How Long You Can Store Fresh Brussels Sprouts In The Fridge

Whether you whip up bacon-wrapped balsamic Brussels sprouts or simply toss them in olive oil with a little salt and pepper, the minuscule cabbage family members have a lot of versatility to them. Yet, no matter how many ideas you have for Brussels sprouts recipes, they still have an expiration date. Unlike other veggies that show signs of spoiling a few short days after being brought home, though, Brussels sprouts are one of the types of produce that last the longest in the fridge. The vegetables can stay fresh for well over a week, lasting considerably longer if stored properly. To prevent them from spoiling early, Brussels sprouts should be kept in a dry, cool environment. Since grocery store produce bags are prone to moisture, you should move them to a new container.

Before putting the veggies in a new plastic bag or airtight plastic or glass container, pat them dry to get rid of any lingering dampness. If there are any wilted or yellowed leaves on the outsides, remove them before the rot starts to spread. Place the trimmed Brussels sprouts in the crisper drawer of your fridge and cook them as early as you can — as they get older, Brussels sprouts start to lose their sweetness.

How to know when Brussels sprouts have started to spoil

After stowing the Brussels sprouts away, check them periodically to ensure that they're still good. Once the Brussels sprouts show signs of yellowing throughout, they've started to go bad. Brown spots on the leaves also suggest that the Brussels sprouts need to be tossed. While these are early indications, releasing liquid, taking on a mushy texture, and a pungent smell mean they're completely spoiled. Unlike wilted spinach that can still be salvaged, Brussels sprouts that have started to spoil can't be used.

If you're afraid that you have too many to use up within one or two weeks, try freezing your Brussels sprouts. They can last around six months in the freezer and are easy to thaw and use when you're ready. To prepare them for the freezer, rinse and trim before cutting them up and blanching them for a few minutes. Transfer them to a baking pan and par-freeze overnight, moving the veggies to an airtight container the next day.

While you can thaw frozen Brussels sprouts by placing them in hot water for a few minutes, they can actually be cooked straight from the freezer, unless they're going into a salad. Use the frozen veggies for maple bacon Brussels sprouts or simple yet delicious garlic butter Brussels sprouts.