Plantain Chips Add The Perfect Sweet And Salty Crunch To Your Sandwiches

The satisfying crunch of a salty potato chip paired with a lunchtime sandwich is a combination few orders can rival, but even a meal this close to perfection has potential for improvement. For a touch of sweetness added to your midday cravings, reach for plantain chips. Whether baked or fried, plantain chips pack potassium, fiber, Omega-6s, and can deliver higher doses of vitamins than the average 'tater crisp. Experiment by merging the taste of your favorite BBQ sandwich recipes by serving them with the crunchy chips or by dipping the crispy plantains into shallow dishes of flavorful BBQ or — to fit with the theme — Jamaican jerk sauce.

The subtly sweet snack can bring out the savory goodness, whether you want a quick and dirty version of a jibarito or a little salty crunch in your afternoon turkey sand'. When served with a classic Cuban sandwich, you can experience a taste of the Caribbean, even if you only have an hour lunch break scheduled. 

Lunchtime just got sweeter

Whether you prefer chicken salad sandwiches or tuna melts, the light flavor of plantains offers a platform for culinary creativity, and you can layer pieces of the chips inside your sandwich for an added crunch. Not a sandwich type? Sprinkle pieces of plantain chips on top of your salads or add to your soup bowls as garnish. You can also enjoy plantain chips as a standalone snack or dip these crunchy treats into guacamole, pico de gallo, mango salsa, or hot sauce for a spicy kick.

Make plantain chips at home to lightly salt and season with your favorite spices or look to pick up a package the next time you're at the store. With an ingredient that is this snackable, you may want to stock an extra bag in your kitchen to use to top tomorrow morning's cheesy breakfast sandwiches or pieces of avocado toast. As soon as plantain chips enter the chat, consider your basic sandwich recipes transformed.