White Claw Slushies Are The Perfect Blended Drink For End-Of-Summer Sipping

If you've ever enthusiastically uttered the phrase "the Claw is the law," then we have just the refreshing summer sipper for you. Forbes may have called 2020 "The Summer of White Claw," but if you ask fans, the party is still very much alive and swinging. Now, the time has come to elevate your classic Claw game and transform it into a refreshing slushie to get you through the dog days of summer.

All it takes is a can of White Claw, a little ice, and some fruit. Both fresh and frozen fruit will work just fine here, making the White Claw slushie a killer way to showcase in-season produce this summer or a versatile way to get some frozen fruit into your diet during the icy winter months. (Bonus points: Frozen fruit will create a firmer icy texture in your blended drink.) To make the slushie, simply slam all three ingredients in a blender. That's it. Serve in a highball, coupe, or Nick & Nora glass.

Its simple formula makes the White Claw slushie an effective yet accessible drink for beginner home bartenders. Plus, it's easy to batch for backyard barbecues, beach days, and potlucks.

Flex your low-maintenance mixology muscle

Feel free to get creative with your flavor pairings here. A dash of pomegranate juice or a spoonful of fresh coconut cream would complement tart Ruby Grapefruit White Claw; add complexity to Black Cherry White Claw with fresh lime wedges and blackberries. You could pair a Mango Claw with, of course, mango slices or strawberries. The Lemon and Tangerine White Claw flavors are only available in the variety packs, but we think it's well worth it to invest in the lot. Pair a Lemon Claw with muddled peaches (which conveniently come into peak season in August) and some fresh basil leaves to garnish.

If you're feeling like a loose cannon and want to up the boozy ante for your blended bevy, you could always add an additional shot into the mix. As is, White Claw slushies tote a pretty low ABV — just one standard drink at 5%. Since White Claws are made from a distilled corn-based spirit, keep the flavor profile congruent and stick with vodka here. You could opt for a plain flavorless variety to let the fruit flavors come through, or add a shot of lemony Absolut Citron or budget-friendly pink lemonade-flavored Pink Whitney for a kick that's as powerful as it is tasty. Alternatively, you could also just swap your regular Claw for a White Claw Surge, which totes the classic flavors and a heftier 8% ABV. A scoop of strawberry sorbet could instantly transform this fizzy bevy into a boozy dessert, too.