Recipe Ideas For Leftover Easter Eggs

Chefs nationwide share dishes perfect for those post-dye days

If you find yourself stuck with a few dozen leftover Easter eggs next week, rest assured you aren't the only one. More than 180 million eggs are purchased by PAAS-decorating enthusiasts come Easter Sunday, meaning that those bright and bejeweled breakfast giants really are a dime a dozen.

Because you and your family have been hard at work with these hard-boiled gems, pitching them should be a last resort—and chefs nationwide agree. As such, we've rounded up some of the cleverest ways restaurants coast to coast are using these protein-packed pods, from salads and sammies to pickled and panfried. Let's get crackin'.

① Easter Bread

Carmine's (New York, NY)

At this Italian supper club, chef Glenn Rolnick has the perfect plan for eggs that never make it out of the crate. He bakes them into buttery brioche bread, heaps on sprinkles and serves up the delectable creation all day long on Easter Sunday.

② Caviar Deviled Eggs

Lacroix (Philadelphia, PA)

Things take a fancy turn at this award-winning Philly restaurant, where executive chef Jon Cichon decks out deviled eggs with pickled fennel, Dijon mustard and crème fraîche before garnishing them with fried shallots and paddlefish caviar (five grams, to be exact). Pinkies up, please.

③ Egg Salad

Jerry's Sandwiches (Chicago, IL)

For a recipe that's as quick as it is crowd-pleasing, try chef Mark Bires's take on a classic egg salad. At this Chicago-based sandwich company, that means multigrain bread topped with soft-cooked eggs, aioli, mayo, celery, cilantro and chile-garlic paste.

④ Smoked Trout and Olive Deviled Eggs

Finch & Fork (Santa Barbara, CA)

Instead of your usual dusting of paprika, chef Jamies Siao tops each egg (colored bright pink, thanks to a beet brine) with smoked trout, olive relish and sharp pickled shallots (get the recipe).

⑤ Fried Spanish Anchovies

Three Degrees (Portland, OR)

Forget scrambled and sunny-side up—at this Portland restaurant, chef Lauro Romero like his eggs pickled. His platter of tempura-fried Spanish anchovies and pickled vegetables, served alongside a hard-boiled egg, is pickled to perfection in white vinegar and hibiscus.

⑥ Pork Scallopini Sandwich

Red Star Tavern (Portland, OR)

At Portland's Red Star Tavern, chef Dolan Lane tops a pork scallopini cutlet with a hard-boiled egg, Gruyère, salsa verde, whole-grain mustard and watercress before sandwiching it all between a brioche bun. The results? Rich and melty with a tangy pop.

Photo: Courtesy of Red Star Tavern

⑦ Chopped Salad

Nico Osteria (Chicago)

Mediterranean-inspired plates are the highlight at this Chicago resto, where chef Erling Wu-Bower tops a chopped salad of Tuscan kale, roasted pepper, salami, olives and garlic vinaigrette with a soft-boiled egg.

This article was originally published on 4/13/2017 and was updated on 4/2/2018.