Greek Yogurt Is The Secret Ingredient For More Flavorful Biscuits

Everyone and their mother has their own special recipe to improve upon standard biscuits. Whether it's adding a hint of sea salt, brushing butter on them right as they leave the oven, or always including cheddar or parmesan, each technique becomes a signature. If you're still looking for your own special hack, add Greek yogurt as a secret ingredient for flavorful biscuits.

The best biscuits are always fluffy and buttery, complete with flaky layers that melt into your mouth. While butter, milk, or buttermilk are often responsible for this, Greek yogurt can also fill this role. In her biscuits and herbed sausage gravy dish, recipe developer Jessica Morone opts for yogurt as her fat of choice. "For special ingredients I used Greek yogurt in the biscuits instead of something like buttermilk or milk; I prefer the flavor and how they turn out better," she remarks.

Thick and creamy with a delicate sour taste, Greek yogurt brings its signature tang to biscuits while making them moist. Morone's recipe features rolled biscuits, but Greek yogurt can be featured in other types of biscuits. Use a dollop of it to balance out the savoriness of cheesy drop biscuits or give berry scones a tangy bite.

Can you use both milk and Greek yogurt in biscuits?

Unless you're making vegan biscuits, dairy is an important component of the baked good. It adds flavor, helps biscuits to rise, and keeps them intact. Whether your dairy of choice is buttermilk, yogurt, or milk is irrelevant; it just needs to be present. Using Greek yogurt alone is sufficient, but you can combine the two. If you don't want your biscuits to taste too tangy or don't have enough Greek yogurt for the recipe, mixing it with milk will still produce great biscuits. The technique is especially helpful when making drop biscuits, which require more liquid than other types of biscuits.

With buttermilk sweet corn biscuits, you can dial back the amount of buttermilk you use to include Greek yogurt. Thanks to Greek yogurt's sour flavor, the tangy taste is still intact, but with a much more moist texture. Balanced by the sweet corn and savory cheddar cheese, these biscuits can be served with a warm pat of butter or a spread of yogurt or cream cheese. For scones, Greek yogurt can also serve as a replacement for the heavy cream they require. To thin them out, mix the yogurt with a bit of milk and use the yogurt as a piquant addition to cheddar jalapeño honey scones or sweet and salty bacon scones.