12 Coffee Gift Sets Perfect For The Caffeine Lovers In Your Life

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be a significant source of stress over the holiday season. However, things get a little easier when you know your loved one's drink of choice — and doubly so if they enjoy coffee. There are countless coffee gift sets on the market, ranging from budget-friendly baskets to luxurious, centerpiece-worthy designs. Still, sifting through online storefronts can quickly begin to feel like a chore, and perusing brick-and-mortar locations can be hit or miss. So, how can you choose the perfect gift for the caffeine lover in your life?

Luckily, we've taken care of that for you. At Tasting Table, we made it our mission to seek out the absolute best coffee gift sets around so you don't have to. There's something for just about every coffee fan in our roundup, from flavored espresso capsules to small-batch, single-source beans. Yet, you don't have to love coffee to appreciate our comprehensive list. In fact, there are even some special picks that can double as flavorful pantry ingredients. So grab a cup of joe, and let's "pour over" some of our favorite finds.

How we selected products

We considered a number of factors when building our list of recommendations for the best coffee gift sets First and foremost, we drew from our positive experiences over the years with many of the products we included, such as Stumptown Coffee's Blend Trio Gift Set. We also took reviews from verified customers into account to ensure we had a complete picture of each item we featured. From there, we researched each company's background, aiming to highlight ethically sourced products and businesses that supported charitable causes wherever possible.

Everyone's beverage preferences vary, and we wanted to share gifts to accommodate each type of coffee drinker. As such, we showcased options for those seeking caffeine-free beverages and coffee alternatives, as well as single-serve selections for those unable to brew traditional pots of coffee. But don't be alarmed if these choices aren't your cup of tea — there are plenty of presents to brighten the day of coffee purists, too. So, without further ado, let's explore some of the best coffee gift sets, specially brewed up just for you.

Best coffee gift set for sweet tooths: Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee + Cake Gift Collection

Freshly brewed coffee is delicious enough on its own, but there's nothing quite like a sweet treat served alongside a piping-hot cup of joe. If the coffee lover in your life also happens to be a confection connoisseur, look no further than the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee + Cake Gift Collection from Wicked Jack's Tavern this gift-giving season. Each gift set comes with an assortment of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, though you can opt to add on a bag of Georgia Peach or Nutty Coco-Lua flavored varieties.

Purchase the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee + Cake Gift Collection from Goldbelly for $124.95.

Best small coffee gift set: Stumptown Coffee Blend Trio Gift Set

Holiday presents don't need to be large to be impressive — just look at the Blend Trio Gift Set for proof. Demonstrating that good things really do come in small packages, this attractive triad from Stumptown Coffee is the perfect treat for the caffeine fiend on your list. And whether they're a finicky coffee connoisseur or a newbie to tasting nuanced notes, they'll be smitten with the smooth flavors of Stumptown's expertly roasted brews. The beautifully boxed collection contains three of Stumptown's bestselling offerings, including Hair Bender, Holler Mountain, and Homestead.

Purchase the Blend Trio Gift Set from Stumptown Coffee for $48.

Best coffee gift subscription: MistoBox Gift Subscription

Want to give your loved ones an energizing gift that keeps on giving? A MistoBox Gift Subscription provides its recipient with anywhere from three to 24 shipments of coffee-fueled joy. And yes, dedicated fans might recognize the company from "Shark Tank," where its co-founders, Connor and Samantha, landed a partnership with shark Mark Cuban in 2013. Once you send a MistoBox subscription, your giftee can choose from over 600 varieties of fresh-roasted brews, like Verve's Streetlevel Espresso or Alma Coffee's Honduras San Sebastián. Or, if the vast array of options feels overwhelming, MistoBox can make personalized suggestions based on their coffee-drinking preferences.

Purchase a MistoBox Gift Subscription starting at $60.

Best gift set for Nespresso users: Nespresso Holiday Celebrations Pack

Some people take pride in tamping espresso like the pros, but for everyone else, there's the convenience of ready-to-pull products like Nespresso pods. The tiny, foil-lined capsules make serving espresso shots simpler than ever, and they even come in a festive collection made for gift-giving: The Holiday Celebrations Pack. There's classic Pumpkin Spice, pick-me-up Peppermint Pinwheel, and warming Gingerbread to lift their spirits on chilly winter mornings — plus, each gift set comes with a Touch Travel Mug and some crisp Cantuccini biscuits to round out the experience.

Purchase the Holiday Celebrations Pack from Nespresso for $131.

Best Keurig advent calendar: Keurig Advent Calendar Variety Pack

Single-serve coffee enthusiasts won't want to miss out on the Keurig Advent Calendar Variety Pack this year. True to its name, the merry selection box contains 24 different K-Cup pods, with offerings from popular names like Green Mountain, Peet's, and Caribou Coffee. While it's true that the term 'coffee' is used a little loosely here — after all, Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa makes an appearance — fans of the annual Variety Pack don't seem fazed at all.

Purchase the Keurig Advent Calendar Variety Pack from Keurig for $24.99.

Best coffee advent calendar: Onyx Advent Calendar

Looking for the ultimate gift set to please coffee fans? The Onyx Advent Calendar, currently available for pre-order, is sure to fit the bill. Although it's fairly pricey at $189 per gift set, it promises to deliver a truly luxurious experience for those seeking their daily caffeine fix. The handsomely packaged box contains whole-bean coffee to brew the freshest cup possible, and each variety is carefully selected to provide an immersive experience for recipients. Plus, many of the coffees featured are exclusive to the calendar itself.

Purchase the Advent Calendar from Onyx Coffee Lab for $189.

Best coffee gift for foodies: Milk Street Coffee Sugars Variety Pack

What to get for the coffee-sipping foodie who seems to have everything under the sun? Why, the Milk Street Coffee Sugars Variety Pack, of course. The carefully crafted collection can help elevate any coffee ritual in seconds flat, and they work just as well added to tea. Each Coffee Sugars Variety Pack arrives with four intriguing flavors to choose from: Turkish Cardamom Spice, Caramel Brûlée, Mexican Mocha, and Burnt Sugar Orange Spice.

Purchase the Coffee Sugars Variety Pack from Milk Street for $28.64.

Best caffeine-free coffee sampler: Teeccino Wellness Herbal Coffee Sampler

While herbal coffee isn't exactly the same as a traditional cup of brew, it serves as a worthy substitute for many members of the caffeine-free community. The Teeccino Wellness Herbal Coffee Sampler is a thoughtful way to give your friends and family a taste of the good stuff without any of the 'bad.' What's more, each serving of Teeccino contains beneficial ingredients like mushrooms, cacao, and herbs. You can prepare the beverage just as you would with coffee, and the sampler contains several enticing flavors, from Reishi Eleuthero French Roast to Lion's Mane Rhodiola Rose.

Purchase the Teeccino Wellness Herbal Coffee Sampler for $22.99.

Best gift box for coffee and chocolate fans: Bean Box Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box

Few flavors mingle as beautifully as coffee and chocolate can, and the Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box from Bean Box delivers the best of both for chocolate mocha fans. Inside the Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box are four artisan coffee selections complemented by four unique bars of chocolate. Each chocolate features must-try flavor duos, like Orange Blossom Espresso and Mango Plantain — and there are even pairing notes to guide recipients through the tasting process. Based on its many five-star reviews, it's safe to say this gift is a winner.

Purchase the Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box from Bean Box for $38.99.

Best espresso martini gift set: Sipsy Sipspresso Martini Cocktail Set

Maybe you can't help but notice your chum's affinity for a certain coffee-flavored cocktail each time you hit the town. If you're shopping for an espresso martini enthusiast on your list, then you can't go wrong with a gift like The Sipspresso Martini Cocktail Set from Sipsy. The beverage company has you covered with premium ingredients like High Brew Triple Shot Espresso and Kahlua Coffee Liqueur — and each kit even includes coffee bean garnish for a more complex espresso martini. Further, Sipsy offers two size options with its delectable drink set; one whips up two servings, while the other supplies four.

Purchase The Sipspresso Martini Cocktail Set from Sipsy starting at $39.99.

Best pour-over coffee gift set: BroCrates Pour Over & Coffee Gift Set

If you know your coffee-loving friend has rather refined tastes, you may want to invest in BroCrates Pour Over & Coffee Gift Set this upcoming holiday. After unwrapping their very own glass pour-over coffee carafe — perfect for traveling — they'll be delighted by the gourmet brew, caramel-drizzled popcorn, wooden cutting board, and white chocolate that accompanies it. Best of all, you can customize each present to your liking, adding delightful extras like spirits, cakes, or even balloons to the mix. 

Purchase the Pour Over & Coffee Gift Set from BroCrates for $87.99.

Best gift for Starbucks fans: Starbucks Japan Lucky Bag

Running out of options for the Starbucks superfan on your list? Even if your pal has visited every Starbucks store across America, we're willing to bet they haven't sampled the incredible goodies inside Sugoi Mart's Starbucks Japan Lucky Bag. From limited-edition mugs and cups to tasty Japanese Starbucks coffees and teas, there's no shortage of surprises inside each charming green tote. The set costs slightly more than stateside Starbucks fare, but fans say it's well worth the price — though the contents of each exclusive gift bag may vary.

Purchase the Starbucks Japan Lucky Bag from Sugoi Mart for $100.