Mix Hot Chocolate Powder Into Your Batter For Elevated Pancakes

Pancakes are the ultimate comfort food. These pan-fried cakes are easy to make and satisfying to eat. And while sheet pan buttermilk jammy pancakes or roasted berry and buttermilk pancakes are perfect for those brunch gatherings with friends, if you really want to create a pancake that will have both kids and adults coming back for more, you need to reach for your leftover hot chocolate powder and add it to the batter.

Hot chocolate mix is comprised of sugar and cocoa powder at its most basic, along with a laundry list of preservatives and stabilizers. Some homemade mixes might also have powdered milk, cornstarch for added smoothness, and a little salt to amplify and enhance the chocolatey flavor. But regardless of which version of this mix you have on hand, adding it to your pancakes is simple. You are going to want to use a 1:3 ratio of hot chocolate powder to flour.

Skip the sugar-free

When it comes to what kind of hot chocolate powder to use, almost any will work, except the sugar-free version. You will not get the same pop of sweet chocolate flavor with these packets. Otherwise, whether it's Swiss Miss, Nestle, or some other brand, use whatever you have on hand in your pantry. What you will love about using your hot chocolate powder in this manner is the deep chocolate taste it adds to your pancakes. You can even mix a little in with your maple syrup. The combination is sweet, chocolatey, and rich. 

Once you get the hang of adding hot chocolate powder to your pancake mix, you may want to get creative. Transform your soufflé pancakes into a chocolatey version that can be topped with whipped cream or even a scoop of ice cream if you want a true treat. Or, add it to your batter for fluffy banana pancakes. The creamy bananas and the sweet chocolate mix are the perfect blend of healthy and indulgent. You can even take the chocolatey mix a few steps further by adding things like chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and M&Ms to the batter.