A Quick Cross-Slice Is The Start To Making Deviled Egg Tulips

Deviled eggs are one of our favorite 42 delicious recipes to celebrate Easter with. But before you make your go-to deviled eggs recipe, we have a quick, neat trick for you to try that will surely impress your loved ones and guests. This fun food hack is perfect, especially when hosting an Easter gathering or attending a spring potluck. Plus, it will be a great way to use up your leftover hard-boiled Easter eggs. Instead of making regular deviled eggs, make a pretty "bouquet" of deviled egg tulips. 

Yes, you heard us right. It's time to play and make art with your food. And making deviled egg tulips is pretty straightforward. Start by hard-boiling about a dozen eggs. Then, peel the eggs, then use a sharp knife to carefully cut a quick cross-slice (or an X) on the top of each egg. Next, spoon out the egg yolk slowly to avoid breaking the cut egg whites. Before you season the egg yolks to turn them into deviled egg filling, check out our recommended list of 30 ingredients that will seriously upgrade your deviled eggs. (We love adding Kewpie mayo, curry powder, and a little sriracha to our deviled eggs.) 

Once you've made the egg filling for your deviled egg tulips, transfer it to a piping bag. Then, carefully pipe the egg yolk filling into the cut egg whites. They will resemble cute white tulips that are yellow on the inside.

How to embellish your deviled egg tulips

To finish assembling a deviled egg tulip "bouquet" or dish, grab something green from your refrigerator, such as stalks of scallion or green onions. Clean and dry them first, then use these stalks as the "stems" of your deviled egg tulips. You can stick a scallion stalk into the bottom of each deviled egg tulip. To be extra fancy, tie a ribbon around the stems, and your deviled egg tulips will resemble a flower bouquet. 

Serve the deviled egg tulips immediately, or feel free to garnish them as you would traditional deviled eggs. A dusting of paprika will add a beautiful pop of red to the "tulips." You can also garnish the egg yolks with minced chives or chopped cilantro. And for those who want to be a little extra, dye the eggs with food coloring first so you can have different-colored deviled egg tulips in your bouquet. Impress your friends and loved ones with your fancy deviled egg tulips, and engage the kiddos in your life to participate and make a delicious "bouquet" of their own.