An Herb-Packed Tahini Sauce Will Elevate The Flavor Of Any Dish It Touches

Tahini is a sauce that seems to only be growing in popularity. This ground sesame seed paste is most known for its use in Middle Eastern cuisines, where its use dates back to the 13th century; however, it is now used all around the world thanks to its versatility and taste. While finding any way to improve upon such a simple and delicious condiment is a challenge, we do have one recommendation that will take your next spoonful of tahini from enjoyable to absolutely mouthwatering. The secret? Fresh herbs.

Just like how bright colors pop off of a dark background, the flavors found in your favorite ingredients become even more noticeable when they have elements contrasting them. In the case of tahini, which has a nutty, savory flavor, fresh herbs serve this pivotal supporting role. Most herbs have a bright, vegetal flavor that can range from acidic to floral — tasting notes that easily juxtapose tahini by balancing the earthiness and cutting through the richness. In combination, these ingredients play off one another to make what you love about each stand out, and also to make the overall sauce a bit more complex and intriguing.

How to incorporate herbs into tahini

There are two quick and convenient ways to add fresh herbs to your tahini. The simplest is to finely shred or chiffonade the herbs and then stir or blend them right into the sauce as we do in this tahini goddess recipe developed by Tasting Table staff. This option will pack the biggest punch in terms of flavor but may result in some textural changes due to the presence of small pieces of herbs. If you would prefer an entirely smooth tahini, you can instead experiment with adding herb-infused olive oil. This oil will allow the sauce to retain its original consistency while introducing a bit of herbaceous flavor. When it comes to which herbs to select, almost any is a possibility. We especially recommend trying out dill, parsley, or mint.

Once you are happy with the flavor of your herbed tahini, there is an endless list of meals in which you can include it. Use it as a zesty condiment by drizzling it across a plant-based shawarma pita or dolloping it onto parmesan-crusted potatoes. Alternatively, treat it like a dressing for a baked falafel salad or hearty roasted vegetables. You can even use it to cook larger, more complex dishes, such as this tahini-marinated Mediterranean grilled chicken. No matter what you decide to serve it with, you will be guaranteed a satisfying and scrumptious meal.