Protein Is The Secret To Ultra-Filtered Milk's Creamy Texture

Ultra-filtered milk has cropped up to become the top choice for people who care about their fitness and health lately — and not without a good reason. It's engineered to be so nutritionally superior to regular milk that some have dubbed it "designer milk." So, what is it? Ultra-filtered milk is exactly what it sounds like, which is milk that has been passed through extra rounds of filtration. Specifically, dairy farms use special membranes that can separate different milk components based on their size. 

They take out water and small molecules like lactose while allowing larger molecules like beneficial milk proteins and other solids to pass through. The result is a more concentrated form of milk that's packed with protein — almost twice as much as regular milk — yet contains only half the lactose. Some brands of ultra-filtered milk go a step further by adding lactase, which breaks down the remaining lactose into simple sugars, resulting in a totally lactose-free milk! 

This not only benefits those with lactose intolerance but also gives the milk a subtly sweeter taste naturally. Ultra-filtered milk's high protein content also gives it a uniquely creamy texture. This is due to the higher concentration of the milk proteins found in milk, namely casein and whey, which are also responsible for the creamy texture in protein-rich dairy products like yogurt, whole milk, and heavy cream. So, if you're seeking extra-creamy milk, either for drinking or for making frothy toppings, ultra-filtered milk is up to the task!

What can you use ultra-filtered milk for?

According to the USDA, both adults and children should ideally consume around 3 cups of dairy daily. However, this can be challenging for people with diabetes or lactose intolerance. Ultra-filtered milk, with its low sugar and lactose content, offers a great solution. It's a convenient way to incorporate dairy into the diet for better overall nutrition. 

Another group of people who can benefit from the higher protein content in ultra-filtered milk is athletes. According to a 2013 study published in the Nestle Nutrition Institute Workshop Series, the body needs lots of dietary protein for recovery after a tough workout. And this milk delivers it in spades. In the kitchen, people love ultra-filtered milk for its creamy texture and slightly sweet taste. 

It's perfect for adding to coffee or tea as a creamer, blending into smoothies, or incorporating into other drinks where creaminess is a must (like creamy vodka cocktails)! You can also use it in baking recipes. For example, you can swap regular milk with ultra-filtered milk in a crepes recipe. Just remember that it's thicker, so you might need to add a bit of liquid to thin it out before baking. If you skip this step, your crepes could turn out stiff and dry.