Yes, Nespresso Makes Chocolates. Here's How To Use Them

If you have ever explored Nespresso's wide range of offerings, either in a store or online, you are likely familiar with its well-known line of coffee machines and a seemingly endless array of Nespresso's pioneering coffee capsules. What you may not have realized, however, is that the brand also sells chocolate. That's right, Nespresso sells 40-piece sets of individually wrapped chocolate squares in the flavors of Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate with Bergamot and Pink Peppercorn Flavors. Why? The intention is for buyers to enjoy the confections alongside its coffee to enhance their drinking experience.

It's no surprise that chocolate and coffee pair well together — a mocha is one of the most ubiquitous coffee drinks around — but there is more than anecdotal evidence to back up Nespresso's sales strategy. Due to the chemical makeup of both chocolate and coffee, as well as their similar roasting processes, the two ingredients share many tasting notes that can complement and enhance one another. In short, coffee makes chocolate taste more chocolatey and chocolate makes coffee taste more coffee-y, which is certainly a win in our book.

How best to pair chocolate and coffee

As is the case with the enjoyment of most food and drinks, creativity is your only limitation when it comes to finding ways to add chocolate to your coffee. One easy way to combine the two is to simply add the chocolate directly into your coffee; we recommend putting some in your mug and then brewing some espresso over the top so that the heat melts the chocolate on contact. Alternatively, you can take bites of the chocolate between sips of coffee, or even add the chocolate to a larger confection, like this easy pain au chocolat.

For even more elevation of your daily coffee, you can also bring in other snacks and upgrades that are known to get along well with both coffee and chocolate. For example, fresh fruit will bring out the inherent fruitiness of both these tropical, bean-based items. Pairing cheese and chocolate with your coffee will create an extra luxurious indulgence while also providing a heartier meal. Finally, for those adults who are fans of a boozy coffee to wind down in the evening, you will find that adding coffee liqueur or even a splash of bourbon to the brew will suit both parts of this combination nicely.