault within the recently opened Quoin Hotel, non-alcoholic cocktails get top billing on the menu.

Served in a tall stemmed glass, which helps radiate the aromatics, the See Saw is a deceptively simple drink whose sparse ingredients — pomegranate juice, Verjus, and elderflower tonics — are in perfect harmony as a pitch-perfect gin and tonic replacement.


519 N. Market St., Wilmington, DE 19801

Chamoy y Soda at Superbueno in New York City

At Superbueno, a Mexican-American cocktail bar known for roasted corn sours and green mango martinis, it's all about big and bold flavors. It's a sentiment that holds true for its "sin alcohol" selections as well, like the spicy-sweet Chamoy y Soda.

Rooted in a puree of housemade chamoy, a Mexican condiment commonly made with pickled fruit, chilies, citrus, and sugar, the drink features pickled plums and guajillo chile along with lime, salt, and soda for the perfect blend of savory, spicy, and tart.


(347) 866-7739

13 1st. Ave, New York, NY 10003

Rising Sun at MAASS in Ft. Lauderdale

At MAASS, diners can pair their caviar and black truffle sundaes with non-alcoholic cocktails that are just as grandiose. Courtesy of beverage director Will Patton, spirit-free drinks are "inspired by the famous Pirate ships of the Caribbean, because if Blackbeard had put down the grog, he would have chosen to settle down in Ft. Lauderdale."

It would be hard for Blackbeard to resist a drink like the Rising Sun, made with non-alcoholic vermouth, coconut cordial, lime, and smoked pineapple. Adds Patton: "We also wanted to evoke the flavors of chef Ryan's hearth preparation by centering the program on smoked elements."


(954) 256-0000

525 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Tiramisu White Russian at Pony Espresso in Santa Ynez, California

One of the more inventive non-alcoholic cocktails in California's Central Valley is lurking in a cozy cafe. Doubling as both dessert and a caffeinated drink, the Tiramisu White Russian at Pony Espresso is the perfect option for coffee with a different kind of kick.

The multi-layered drink features all the tiramisu requisites: mascarpone, vanilla syrup, cream, biscotti crumble, espresso powder, cold brew, and coffee ice. Bitter and sweet, the tiramisu cream is a blend of mascarpone, heavy cream, and vanilla, layered over a double shot of espresso and cold-brew coffee.


(805) 691-9187

3558 Sagunto St, Santa Ynez, CA 93460

Sandwich and Soda at Esmè in Chicago

At tasting menu restaurant Esmè, the non-alcoholic cocktails echo the dexterity and techniques of the kitchen, courtesy of bar lead Stevan Miller and his portfolio of non-alcoholic spirits.

As mesmerizing as the food, his artistic offerings employ 100% housemade shrubs, syrups, and juices for things like Sandwich and Soda, a whimsical potion of coconut vanilla cream soda with miso mushroom foam. The perfect mix of sweet and savory, fused together under a silken plume of earthy foam, it's as impressive as anything on your plate.


2200 N. Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614

Enchanted Lemonade at Surreal in Arlington, Virginia

Located just outside of D.C., the newest restaurant from Seven Reasons Group takes non-alcoholic as seriously as its cuisine. Under the lead of beverage director Carlos Boada, this includes the Enchanted Lemonade, a magical homage to tropical imbibing — sans the spirits.

It has the colorful look of a tiki cocktail. It's a bright-blue beverage made with lemon, lime, condensed milk, and blue spirulina — an algae used both for its health benefits and lustrous hue.


2117 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202

Yuzu Shandy at Takibi in Portland, Oregon

Flavors from Japan fuse with those from the Pacific Northwest at Takibi. You'll find a contemporary izakaya with a kaleidoscope of non-alcoholic cocktails to pair with beef tataki and charcoal-grilled cod.

Among them is the quenching Yuzu Shandy, a beer-based cocktail that can be made N/A by subbing it Athletic Brewing Company's non-alcoholic Golden Ale. It serves as a crisp foundation for citrusy sparkling yuzu juice and a pinch of sea salt.


(971) 888-5713

2275 NW Flanders St, Portland, OR 97210

Fever Dreams at Idol Wolf in St. Louis

At Idol Wolf, the restaurant inside the new 21c Museum Hotel St. Louis, a bevy of non-alcoholic cocktails exhibit serious imagination. Like the Fever Dreams, a drink that utilizes crafty mixology to blend lush fruity flavors with savory undertones.

Made with pineapple, non-alcoholic aperitif, lemon, Orgeat, tonic, and sage, the key ingredient is chorizo dust. Beverage manager Dane Davis makes it by turning chorizo, salt, paprika, and lime juice into a paste, which is then dehydrated and powdered for the rim.


(314) 325-0360

1528 Locust St, St. Louis, MO 63103

Love for Love at The Living Room in Dover, New Hampshire

A cozy cocktail alcove at Stages at One Washington, The Living Room is an aptly dubbed bar that feels like lounging in someone's home. In this case, though, the home is the stomping ground of certified sommelier Bernadette James, who takes just as much consideration with non-alcoholic offerings.

The Love for Love is the perfect New Hampshire cocktail. It's a maple and apple-based creation featuring apple-maple cordial, chilled chamomile tea, and a whole egg for richness and creamy body.


(603) 842-4077

1 Washington St, Dover, NH 03820

OutKast #3 at Nella Kitchen & Bar in Los Olivos, California

At Nella Kitchen & Bar, customers can keep it spirited with the OutKast #2, a tequila-based tipple with ghost pepper salt. Or, they can go spirit-free with the OutKast #3, a lemony libation that feels downright nourishing.

Steeped in spices and herbs, the puckery potable features turmeric, pineapple, and ginger tonic poured together with basil lemonade. The whole thing is as quenching and crisp as it sounds, and it tastes as sunny as it looks.


(805) 686-1359

2860 Grand Ave, Los Olivos, CA 93441

Give Me S'more at Chalet 27 in Nashville

For the winter season, Nashville rooftop bar L27 has gone full après-ski with its Chalet 27 pop-up, which includes a temporary menu as cozy as the blanket-clad decor. Case in point, one of the non-alcoholic drinks is a drinkable s'more, marshmallow and all.

The Give Me S'More makes an ideal nightcap. It's a fun winter sipper featuring marshmallow syrup, oat milk, chocolate, brown sugar graham cracker rim, and toasted marshmallow.


(629) 800-5070

807 Clark Pl, Nashville, TN 37203

The Sound of Waves at Kembara in Phoenix

Mirroring the Asian street food emphasis on the menu, the drink program at Kembara follows suit with Asian spirits and ingredients. The same rules apply for the zero-proof options, like The Sound of Waves.

Vibrant and luscious, it's made with Assam black tea, Mandarin orange, and hibiscus, for a portfolio at once floral, earthy, and fruity. The grand finale: boba pearls add a fun pop with each slurp.


(480) 293-5000

5350 E. Marriott Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85054

Kiwiosity at Union New American in Tampa

Kiwi finally gets its chance to shine as the headliner of a non-alcoholic cocktail at Tampa's eclectic Union New American, where ingredient inspiration comes from across the globe. Kiwiosity, as one of its zero-proof beverages is called, offers a fresh spin on typical tropical notes.

Fresh kiwi puree is the base, mixed with pineapple juice, soda water, and lime, before getting garnished with a striking pineapple frond. Slightly sweet, tangy, and crisp, it's both a well-made balancing act and a pleasant surprise.


(813) 768-9989

1111 N. Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607

Chica No Nada at Cabra in Los Angeles

At Peruvian-inspired Cabra, a staple South American ingredient finds its way into one of the most colorful non-alcoholic cocktails on the map. Purple corn is a frequent fixture in Peru, commonly used for a fruity and spicy drink called Chicha Morada.

At Cabra, though, the Chicha No Nada uses purple corn for an alcohol-free drink made with cinnamon, apple, and soda. The corn lends an inherent earthy undertone, apple adds the tartness and cinnamon provides a spicy-sweet kick.


(213) 725-5858

1060 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Why Yuzu Sour? at Kiln in San Francisco

A fine dining newcomer in San Francisco, Kiln uses the same level of mastery, esoteric ingredients, and technique with its non-alcoholic options as it does its tasting menus and spirited drinks.

For proof of its zero-proof prowess, order the Why Yuzu Sour?, a twee cocktail made with Genmaicha green tea, yuzu for sweet acidity, and kombu for a bit of salinity. Hitting all aspects of the palate, it's as balanced as it is beautiful.


(415) 982-9722

149 Fell St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Gold Buzz at Umbrella Dry Bar in Raleigh

The first non-alcoholic cocktail bar in Raleigh is here just in time for Dry January — and just in time to prove that you don't need alcohol for awe-inspiring mixology.

The drink list offers an array of captivating options, like the Gold Buzz, a stunning selection made with beeswax-washed non-alcoholic bourbon, honey, aquafaba for a frothy mouthfeel, and a sprinkling of lustrous bee pollen.


14 W. Martin St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Spiced Banana Old Fashioned at Eberly in Austin

In addition to a wide range of classic-inspired cocktails, Austin's contemporary American stalwart, Eberly, offers a selection of classic-inspired zero-proof riffs. Among them is the Spiced Banana Old Fashioned, which adds sweet depth to tradition while swapping out the spirits.

Instead of typical whiskey, the bar features Spiritless Kentucky 74 non-alcoholic whiskey, plus a spiced banana-cacao nib gomme syrup and chocolate bitters. While not too sweet, the hints of chocolate help smooth out the bite of the N/A whiskey, while the banana lends an inherent richness.


(512) 916-9000

615 S. Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

Bottled zero proof Cocktails at ilili in Washington, D.C.

At Lebanese-inspired ilili, non-alcoholic cocktails get the bottle treatment. That's thanks to beverage director Rachid Hdouche, who mixes and bottles a few spirit-free drinks in-house.

These include the Karkadih, a Middle Eastern homage made with hibiscus and rose hip cordial, rose water, and lime juice; the Grapefruit Thyme Soda; and Levantine Lemonade, a zesty medley of fresh lemon juice, mint, and simple syrup. Each one is quenching, vibrant, and flavorful without being overcomplicated.


(202) 918-7766

100 District Square SW, Washington, D.C., 20024

Green Hill Zone at Good Luck Gato in Oakland

Part Japanese izakaya and part Mexican cantina, Oakland's Good Luck Gato is the kind of place that serves black sesame "Chocotacos" and uni elotes. It's also the kind of place where ABV-free cocktails are as intricate as their boozy brethren. The Green Hill Zone is an Asian-inspired tipple featuring crisp cucumber juice, tangy yuzu juice, lime, soda water, and sesame oil, which rounds it out with a bit of toasty nuttiness.


(510) 788-6217

1915 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

Fuzzy Drama at the Peacock Room in New Orleans

Between the citrusy non-alcoholic spirit and the fizzy non-alcoholic beer, the Fuzzy Drama at New Orleans' posh Peacock Room reigns as one of the bolder beverages for those who don't want ABV, but still want to be wowed.

Indeed, the vibrant drink is a juicy blend of peach, orange oleo, N/A light beer, and Seedlip Grove 42, a non-alcoholic spirit with notes of orange, lemon peel, lemongrass, and ginger. It's topped with edible flowers for a fanciful garnish.


(504) 324-3073

501 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Non-Alcoholic Cosmo at Bistro du Midi in Boston

When it comes to cocktail lore, the Cosmopolitan is as classic as it gets. Made with just a few staple ingredients, it's the embodiment of simplicity at its purest. At Boston's Bistro du Midi, they're taking the classic and giving it a zero-proof overhaul that omits vodka without sacrificing flavor.

The result is a non-alcoholic Cosmo with familiar flavors of tart cranberry and lime, plus a housemade orange cordial to round it all out with a citrusy through-line, and a fresh lime garnish.


(617) 279-8000

272 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

Café at Jeune et Jolie in Carlsbad, California

Just outside San Diego, acclaimed restaurant Jeune et Jolie recently rolled out the first spirit-free beverage pairing menu in Carlsbad. This means, along with seasonal tasting menus, beverage director Andrew Cordero compliments the food with a lineup of drinks that skip the spirits while doubling down on innovation.

One such drink from the pairings menu is Café, an espresso martini ode that omits the alcohol. It has coffee, cold-brew, roasted kabocha squash, koji, and a float of fluffy whipped cream.


(760) 637-5266

2659 State St Suite 102, Carlsbad, CA 92008


I'm not above a simple drink, like kombucha or a Diet Soda. I even recently had my first Shirley Temple in about 20 years, and it was better than I remembered. But when I'm looking for something with a little more artistry and invention to it, I seek out non-alcoholic cocktails that employ bolder ingredients without leaning on filler like soda water and syrups. This means keeping my eyes peeled for drinks that incorporate housemade bitters, shrubs, or juices, as well as interesting spices and herbs. Texture and color are a big bonus, so whimsical garnishes go a long way here (e.g. edible glitter, pineapple fronds).

Avoiding excess sugar and soda for something more layered, a good non-alcoholic cocktail should be just as intricate as an alcoholic one. I've sipped my fair share, all over the country on my travels, and I've sampled plenty that are helping to shift the paradigm and rid the world of the belittling "mocktail." While hard to narrow down, these are 30 of the best I've either ordered myself or drooled over online.