Flavored Salt Is The Perfect Way To Use Up Leftover Herbs

If you have the space and the time, growing your own herbs can be a great way to save money. After all, a packet of seeds that would provide you with all the herbs you can use (and then some) costs about as much as a single bunch of fresh herbs from the market. Unfortunately, leftover herbs are a common quandary; whether you've got a bumper crop of basil coming in faster than you can dish up caprese salad or you only needed a tablespoon of parsley from the bunch you got at the grocery store, winning the battle against food waste can start with finding uses for those surplus herbs.

Some thrifty endeavors end up being a lot of work, like canning all your own fresh produce, though it can be cost effective if you plan carefully. And then there are those delightful strategies — like stirring leftover rice into a soup or casserole — that take almost no time and both help reduce food waste while also stretching your grocery dollars. We have a creative use for those leftover herbs that's not only thrifty, but it's also easy as can be!

Use your leftover herbs to make flavored salt

Making flavored salt with leftover herbs couldn't be any simpler, and you have a few options. A woody herb like rosemary or an herb that doesn't hold a lot of moisture, like thyme or dill, can be whizzed up in the food processor with coarse salt, then spread on a cookie sheet until it's completely air-dried. Herbs that hold more moisture, like basil, cilantro, parsley are better if they're dried at least partially before adding them to the food processor with coarse salt or simply letting the flavor and aroma mingle in a sealed container with kosher salt.

Once you've let the flavors in your salt infuse for a bit, you're all set. The flavorful herbed salt can easily go into a compound butter, mingle with the flavor of a fresh-grilled steak, and season everything from popcorn to deviled eggs. Flavored salt can also make a thoughtful holiday present or host gift when you package the herb salt in a pretty jar tied with a ribbon. Using up all those leftover herbs and also creating your own DIY gourmet salt? Brilliant and thrifty, all at the same time.