Serve Creamy Vodka Cocktails To Offset Spicy Meals

Don't let the fear of lingering heat hold you back from trying delicious, spicy food. Sometimes the heat from spices can be overwhelming in a meal, and hinder your enjoyment. To combat the lingering heat from your meals try serving a creamy, vodka-based cocktail alongside your dish. Both of these ingredients have special properties that work to cool down your mouth if you eat something too hot. Alcohol has been shown to have the ability to dissolve a chili pepper extract known as capsaicin and other spice sources as well, especially if you chill your vodka first. Because vodka counteracts the source of the heat, it's a better option than just water to cool your mouth.

One of the most well-known cures for spice overload is a cold glass of milk. Like alcohol, milk breaks down capsaicin. Milk contains the protein casein which works to dissolve the heat and bring you some relief. But this only works with dairy made from real cow's milk; an oat milk or almond milk alternative won't work here. The combination of vodka and cream can be a powerful tool to help you dull intense spices. Plus there are a variety of drink recipes featuring these ingredients to choose from, so you can find the perfect beverage to go with your meal.

Drink ideas including vodka and cream

When thinking of what creamy cocktail to choose, you have options. You could go with a mudslide or a retro grasshopper, or you could go for one of the most famous creamy cocktails, a classic white Russian. This cocktail is made with vodka, coffee liqueur, and heavy cream and shaken with ice. The final product is a creamy, subtly sweet drink guaranteed to help you beat the heat. The white Russian is an easy drink to customize to your needs as well. When thinking of what spicy meal to pair with this cocktail you could go for a spicy coconut peanut soup. This dish offers a subtle hint of sweetness that matches well with the sugar in the drink. Another good pairing is spicy chicken fajitas; the freshness of the vegetables helps to cut through the heaviness of the creamy drink.

Another easy, creamy vodka drink is a classic Colorado bulldog. This eclectic cocktail uses similar ingredients as the white Russian but with the addition of Pepsi or Coke and a bright maraschino cherry. This is a sweet cocktail that feels similar to an ice cream float and has a fun fizzy texture as you drink it; it's great for a dish like spicy buttermilk fried chicken or crispy Korean fried chicken as its texture works to cut through the heaviness of the breading.