42 Delicious Recipes To Celebrate Easter

The signs of spring are beginning to make an appearance, with bouts of rain showers working to dissolve snow banks and early-blooming flowers hesitantly poking through cold soil. Stores are deftly replacing shamrocks with bunnies, and local markets feature foods from the burgeoning harvest of a changing season. Anticipation is in the air as Easter approaches and celebratory menus begin to take shape. 

Although different cultures around the world celebrate Easter a little differently, the common thread that connects their festivities is good food shared amongst family and friends. Eggs are virtually a guarantee on an Easter menu, whether you buy chocolate ones from the store or make homemade deviled eggs. And if you're having an elegant brunch rather than a casual candy feast, classic dishes like hot cross buns or roasted leg of lamb are probably on the menu. 

Overall, the holiday's traditional fare is steeped in history and flavors that signal a seasonal refresh. Enjoy renewing your Easter menu with these Tasting Table recipes that cover both the classics as well as updated versions.

1. Monkey Bread

Leave the can of crescent dough on the store shelf and impress guests with this decadent monkey bread made from scratch. After proofing, balls of homemade yeast dough are dipped in melted butter and rolled in sweet cinnamon sugar before being layered in a Bundt pan. Each layer of dough gets a generous drizzle of the maple-bourbon caramel sauce that sets this treat apart from other variations.

Guests will speed through the egg hunt in an effort to be the first to pop a soft piece of this monkey bread into their mouths.

Recipe: Monkey Bread

2. Apple Cider & Mustard Glazed Ham

A traditional Easter ham isn't complete without the lacquered shine of a tasty glaze, and this recipe from chef Jody Williams is sure to satisfy. The flavors of piquant whole-grain mustard, apple cider, sweet honey, thyme, shallot, butter, and rich brandy intensify as they reduce into a bold glaze. This delectable syrup is brushed onto a scored bone-in ham that's roasted in the oven, infusing every nook with complex notes of sticky sweetness and savory spiciness.

Recipe: Apple Cider & Mustard Glazed Ham

3. Carrot Cake Cupcakes

The Easter bunny won't be the only one enjoying carrots once guests taste these mini versions of the classic cake. Tried-and-true spices like ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg come together to punch up a batter that's moistened by milk and finely grated carrots. The addition of chopped walnuts brings texture to these soft cupcakes.

Round out the spiced flavor by topping each one with a rich cream cheese frosting and extra chopped walnuts. Veggies have never tasted better than they do in these carrot-forward cupcakes.

Recipe: Carrot Cake Cupcakes

4. Espresso Martini

Easter festivities can make for a full day, and some might benefit from a cocktail hour with a boost. Enter the espresso martini to help you unwind while putting a little pep in your step. Recipe developer Christina Musgrave suggests using quality espresso to ensure that this libation reaches its full flavor potential and notes that you can always add milk or cream to make a lighter version of the robust original.

The bitter, earthy taste of espresso is enhanced by Kahlua mixed with vodka and sweetened with simple syrup. Serve the drink chilled in a martini or coupe glass and garnish it with chocolate-covered coffee beans as a finishing touch. 

Recipe: Espresso Martini

5. Simple Roasted Asparagus

Asparagus is a versatile veggie that complements many dishes, making it an ideal side to serve on your Easter table. Roasting asparagus develops its mild sweetness, which balances out its natural vegetal bitterness.

After trimming, the spears are roasted on a baking sheet with olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, and a simple seasoning of salt and pepper — an easy side dish that goes from oven to table in 20 minutes. You can also top them with Parmesan cheese or red pepper flakes for an additional flavor boost.

Recipe: Simple Roasted Asparagus

6. Eggs Benedict With Salmon

Make Easter brunch a memorable meal with decadent eggs Benedict upgraded with savory smoked salmon. A buttery hollandaise sauce poured over perfectly poached eggs lends intensely rich flavors that build as the luscious yolk spills onto the smoked salmon and into every nook of a toasted English muffin.

Make it your own with the addition of tangy and sweet tomatoes, earthy spinach, or creamy avocado. Garnish the holiday-worthy dish with chopped chives — and enjoy every bite.

Recipe: Eggs Benedict With Salmon

7. Instant Pot Prime Rib

A juicy cut of savory prime rib is a crowd-pleasing main dish that denotes a special occasion. The robust beef flavor of this generous cut stands alone and is simply seasoned with salt and pepper before it's browned and then pressure cooked in rich red wine, umami-forward beef stock, and piquant garlic. After cooking for just over 30 minutes, the roast gets a second sauté to further develop the texture of the exterior to crusty perfection.

The handy Instant Pot not only cuts down on cooking time but also ensures that every slice of rib roast will be tender and succulent for a celebratory Easter dinner.

Recipe: Instant Pot Prime Rib

8. Lemon Thyme Bars

The hidden Easter egg in this refreshingly rich treat is the herbal essence of thyme balancing the sweetness of these lemony dessert bars. Almond flour joins all-purpose flour and a hefty amount of butter to create a delicate crust for the tart lemon curd infused with a sprig of thyme. Bright lemon flavors play off the savory herb, modernizing the classic treat with surprisingly complementary flavors.

Dust with powdered sugar and thyme leaves for a pop of spring color, and enjoy watching guests discover the new flavor profile hidden in this traditional treat.

Recipe: Lemon Thyme Bars

9. Ham With Muscadet And Herby Créme Fraîche

Give your Easter ham an upgrade by braising and glazing it with tangy, light-bodied muscadet wine. The muscadet gets two passes at the ham, infusing it with flavor during the braise and again with a brown sugar-mustard glaze. The acidic, fruit-forward flavors of citrus and apples that dominate muscadet strike an ideal balance with the rich and salty taste of pork.

The complementary enhancements keep coming when a slice of tender ham is served with a dollop of herbal créme fraîche mixed with salty capers, piquant mustard, parsley, and thyme.

Recipe: Ham With Muscadet And Herby Créme Fraîche

10. Tried And True Bloody Mary

This go-to Easter beverage brings vegetal, boozy flavors to brunchers looking for something other than mimosas. It's a straightforward recipe featuring classic Bloody Mary flavors of tangy tomato juice and vodka heightened by a dash of hot sauce and the unmistakable umami essence of Worcestershire. A pinch of pepper and celery salt enhances the taste of this daytime libation without overwhelming it. Leave the food on the table and opt for a no-fuss garnish of celery sticks and a lemon slice.

Recipe: Tried And True Bloody Mary

11. Best Lamb Burger

Lamb is a fancy Easter meal, but a whole roast can be too much when you want to keep it casual. Enter the burger, complete with lamb's signature gamey flavor and juicy texture. The lamb patties are seasoned with red onion, garlic, mustard, and mint before they're grilled and placed on a toasted bun. Toppings include snappy red onion, mixed greens, and an herby dill mayo spread that cuts through the robust, grassy flavors of the lamb.

Recipe: Best Lamb Burger

12. Spring Quiche

An Easter spread isn't complete without a quiche, especially when it features the fresh flavors of a new season. Simplify your to-do list and use a pre-baked pie crust, then fill it with an egg custard boasting spring flavors from sautéed leeks, earthy spinach, and tangy goat cheese or feta. The rich quiche is lightened with a bitter arugula salad topper dressed with a simple vinaigrette that balances rich flavors with a kick of bitter, peppery green notes.

Recipe: Spring Quiche

13. Gruyere Potatoes Au Gratin

If you want leftover au gratin after your Easter feast, you might need to double this recipe, because it's always a hit at the holiday table. Thinly sliced potatoes are simmered in heavy cream dotted with cloves of garlic before they're layered between nutty gruyere cheese in all its salty goodness. Baked until bubbly and golden brown, this crowd-pleasing gratin makes for a decadent side dish that won't be passed over on the buffet line.

Recipe: Potatoes Au Gratin With Gruyere Cheese

14. Easy Deviled Eggs

Whether they're dyed or deviled, eggs are an iconic Easter staple that holiday revelers enjoy. After hard boiling, the cooked eggs are placed in an ice bath that makes shell-peeling frustrations a thing of the past. Rich egg yolks are mixed with classic mayonnaise and dijon mustard, lightened by the light and tangy flavor of créme fraîche.

Pipe the filling into the cooked egg whites for an upgraded presentation and garnish with a delicate sprig of dill.

Recipe: Easy Deviled Eggs

15. Lamb Souvlaki

Greece goes all out for Easter, and this recipe for savory lamb souvlaki follows suit with big flavor. This beloved Greek street food starts with a simple marinade of olive oil, oregano, salt, and garlic powder that coats tender cuts of lamb before being skewered. After a quick sear on the grill or griddle, the lamb kebabs are placed on a traditional Greek salad made with oregano-seasoned tomatoes, kalamata olives, green peppers, and tangy feta cheese tossed in quality olive oil. Serve with warm pita bread and celebrate Easter with a classic Grecian meal.

Recipe: Best Lamb Souvlaki

16. Asparagus Goat Cheese Tart

Not only do these asparagus tarts look elegant on the table, but they also have a delicate flavor and texture to match their presentation. Frozen puff pastry creates the flaky, butter-rich base for tangy bits of goat cheese and cut asparagus spears teeming with vegetal, earthy flavors. A sprinkle of chopped thyme brings notes of herbal lemon to the tart, adding complexity to the flavor profile.

These eye-catching tarts come together easily in about 20 minutes, allowing you to spend more time with friends and family gathering to celebrate Easter.

Recipe: Asparagus Goat Cheese Tart

17. Spring Pea Mojito

Mint with green peas is a surprisingly complementary flavor combination that comes together in a fresh way with this spring-forward libation. Muddling mint leaves with the delicate green pulses enhances the peas' natural sweetness and adds a vegetal creaminess that upgrades the flavor profile of the classic mojito. White rum, tart lime juice, and seltzer water add layers of tangy, effervescent sweetness that refreshes guests' palates during Easter celebrations.

Garnish with skewered green peas and a sprig of mint to denote the unique ingredients in this spring pea mojito.

Recipe: Spring Pea Mojito

18. Orangey Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is an ideal Easter dessert made even better with a pop of citrusy orange flavor. Orange zest and extract elevate the fresh taste of grated carrot without changing the consistency of the batter, ensuring that the cake will be moist and airy once it bakes. The citrus fruit is complemented by classic carrot cake spices like ginger and cinnamon and cuts through the decadent sweetness of the essential cream cheese frosting. Sprinkle extra orange zest on top of the dessert to show your guests this isn't a run-of-the-mill carrot cake.

Recipe: Orangey Carrot Cake

19. Simple Spring Salad

Celebrate Easter with a salad that features all the flavors and textures of spring. From ramps to snap peas, this recipe calls for the freshest vegetables of the new season. Herbs like celery-forward lovage, dill, and tarragon add so much flavor that no dressing is required.

Cured egg yolks are a unique addition to this salad, bringing a creamy, salty flavor to the mix. If you don't have the yolks, substitute them with Parmesan cheese to add a nutty depth of flavor. Garnish with edible flowers and enjoy spring in a bowl with this refreshing salad.

Recipe: Simple Spring Salad

20. Ham And Cheese Strata

From breakfast to dinner, this tasty egg casserole has a place on your Easter menu. It strikes a harmonious flavor balance with layers of sweet chopped ham, pungent cheese, and creamy egg custard atop a good ol' white bread base. Butter-coated cornflakes are sprinkled over the top before it bakes in the oven, adding a craveable crunch to this sweet and savory strata.

With the exception of the cereal topping, all other ingredients are prepped a day ahead and refrigerated overnight, making for an easy Easter morning.

Recipe: Ham And Cheese Strata

21. French 75 Cocktail

Mimosas are great for a regular Sunday brunch, but a special occasion like Easter calls for an upgrade. The French 75 is a classy cocktail made from lemon juice and gin sweetened with simple syrup and topped with sparkling wine or champagne. Its elegant effervescence looks celebratory, and its flavors are refreshing and light.

This versatile cocktail can be suited to taste by substituting French cognac in place of gin for a deeper, richer flavor. Raise a glass to friends and family with this chic bubbly drink.

Recipe: French 75 Cocktail

22. Herby Ham And Bean Soup

Spring may have sprung, but there's usually a lingering chill in the air around Easter. That means there's still time to tuck into a warm bowl of nourishing soup. This soup boasts layers of flavor that start with a classic mirepoix sautéed with leeks and garlic. But, the real flavor powerhouse is smoked ham hock, which can easily be replaced by leftover ham from your Easter feast. Soaked great white beans are added to the aromatic base and simmered with flavorful chicken stock so they can absorb all the flavors. 

Serve this hearty bean soup with a hunk of artisan bread.

Recipe: Herby Ham And Bean Soup

23. Popovers

It's hard to beat the textural wonder that is the popover. A crepe-like batter poured into specialized tins creates this skyscraper of a dinner roll that acts as an ideal vehicle for sopping up flavors. Popovers are great plain, but they can easily go savory or sweet with the addition of ingredients like nutty Parmesan cheese or a dusting of cinnamon and sugar. The versatile flavor and unique texture of popovers make an eye-catching addition to any Easter meal.

No popover tin, no problem; you can use a regular muffin tin but expect smaller popovers. 

Recipe: Popovers

24. Sheet Pan Quiche

When you're entertaining a group for Easter, pull out the sheet pan to make sure there's enough quiche to go around. This recipe calls for store-bought pastry dough pressed into the pan to form the base of the quiche. After being blind-baked to a golden brown, fill the crust with an egg mixture that boasts savory flavors from sautéed mushrooms, onions, salty prosciutto, and peppery watercress greens.

After it cools, cut the sheet pan quiche and garnish with mildly spicy Aleppo pepper flakes, chunky flake salt, fresh chopped chives, and a dollop of créme fraîche.

Recipe: Sheet Pan Quiche

25. Old-Fashioned Scallop Potatoes

Easter diners will be coming back for seconds when you serve them classic scalloped potatoes rich with cream and melted cheese. The creamy sauce starts with a flavorful roux made from sautéed onions and garlic mixed with flour. Then, the casserole is assembled with layers of sliced potatoes, cheddar cheese, and Parmesan, and baked to bubbly perfection.

You can count on this classic potato dish to be a crowd-pleaser, but don't plan on having leftovers.

Recipe: Old-Fashioned Scallop Potatoes

26. Ham With Bourbon Glaze

The deep flavor of dark bourbon meets the caramelized essence of brown sugar and molasses in this boozy sweet glaze for an Easter ham. Bourbon is poured over a scored ham before it bakes in the oven, infusing the naturally sweet pork with notes of barrel-aged vanilla. The flavor builds as the glaze made from sweet molasses, tangy orange juice, brown sugar, and dijon mustard coats the ham and forms a full-flavored crust.

Recipe: Ham With Bourbon Glaze

27. Mimosas For A Crowd

Keep the mimosas coming by prepping a pitcher of the beloved brunch beverage. Prosecco provides the essential bubbles in this libation and orange liqueur makes it a little boozier than the classic version. 

Feel free to substitute the prosecco with a dry French Champagne to reduce the sweetness. Serve in glasses garnished with a slice of orange, and place the pitcher on the Easter table so guests can keep their glasses full.

Recipe: Mimosas For A Crowd

28. Spring Garlic And Mushroom Frittata

This egg frittata is loaded with fresh spring flavors and comes together easily to make a tasty meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on Easter day. Early spring garlic is the star of this dish, flavoring the frittata with its nutty onion essence. Maitake mushrooms bring a meaty texture and fresh green peas add a hint of sweetness. A heavy-handed hit of herbs ties the dish together, featuring the aromas and tastes of the new season.

Recipe: Spring Garlic And Mushroom Frittata

29. Copper Penny Carrots

Nutritious and delicious, these copper penny carrots make a flavorful side dish that's perfect for Easter. A tangy tomato-vinegar sauce contrasts the sweet carrots, vibrant onions, and green peppers. Copper penny carrots are a refreshing side to serve with a heavier holiday spread, and even the pickiest eaters won't be able to pass up this luscious spring vegetable dish.

Recipe: Copper Penny Carrots

30. Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

The vibrant colors and tangy flavors of the tequila sunrise cocktail make a tasty libation that complements traditional Easter fare. Tequila blanco and zesty orange juice are poured over ice to set the bright hue of this beverage, then deep red grenadine sinks to the bottom to create the sunrise effect.

Feel free to substitute vodka in place of tequila if you prefer, or omit the alcohol altogether and add an effervescent splash of seltzer water instead. Garnish with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry and enjoy.

Recipe: Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

31. Classic Pound Cake

The power of the pound cake lies in its simplicity. It's a versatile treat with sweet vanilla flavors and a rich, buttery texture that pairs with many ingredients or easily stands alone for dessert purists. True to its name, pound cake can sometimes become heavy, but this recipe incorporates sour cream to lighten the batter while keeping it moist and adding a mildly tangy twist.

Keep it classic and serve it with fresh berries and whipped cream as a traditional finish to an Easter feast.

Recipe: Classic Pound Cake

32. Garlicky Pan-Seared Lamb Chops

Sweet garlic enhances the robustly savory flavors of lamb, enticing Easter diners to the table with a promising aroma. The chops are tenderized and flavored in a marinade made with crushed garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and rosemary before they're seared and basted with butter in a hot pan.

The herby undertones and bold garlic flavor featured in these gamey lamb chops pair nicely with creamy mashed potatoes and a spring mix salad.

Recipe: Garlicky Pan-Seared Lamb Chops

33. Easy Quiche Lorraine

This simple recipe for quiche Lorraine will make prepping for your Easter brunch easy without losing any elegance. Savory pieces of thick-cut bacon and a sprinkle of nutmeg season the creamy egg custard to perfection as it bakes in a store-bought pie crust. While it's in the oven for 40 minutes, you can enjoy friends and family celebrating the springtime holiday.

Garnish this rich egg dish with chopped chives or a dollop of créme fraîche and enjoy while warm and toasty.

Recipe: Easy Quiche Lorraine

34. Zesty Paloma Cocktail

Seasonal flavors of an Easter spread can and should extend to the beverage options. This tasty libation is full of zing, from its tart grapefruit and lime juice base to the golden tequila that offers a boozy bite. Bold flavors are rounded out by the caramel undertones of sweet agave nectar and a splash of soda water.

Serve in a salt or sugar-rimmed glass with lime wedges, and enjoy during your Easter celebrations.

Recipe: Zesty Paloma Cocktail

35. Slow Cooker Mac And Cheese

Please even the pickiest palates with a decadent serving of creamy mac and cheese. This classic recipe is kicked up a notch with the addition of mustard powder, bold paprika, and a few other spices. Using the slow cooker allows you to walk away while uncooked pasta, milk, sharp cheddar, and creamy American meld together with a quick stir every half hour.

The result is a creamy and unctuous mac and cheese that satisfies hungry Easter appetites.

Recipe: Slow Cooker Mac And Cheese

36. Breakfast Focaccia

This flavorful Italian bread hosts all the breakfast flavors Easter guests want after an egg hunt. Sausage, bacon, and strips of roasted red pepper sit atop the focaccia while it proofs, imparting savory flavors to the simple dough. Balls of foil are pressed into the bread before it hits the oven, reserving a spot for whole eggs to sit. The final bake produces a breakfast bread complete with perfectly runny egg yolks that enrich each flavorful bite.

Recipe: Breakfast Focaccia

37. Mustard-Crusted Rack Of Lamb

Go all out for Easter with a fancy rack of lamb that looks elegant and is surprisingly easy to prepare. Mustard pairs especially well with lamb, and this recipe goes bold by coating the entire rack in dijon mixed with chopped garlic, thyme, and oregano for extra flavor and texture.

Roast to a tender medium rare and impress guests as you present the show-stopping rack to the table before slicing it into individual chops.

Recipe: Mustard-Crusted Rack Of Lamb

38. Easy Cream Of Asparagus Soup

The vibrant green hue and fresh flavors of asparagus soup look and taste like spring in a bowl. The aroma of sautéed onion and garlic excites the appetite before rich broth, fresh asparagus, and chunks of golden potato are added to the pot to build the flavor profile of this soup.

Half and half, lemon juice, and parsley are blended with the veggies and stock to create a light and creamy soup that is rich yet refreshing.

Recipe: Easy Cream Of Asparagus Soup

39. Easy Spinach Frittata

Creamy eggs, earthy spinach, and tangy goat cheese come together in this easy Easter-worthy dish. The baked egg custard benefits from the flavors of spinach sautéed with delicate shallots and garlic that lend their mild oniony essence to balance the bold greens. Parmesan and goat cheese add nuttiness and creaminess to round out the dish. Whether it's brunch or dinner, guests will enjoy tucking into a warm piece of frittata. 

Recipe: Easy Spinach Frittata

40. Chocolate Almond Bark

This easy treat is a sweet snack you should have around on Easter. It's a versatile combination of complementary flavors that can be served with a cheese board or a glass of wine, and more importantly, satisfies a sweet tooth.

Roasted almonds are folded into melted dark chocolate before being spread on a sheet pan, where extra almonds are sprinkled on top for added texture. Then, flaky artisan salt is added to contrast the sweetness of the chocolate. Break the set chocolate into pieces and serve in a multitude of ways.

Recipe: Chocolate Almond Bark

41. Lox, Scrambled Eggs And Onions

This flavorful recipe courtesy of Gabe Kennedy makes boring scrambled eggs a thing of the past. Sautéed onions create the base flavor before the eggs are scrambled low and slow to develop a creamy texture and natural sweetness. Tender bits of salmon lox are added to the eggs just as they come together, creating a delicate dish with a salted smoky flare.

Garnish with chives and vibrant Aleppo pepper flakes before enjoying this elevated version of scrambled eggs.

Recipe: Lox, Scrambled Eggs And Onions

42. Grilled Peach Mimosa

Easter eggs and springtime decorations aren't the only things donning pastel colors when this vibrant peach mimosa is on the drink menu. This cocktail takes a page from the bellini book but adds a twist by grilling the peaches before pureeing them with lemon juice and simple syrup.

The natural sweetness of the stone fruit is enhanced by a light char that adds a unique smoky essence. Pour a bit of strained puree into a flute, top it with sparkling wine, and raise a glass to family and friends this Easter holiday.

Recipe: Grilled Peach Mimosa