McDonald's Has A New Crispy Chicken Sandwich For Cajun Food Lovers

McDonald's has been an iconic fast-food chain for quite some time, but it still manages to switch things up with its rotating menu items like the Shamrock Shake, those spicy McNuggets, and the McRib that comes and goes despite its 2022 farewell tour. This time, the Golden Arches are leaning into the chicken sandwich craze with bold Cajun-forward flavors in its latest addition. The Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy officially hits the menu board at participating locations nationwide on April 22, 2024 for a limited-time only, according to information shared with Tasting Table.

Per an item description from the company, the new sandwich "is inspired by soul food flavors of the South." Typically, the ingredients in Cajun seasoning include spices like cayenne and black pepper, paprika, and garlic powder, so expect a heightened level of heat with this new sandwich. It gets that bold flavor from a spicy Cajun ranch sauce that's joined with applewood smoked bacon, pickle chips, and a crispy chicken filet. It's basically a spicy and elevated version of the regular McCrispy chicken sandwich, which is a staple on the chain's year-round menu.

Order the Bacon Cajun Ranch Deluxe McCrispy to get your veggie fix on top

If you prefer more vegetables to pair with the richness of fried chicken and the creamy, spicy sauce, then order the Bacon Cajun Ranch Deluxe McCrispy. It features the same ingredients as the basic sandwich plus shredded lettuce and Roma tomatoes. Both sandwiches come on a toasted potato roll that's served warm to create a fluffy vessel for all of those ingredients. Any McDonald's patron who can't fathom an order without fries should be able to make it a combo as with other offerings.

This sandwich might be the latest to come from the fast-food giant, but there's plenty more going on. We reported back in December that McDonald's was expanding with a spin-off eatery called CosMc's focused on beverages and an array of new and classic snacks. The formerly-discontinued bagel sandwiches have also recently been sighted in some markets if you like the chain for its breakfast menu. And don't forget there are plenty of hacks that will save you a few bucks, like ordering extra pickles or other garnishes free of charge to give your first Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy more tang.