How To Upgrade Your Next Potato Salad With Hummus

At this point, you may think you've heard of every mayo swap for potato salad under the sun. We know that Kewpie mayo makes for a richer dish, tzatziki adds robust Greek flavors, and evaporated milk offers a dairy product that doesn't curdle, but have you ever tried adding hummus into your bowl? There's no reason to leave this spread out since its smooth consistency means it'll still bring a rich, creamy element to your dish.

We already love adding tahini to our potato salad because the sesame-based spread contributes plenty of earthy, nutty flavor. Hummus simply kicks things up a notch, as it combines tahini with chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt. On its own, it has a fairly mild taste, meaning you can add it to a wide range of salad recipes — but you can also punch it up with mix-ins like zucchini, dill pickles, and edamame, which will add flavor as well as texture to your spud-based side dish. And, if you don't want to go to the extra effort of making hummus at home, there are plenty of delicious brands and flavors that you can pick up at the grocery store to pour right in.

Balance out your hummus with tang and crunch

We know that hummus pairs beautifully with Mediterranean flavors, so if you're looking for a starting point to test out this ingredient in potato salad, try a bowl that incorporates mix-ins like olives, artichokes, red pepper, red onion, cucumber, and feta cheese. If you want to add a little extra punch to balance out hummus' mild creaminess, try a dash of lemon juice or red wine vinegar. Almost any recipe can benefit from this tahini-based spread, so feel free to incorporate it into French, classic Southern, or creamy dill potato salad as well.

If you want to really complement the hummus in your bowl, go with potent or crunchy ingredients to balance the spread's flavor and texture. The former can include pickle juice, capers, horseradish, or a hot sauce like sriracha, while the latter can mean pickles, diced bacon, almonds, crushed chips, celery, or chopped carrots. Or, let the additives take a backseat and make the potatoes themselves the crispy ingredient by smashing and roasting them. To build your bowl, all you have to do is omit the mayo and stir all of the ingredients together with your hummus, although you can still add a little herb garnish for a dash of extra flavor.