Day-Old Glazed Donuts Can And Should Be Sandwich Bread

Sandwiches served on donuts instead of bread or buns are a trendy way to elevate traditional food into something to impress at restaurants. Dunkin' did it with a bacon, egg, and glazed doughnut sandwich. The Luther Burger (said to be named after Luther Vandross) with a Krispy Kreme donut likely originated at Mulligan's in Decatur, Georgia. There's definitely something about combining savory and sweet that gets the taste buds craving more. 

This intriguing combination can easily be done at home, as well. So, next time you are planning to make a sandwich at home, think beyond the traditional hamburger bun with sesame seeds or a loaf of Italian bread and head to the donut display. Or, even if you have a slightly stale, day-old donut lying around at home, don't toss it in the garbage — grab some meat for a blow-your-mind flavorful sandwich. While some cooks experiment with maple-bacon glazed donuts or a chocolate-covered donut for a sweet, dessert-style sandwich, it's recommended a simple glazed donut is best for a sandwich because its neutral flavor won't compete with the other ingredients.

Why it works so well

A donut past its peak of freshness may be a disappointment when eaten plain for breakfast, but by adding juicy meat and some condiments, it can be revitalized. Think sweet and savory pulled pork piled high on a glazed donut that has been sliced in half. The sauce will seep into the day-old donut to fill it with flavor and give it back some of its lost moisture. A juicy Angus beef patty topped with cheddar cheese and bacon will hide any stale taste that the donut may have.

Whether fresh or a day or two old, a donut is hearty enough to stand up to a thick stack of pastrami or a fat hamburger patty, making it an excellent vehicle for a sandwich that won't soon be forgotten. Have two donuts you want to use up? There isn't even a need to slice them in half. Make one the top bun and the other the bottom bun — just be prepared to open extra wide.