Costco Fans Have A Savory Use For The Chain's New Morning Buns

Costco is used to making waves with its newly-stocked products like the viral Mavens Durian ice cream and the pricey coffee beans that sold for an incredible bargain, and if you've walked down the aisles of your local warehouse recently, you might have spotted the chain's new morning buns. Located in Costco's bakery department, the morning bun rolls have caused quite the stir online with Reddit threads garnering hundreds of upvotes plus reviews on Instagram and YouTube getting thousands of views.

There are conflicting reviews, with some customers saying the layers are dry and others complaining about the orange zest, yet many have become instant fans of the new bakery item. The biggest fans are getting creative and using these sugared buns to build savory breakfast sandwiches. The combo works in the same way as it does when you use day-old glazed donuts as sandwich bread: The sweet and salty flavors complement each other since the pastries have sugar, cinnamon, and orange zest. According to the packaging, the buns are made out of croissant dough, so they'll have a similar consistency to regular croissants, which you might already use for your breakfast sandwiches.

Create a sweet and savory breakfast sandwich with morning buns

If you've used canned orange-flavored cinnamon rolls for breakfast sandwiches before, the citrus zest in Costco's morning buns will provide a similar flavor profile minus the icing. One Reddit user keeps their Costco morning bun breakfast sandwich simple with eggs, bacon, and butter. Many users responded to the thread saying they plan to use them for breakfast sandwiches too, while others suggested they'd make a fun twist for French toast. We think there's a strong argument to adding sliced cheddar to make a classic bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with the morning bun for contrasting sweetness and sharpness.

Use Tasting Table's ultimate egg sandwich recipe and swap the English muffins with a sliced Costco morning bun. The recipe uses bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, and sriracha, which will add a spicy kick to contrast the sweetness of the pastry. Instead of bacon, try sausage for a meatier flavor or go with turkey bacon for a lighter option. You can also skip the meat and eggs and instead add a smear of cream cheese and fruit jam to lean into the sweetness of the rolls, similar to toast or a bagel. Or upgrade your go-to breakfast sandwich by toasting the morning bun before you add your preferred ingredients. Before heading to the store, don't forget to brush up on your Costco shopping hacks when you go to grab these buzz-worthy morning buns to make your version of the breakfast sandwich.