Transform Stuffed Pretzels With Savory Spinach And Artichoke Dip

Just when you think snack time can't get any better, a new recipe demands your culinary attention. If you've mastered slow cooker spinach and artichoke dip and have found the recipe to be an instant hit at your dinner parties, we have a new project for you to try. Spinach and artichoke dip can be so much more than just another accouterment for toast and crackers. The creamy spread can be stuffed inside warm, golden pretzels to battle afternoon cravings in a whole new way. 

Though assembling filled pretzels will take some work, your culinary efforts will be well rewarded as you bite into these surprising treats. Savory, salty pretzels filled with pipings of gooey, herby dip is a flavor combination that is tough to rival. Flavored salt, your favorite seasoning and spice blends, and a range of cheeses can be added to the dip you use to pack inside stuffed pretzels. Consider using dried herbs or red pepper flakes to build the kinds of tempting tastes you crave, or lean your recipe toward the sweeter side with powdery sprinkles of cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves. When you're ready to serve these delectable morsels, double down on the decadent flavors with extra servings of creamy spinach dip intended just for dunking.

Packing pretzels with flavor

The appeal of stuffed pretzels is not just in the taste, but also the crunch of the treat, so consider bringing in an added textural element with ground walnuts, flax, or sesame seeds. Making stuffed pretzels at home puts flavors into your hands as you can adjust the ingredients to suit your palate. Pinches of flaky sea salt can also help you turn up all the dials of flavor, and quick sprinkles of smoked paprika can create layers of smoky, baked deliciousness to enjoy fresh out of the oven.

Serve your filled pretzels with pretty cheese boards or cut pieces to spear with toothpicks to display on tonight's charcuterie board. If you start your dinner party with trays of these chewy, golden pieces, you'll need an equally solid dish to follow this crowd-pleaser. Be warned: You'll want to make more pretzels than you think you'll need. They will go fast.