The Allergy-Friendly Paris Pastry Shops David Lebovitz Swears By

Paris, France, is known as a city of romance, high fashion, and history. But it is also a center for culinary perfection. When you walk its narrow, winding streets, the sweet aromas from the corner pastry shops fill your senses. For vegan, gluten-free, and nut-allergic foodies Paris' legendary pastry scene may be more challenging, but they're still seeking freshly-baked bread and decadent pastries — and nobody understands that search better than pastry chef David Lebovitz.

Beginning his career at Chez Panisse with Alice Waters in California, David met his pastry mentor, Lindsey Shere, according to David Lebovitz About. He spent 13 years between there and a few other restaurants working as a pastry chef in San Francisco (via David Lebovitz FAQ), where he was named one of the Top Five Pastry Chefs in the Bay Area by The San Francisco Chronicle. But in 1999, David left the restaurant industry and launched his first cookbook and blog, which went on to win Saveur magazine's Blog of the Decade Award in 2019.

Today, David Lebovitz is the author of nine books, four of which focus on French cuisine and life in Paris. His blog,, is both a resource for recipes and a digital hub for culinary tours of the capital city he now calls home. From wine bars to chocolate shops and restaurants to Paris' many boulangeries and pâtisseries, David Lebovitz shares all of his favorite dining destinations — including the allergy-friendly ones.

VG Pâtisserie

Located in the city's 11th arrondissement, within a block of the Voltaire subway station, is VG Pâtisserie — Paris' first plant-based pastry shop (per VG Pâtisserie). In the Paris way, Happy Cow says that the plant-based cafe offers both indoor and outdoor seating. There, customers can share coffee and espresso drinks sourced from Café Custom, a local Parisian coffee roaster, along with their option of vegan bakery items while catching up with friends, or take it on the go. VG Pâtisserie products include classics like croissants, pain au chocolat, madeleines, macaroons, brioche, and more. VG Pâtisserie also offers customers unbaked vegan croissants, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, and cookie dough to bake fresh at home.

Upon its opening in 2016, the shop committed itself to two goals: elevating the art of gourmet pastries, and helping the planet. So, not only are all of their pastry options 100% vegan but they're also made from organic ingredients sourced from local suppliers to maintain a short and environmentally conscious supply chain, per VG Pâtisserie values. In accordance with its sustainable values, VG Pâtisserie works with Bionerval (now ReFood) to recycle its food scraps and convert them into bio-energy, bio-fuel, or natural fertilizer. Customers are also encouraged to bring their own reusable to-go containers and are offered a discount if they do.


Founded by Radolphe Lomaine, head baker and pastry chef at some of the most iconic Parisian bakeries, Land&Monkeys has spread to six different locations across Paris in less than two years (via Vegconomist). From the city center to the modern suburb of La Défense, you can find a selection of Land&Monkey products, including vegan pastries like brioches, and croissants, along with their menu of vegan and gluten-free bread — each made using traditional methods. Their signature cookie, The Monkey cookie, is drizzled with vegan salted butter caramel, while their vegan version of a Mont Blanc tart maintains the monumental pastry's look with a surprise filling that changes with the season. You can also find vegan takes on classic Parisian sandwiches that are perfect for your to-go picnic along the Seine — bon appetit!

Beyond creating products without any animal products, Land&Monkeys is devoted to raising awareness of animal advocacy and conservation, as well as social and environmental rights (per Land&Monkeys engagements). These values extend to each of their partners, through which they've created what they call a "value chain," as opposed to a supply chain. From flours sourced from organic farms just 200 km from Paris to chocolate from French chocolatiers that provide education to producers in Ghana, each ingredient reflects Land&Monkeys' values. Additionally, a portion of their yearly earnings is donated to organizations like the Jane Goodall Institute, among many others.


Co-founded by a biologist and founder of the baking school, École Internationale De Boulangerie, Chambelland's signature product is its naturally gluten-free rice bread (via Chambelland history). In Paris, it's nearly impossible to source flours that are guaranteed gluten-free because most mills also produce flours made from other cereals. And, according to Condé Nast Traveler, they don't come cheap. But, thanks to Chambelland, if you're gluten allergic or intolerant, you don't have to miss out on any of the bread and pastries during your next trip to Paris. To supply the rice and buckwheat flour needed for its tasty, allergy-friendly, and gluten-free bread, Chambelland built its own mill outside of Paris in the South of France (via David Lebovitz).

Now, at Chambelland's boulangerie in the Oberkampf neighborhood, you'll find an array of traditional and innovative gluten-free bread — from a 5-grain loaf to classic focaccia and sweet bread, all in shapes ranging from round baguettes to square loaves, per Chambelland bread. With them, no matter if you're vegan or gluten-free, reports Happy Cow, you can pick from their choice of fresh and artisanal bread to enjoy, just like the locals do. You can also find a variety of delicious gluten-free Chambelland pastries, including a lemon tart, which David Lebovitz describes as the best in Paris. Additionally, they sell their range of gluten-free flours by the bagful so that you can explore all of the freedom of gluten-free baking at home.