The Type Of Breakfast Pastry You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There's a whole world of breakfast pastries out there — and you don't have to live in Paris to find them. From the prestigiously flakey croissants to the vastly under-appreciated donuts, to the ever-so-trendy hybrid creation from Dominique Ansel known as the cronut, each and every pastry has a rightful place on your breakfast buffet. But, just like your zodiac sign, the breakfast pastry that you choose can say a lot about you and your personality.

Much like breakfast pastries, which can be broken down into the categories of flaky, shortcrust, puff, choux, or filo depending on their dough, zodiacs all belong to one of the following elemental groups: earth, water, fire, or air. That alone can tell you enough about a sign and their preferences. However, like every pastry out there, every sign is unique — and no singular one is better than another. That's why each sign gets their own.


Aries are pretty straightforward people — no, literally. These signs are represented by the ram because they have a way of going headfirst into whatever they set their minds to. Generally, Aries are associated with being competitive, passionate, motivated, and confident. Usually, when confronted with new opportunities, they lean towards the approach of jumping first and thinking after. This can, obviously, lead to some hard-learned lessons. Fortunately, this sign's breakfast pastry is one that you can dive headfirst into without hesitation — because they're just that good. That's why, if the Aries were any type of breakfast pastry, they'd be a cinnamon roll.

In accordance with this sign's competitive streak, the Aries's breakfast pastry is one that's a universal favorite — particularly in the U.S., where nearly 70 million people consumed them in the year 2020 alone, according to Statista. These fire signs should be happy to know that, not only are they the first zodiac sign on the astrological calendar, but they're also the first most popular breakfast pastry in the U.S. It's for good reason, too. Fresh cinnamon rolls are warm and fragrant, filling your home with the sweet smells of brown sugar and cinnamon. When baked to perfection, you get the ideal crust on the outside and gooey-ness on the inside. As if that isn't enough to get your mouth watering, these breakfast pastries are dripped, drizzled, and spread in vanilla icing — the literal icing on top of this sign's breakfast pastry win.


If the Taurus is known for anything, it's being stubborn. They are an earth sign after all — some may even say it'd be easier to move a boulder than one of these signs. But, the Taurus is also known for being calm, level-headed, and dependable, and you'd be amiss if you didn't understand the interconnectedness between the two. You see, Tauruses are committed to their routines, and not just their work ones. While these signs do work really hard, they love their me time, which almost always includes some form of self-indulgence. A breakfast pastry every once in a while is no doubt included in that, but which one?

Considering these signs are all about pampering themselves, the type of breakfast pastry they'd be would do just that. If the Taurus were any type of breakfast pastry, they'd be one of the best pastries to eat in Paris — but specifically a Chausson aux pomme, or the French version of an apple turnover. As with all things French, this pastry is made a bit fancier with the use of homemade puff pastry and fresh apples, and, thanks to that expensive French butter, it boasts all the flakey buttery-ness that makes the country so famous for its baked goods. It's the perfect pick-me-up for these signs, or anyone, for that matter.


It's no secret that Geminis are controversial — and not just personally, as is the case with those examples, but also in general. However, that's only because these signs are immensely misunderstood. Because they're represented by twins, they're often accused of being two-faced. As you can imagine, the presumption has left them with a reputation that is far from great. But, the truth is, their twin label comes from the simple fact that these signs are so multi-faceted and social that, in order to satisfy all of their commitments, they could use a clone. That's all, really.

Now that that's out of the way, we can all calm down and stop judging these signs — and their breakfast pastry, while we're at it. Just like Geminis, doughnuts get a bad rap among professional bakers, and they're a heavily debated topic within the culinary world. Some people consider them pastries, they are made from flour, milk, sugar, eggs, and yeast, which are all ingredients used when making any other pastry, after all. However, because they're fried instead of baked, some have tried to revoke that label. Just like the Geminis case, those people should take some time to educate themselves, starting with the actual reason donuts have holes.


As the astrological calendar's biggest homebodies, it's hard to say whether or not a Cancer might enjoy stepping out for a breakfast pastry or simply baking their own at home. But, considering that these signs are all about comfort — and especially comfort food — it's safe to say that, they love their breakfast pastries. For that reason, the type of breakfast pastry a Cancer would be is one that is not just a comfort food, but the comfort food — the one that basically characterized a moment in time when all of us were stuck inside of our homes, all be it the Cancer was more than likely happily so. That's right if you haven't guessed already, the Cancer would be banana bread.

There's a reason why everyone and their mothers were making banana bread during the COVID-19 pandemic — it's delicious. When we were all stuck at home with nowhere to go, it got us through. Made by mashing up a bunch of over-ripened bananas and throwing them into a quick-bread recipe, and preferably with a touch of citrus, one of the 19 tips for making the best banana bread, this breakfast pastry is simple and to the point, making it the perfect breakfast pastries to make at home. But, not only is it delicious, these homebodies will love it all the more for the scrumptiously warm scent it will fill their homes with. Plus, in the mornings, it will pair perfectly with the type of coffee for this zodiac sign.


There's a reason why so many famous people are Leos — these signs love the spotlight. It makes sense that they're born during the summer and that they're represented by the sun because, in their minds, the world revolves around them. But, they also just have a natural star quality to them. Leos are charismatic and energetic, and if there's one thing they know how to do it's live life to the fullest. If anyone were to encourage you to get that breakfast pastry you've been craving before heading to work, it'd be them. However, the Leo would be a specific type of breakfast pastry, one that has all the star quality and energy for life that they do: a coffee cake.

Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too? Certainly not the Leo — and even more certainly not for breakfast. Dessert always comes first in Leo's book, and a coffee cake is the perfect way to include it in your very first meal of the day. Life's truly too short not to. These breakfast pastries are made with all the flour, sugar, eggs, and butter that most pastries call for, and they come in all the flavors, too. But, if this sign were to be any one of them specifically, they'd be cinnamon orange coffee cake — only because the citrus will manifest all the bright, summery vibes these Leos bring into all of our lives.


Virgos are master perfectionists, but, given their attention to detail, they tend to actually achieve it in the majority of their pursuits. That doesn't mean it comes without a price, however. Virgos are infamous for being incredibly hard on themselves, and they put a lot of their own self-worth into the amount of tasks they're able to get done. It's actually why they take so much pride in their to-do lists and the amount of things they're able to cross off of it. It's also why they say, if you need something done, Virgos are the people to ask. Not only will they get it done on time, but they'll get it done perfectly. For that reason, this sign's breakfast pastry is one that also achieves perfection, AKA the croissant.

Somehow simultaneously moist and fluffy, yet flakey and buttery, croissants are a creation that only man could dream up — and the French make into reality. That is if it's made right. There are a lot of croissants out there, and not all are made equally. The French have the method perfected, however. With their fancy butter and perfect layers, you can buy one of these babies from every corner of Paris, and not a single one will disappoint. However, considering these signs tend to embrace healthy habits, they'd probably opt for one of the allergy-friendly Paris pastry shops David Lebovitz swears by.


Libras are all about balance — it's why they're represented by the scale. They have an eye for symmetry that manifests in every area of their lives. From their careers — in which they make particularly talented curators and decorators — to their relationships, and from their art to their food, these signs are thriving when everything feels even. That's why, if this sign were any breakfast pastry in the world, they'd be the one that contains the holy trinity of cheese, eggs, and ham. In fact, in numerology, the number three is said to represent harmony. So, it only makes sense that this sign's breakfast pastry is a Korean treat known as gyeran-ppang.

Not many things go together quite as well as eggs, ham, and cheese in the morning — and it's no coincidence that the Libra's breakfast pastry contains all three. When put together on, or within, the light and fluffy, pancake-like bread, not only do you get the savoriness of the cheese, the saltiness of the ham, and the soft texture of the cheese, but you get it in the perfect handheld carriage. Consider it the breakfast pastry version of the ultimate egg sandwich. Not much more can be said about it besides that it just works, and that's why you'll see them sold as street food all across Korea.


Scorpios are notoriously misunderstood, and your impression of them can be drastically different depending on what mood you catch them in. In fact, because of their passion and power, these signs are often confused with fire signs. But the truth is that Scorpios are water signs, and underneath all of their mystery and deviousness is a desire for deep connection — even if they do make it difficult. If a Scorpio decides they can trust you, you'll be met with an unparalleled amount of empathy, loyalty, and passion. These signs are a reminder that not all is what meets the eye. With that, so is their breakfast pastry, the pan au chocolat.

As another one of France's iconic breakfast pastries, the pan au chocolat is often confused for being a croissant. While they're very similar, they're also very different. Besides the fact that they are baked with a piece or two of dark chocolate in the center — a flavor that is indicative of the Scorpio's deep, dark, and enigmatic nature — the dough used for pan au chocolat contains even more layers, up to 80, to be exact. Like getting to know a Scorpio, the process of baking and maneuvering the dough for a pan au chocolat is difficult, but the finished product is more than worth it. Each layer of the lamented dough brings an added element of flaky, butteriness which, with the melty chocolate center, can be as seductive as these signs are known to be.


Sagittariuses are natural adventurers — it's why they're represented by the archer. These signs view life as a quest, and every life experience as an opportunity to learn, grow, and expand their understanding of the world. They have a habit of seeing the silver lining in everything, and they know how to make the most out of whatever life throws at them. All of this goes to say that, if you're looking for the ideal travel buddy, you should look no further. From the unavoidably delayed flights to the lost baggage, they'll be there when things get rough. This sign's breakfast pastry, however, would be one thing you won't need any help finding the good in. That's because they'd be pineapple buns.

Pineapple buns, or as they're known locally, bon loh bao, are a specialty in Hong Kong, China — and they make the long haul flight worth it. One thing you should know before you go, though, is that these buns don't actually contain any pineapple. The name comes from the buns' sugar-crusted topping and crisscrossed pattern, which only resembles the fruit. Nevertheless, these sweetbreads are hit items at dim sum brunches, where they offer a sweet counter flavor to the other more savory dishes. However, if you want the true Hong Kong experience — which this sign will definitely be looking for — go to a cafe and order your pineapple buns with a Hong Kong-style milk tea, also known as yuenyeung.


Now, if the Sagittarius is the traveler of the zodiac, then that would make the Capricorn the vacationer — or at least they should be. The truth is that these signs are known as the "workaholics" of the zodiac, and while we can all admire their resilience and determination, these signs rarely stop to enjoy the fruits of their labor. This sign's breakfast pastry is intended to encourage them to do just that, and in paradise, nonetheless. That's why, if the Capricorn were to be any breakfast pastry, they'd be a Hawaiian creme puff, or as it's better known, the coco puff.

In between all the time spent napping on the beach and reading by the pool — or anything, really, as long as it's not work — a Capricorn's Hawaiian vacation would be incomplete without a visit to Liliha Bakery in Oahu for an order of their famous coco puffs. In fact, judging by the number of people carrying boxes of them on flights between the islands, it seems no one else's trip would be complete without them either. These creme puffs are filled with creamy chocolate pudding and topped with vanilla-coconut frosting. They're so buttery and creamy that the bakery's website once claimed that, not only could they help you make amends with or impress someone, but also celebrate a milestone — something that Capricorns need to do more of. With that, a trip to Hawaii and some coco puffs sounds like just what the doctor ordered.


Despite what their name suggests, Aquariuses are actually air signs. However, Aquariuses are unlike other air signs. In fact, they're unlike anyone. There's likely nothing that these signs value more than their autonomy. You see it in everything they do: their hairstyles, the clothes they wear, their unique hobbies, and, perhaps most especially, their unpopular opinions. When it comes to the important matters of the world, these signs have their own ideas. Fortunately, because they're said to be the humanitarians of the zodiac, they're usually for the better. Still, this sign's breakfast pastry has to include a bit of controversy. That's why they'd be a scone.

Linguists have long debated the correct way to pronounce the word "scone" — does it rhyme with "cone," or "gone"? Honestly, the Aquarius would probably come up with some other way to pronounce it, or lean towards the less familiar Scottish pronunciation of "skoon." But, no matter what way you say it, they're all the same thing, which brings up another debate: Scones are not biscuits. These traditional British pastries are crumbly, not flakey; and simultaneously dry, yet — when baked right — not dry at all. Looking at the ingredient list, they look the same, but, there's a very fine line between the two. One that should never be crossed. Mixed with everything from lemon blueberry to ham, cheese, and scallion, like the Aquarius, scones are completely unique to any other baked good.


As the final sign of the zodiac and the final water sign, Pisces are incredibly wise. However, you wouldn't know it just by talking to them. That's because so much of what makes these signs unique occurs internally. Pisces have entire worlds inside of their heads, which is why they're represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. It's also why you may never feel like you're getting their full attention. Funnily enough, though, Pisces are a lot like the fish in the fact that they feel grounded when they're submerged in something — but specifically something oceanic. For that reason, the type of cookie the Pisces would be is a type of traditional Mexican sweet bread known as concha.

Known in the literal sense as the Spanish word for "shell," conchas are a type of pan dulce or sweet bread that is traditional to Mexico. These pastries are made in the shape of a dome, and decorated with a flour and sugar paste so that they resemble seashells. While, traditionally, conchas came in the colors white and brown or vanilla and chocolate, today they're served in a whole rainbow of colors and flavors. From pink and yellow to blue, and from cinnamon and strawberry to sesame tahini, these pastries represent all the creative expression that Pisces revel in. These signs will take great pleasure in baking and decorating their own conchas at home, and even more eating them while they're still fresh and warm.