Toast Bread In Leftover Chicken Juices For A Savory Crunch

Chicken is the gift that keeps on giving. After roasting, pan-frying, or broiling, you're left with meat that can be utilized in various ways. Use the leftovers for a salad or sandwich the next day while setting the bones aside to make homemade chicken stock. You can even make use of the grease and chicken juices that settle in the pan by toasting bread in it for a savory crunch.

Rather than using the chicken grease to make gravy that you'd sop up with biscuits, employ those residual juices on another type of bread. Buttery toast begs for something luscious and hearty to soak into it. Whether it's maple syrup on French toast or rosemary-infused olive oil on garlic bread, the food needs something delicious to absorb. Chicken grease offers a savory touch with complex flavor. Not only will the bread take on the natural umami flavors of chicken, but there'll be a hint of whatever was used to season the poultry. Toasted bread with a touch of garlic and onion powder or sage and thyme sounds like a delicious side dish waiting to happen.

Use the same pan where the residual juices have already collected, heat them up, and add the bread. Flip it once or twice, allowing the bread to be immersed in the flavors. When it's golden brown, remove it and serve. You can eat the toast on its own, or use it to make a savory sandwich or croutons.

Use chicken toast in these savory recipes

Assembling a sandwich with golden brown, savory toast is one of the best uses for this recipe. Elevate your roasted broccoli rabe grilled cheese by toasting sturdy pieces of sourdough in chicken juices. The meaty crunch of the bread makes the perfect complement to broccoli rabe's crisp flavor and texture. Softened by earthy slices of fontina and mozzarella, this is a grilled cheese for grown-ups.

Sourdough bread can also be toasted in chicken juice to make all-star tomato bruschetta. Leftover grease from chicken seasoned with rosemary, thyme, and oregano makes a delicious base for the freshest of ingredients. Smeared with tangy whipped ricotta, sweet basil, and juicy heirloom cherry tomatoes, you'll never want to enjoy bruschetta any other way.

French bread also holds up well when fried in chicken juices. Tear it up into small pieces to make incredibly savory croutons. These crunchy croutons can be used to spice up your everyday salad with herby lemon vinaigrette. If you're looking for something cozier, the croutons can also serve as the perfect savory topping to a bowl of soup. Use them in the ultimate batch of chicken soup or finish off a silky carrot apple soup with the savory addition.