White Claw Debuting Non-Alcoholic Seltzer It Says Tastes Like The Real Thing

"The Claw is the law," you once exclaimed, tearing off your shirt and jumping into a lake during spring break 2019. But, that was a few years ago now, and these days, you don't drink anymore. Maybe you got bored with the euphoria-sick cycle. Or perhaps you're "California sober." Whatever the case, maybe you miss the taste and the signature mouthfeel of cracking open a cold one, and despite your best efforts to chase that dragon, most non-alcoholic drinks seem more like juice. If you can relate, White Claw just dropped a new beverage made with you in mind.

White Claw Zero hits the market on January 1, 2024, just in time for "Dry January," for those who celebrate. As its website states, "It's a new way to say 'yes' to even more Drinking invitations, a 'real' Drink for every kind of Drinker at every adult Drinking occasion."

But wait, isn't non-alcoholic hard seltzer just ... seltzer? "Not so fast," says White Claw. This new canned bevy is some other third thing. Per a press release sent to Tasting Table, "White Claw has found a unique way to make beverages that have all the taste and complexity you expect in an alcoholic beverage, made non-alcoholic from the start, so it's not a lesser version of anything, it's more."

Party however you want to party, says White Claw

White Claw Zero is made from ultra-refined seltzer plus hydrating electrolytes, and it comes in four flavors: Black Cherry Cranberry, Mango Passion Fruit, Peach Orange Blossom, and Lime Yuzu. The first two flavors are hybrid fusions of other familiar White Claw flavors, which might appeal to longtime fans. Each 12-ounce can packs just 15 calories, and in classic Claw fashion, the new zero-proof seltzers will come in variety 12-packs and single-flavor 6-packs.

Per the press release, White Claw Zero is the product of "years of research," assuring "a depth of complexity that tastes, feels, and looks like no other non-alcoholic drink." It's a hefty promise, but White Claw pioneered the hard seltzer category five years ago, paving the way for other brands from Corona to Four Loko to release their own versions. In the years since, hard seltzer has cemented itself in the canned beverage market — a market that has become oversaturated and dominated by a select few brands, White Claw inarguably among them if not at the apex. Now, the iconic brand's N.A. version has the potential to be just as prominent of an industry leader in the non-alcoholic spirits sector, which is already well on its way. White Claw's new product promises a better, more complex non-alcoholic option for discerning drinkers, and could add even more momentum to the movement.